Venus Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Venus Opposite Ascendant Transit

Venus opposite Ascendant maximum orb 8°00′.

Venus opposite Ascendant natal is also called Venus conjunct Descendant and Venus setting. This very positive aspect makes you friendly and popular. You have good diplomatic skills and always want peace, and you are easily upset by conflict and aggressive people. You do not function well without peace and harmony in your relationships. Your ability to find peaceful settlements to disputes is one of your strengths.

Even though you are friendly and work well in groups, you probably feel best when you spend one-to-one time with another person. Of course, you love being in love, but it could be a business partner, friend, or family member. Business partnerships are good for you because you are good with money, negotiations, deal-making, and bargaining. Besides, you do better with a companion in most areas of life.

Being loved and needed is very important for your well-being. You may tend to seek too much approval, but even this should cause little or no problems. Your love nature is well-developed, and you give much of yourself in love relationships. You will likely find your perfect match and get the love and affection you need. This aspect usually means you will marry for love and have long-lasting, harmonious relationships. However, a challenging aspect to Venus setting would cause some relationship difficulties.

Venus Opposite Ascendant Transit

Venus opposite Ascendant transit makes you more loving and affectionate than usual, improving your social skills and making you more charming and beautiful. So this is a good time for love relationships. You will enjoy harmony and closer bonding with your partner. You will likely attract your perfect partner or soul mate if you are single. This is an excellent time to start a new romance.

Business dealings benefit from your negotiation skills, especially in one-to-one situations. This is an excellent time to buy and sell fashion, beauty products, art and jewelry. You will unlikely encounter conflict, but this is a perfect time to resolve relationship problems. You can also find peaceful settlements to disputes between friends or relatives. People will generally be friendly to you, and you will make a good impression on others.

Venus Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Liberace 0°17′, Prince Michael of Kent 0°37′, Peter McIntyre 0°48′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 0°50′, Russell Brand 0°56′, Muhammad Ali 1°08′, The Weeknd 1°12′, Emmett Till 1°35′, Henri Matisse 1°42′, Lorraine Warren 1°54′, Anne Heche 2°03′, Sara Aldrete 2°29′, Dan Rather 2°31′, Charles Dickens 2°34′, Bon Scott 2°38′.

5 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. I have this one, lol.. is there any wonder? Ok, here goes: Venus defines me, as does Saturn. So, it’s like the Perfection of humanity, meeting the limits of the material world. And lately, in no small way, we crossed this bridge and peaked over the other side. This can’t be expressed by the individual. He needs a Service (6th) to attend to, or a partner(7th), ie, where my Venus now resides by Progression. So, a few of you reading this, maybe many, we went for an impressive ride, at least I thought so. Now, unfortunately Venus is inconjunct Uranus, the final planet of the trifecta (because it worked with Venus), so it’s causing a bit of stress in the force. The most likely outcome of all this is to see an end and new beginning when Venus culminates at the 29th degree of Pisces Spring 2020.

  2. The chart for the first meeting of me and my husband shows Venus on the descendant exactly opposite Saturn on the ascendant. We have been together for 10years now and love each other like crazy but it has not ever been possible for us to just relax or take it easy, being assailed by one thing after another non-stop – whether stemming from his ex and two children, to unexpected sickness and other unforeseen problems, etc. (we haven’t yet even had a chance to take a honeymoon 5 years into our marriage!) I’m praying one of these days soon the Saturn energy will be less about hard work and more about very long term love and happiness!! 🙂

  3. I have Venus OOB in 7th h. conjunct Descendant … I really feel the effects of Venus… it’s true I need someone in my life. I feel a little bit lost without a close friend or a deep relationship to give myself to. Unfortunately, my venus forms a hard aspect to my saturn which has made things more difficult. Never the less I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to meet the people that I have and experienced what I have because I believe I’ve learned a little something every time. 🙂

    • Interesting to see how your aspects that are very similar to mine play out. I also have natal Venus OOB, conjunct descendant, squaring Saturn. Venus is also in exact quincunx to Uranus. I’m always yearning for a soul mate type connection to someone but also absolutely dread how that type of connection, romantic or friendship, would curb my freedoms and self expression. I’m over 40, had many intense and involved long term relationships, but can never pull the trigger to commit to a marriage. I’m a bundle of contradictions in terms of relationships. I guess Uranus is winning the war among this trio of archetypes 🤷‍♀️.

  4. Wow, it is so much like my marriage. Insane ex wife with kid all the sudden after our marriage strangely started to want him more. Constantly demanding his time and attention. Even after kid grown up to his 22 years old. After his mom and sister became obsessed with having him to call them and stay in touch. Until we married he was almost a hermit. Now after 5 years we finally decided to travel because we also didn’t have our honeymoon. He was paying for college and that time for child support. While we were traveling we constantly had interference with our moods, his family and it’s been incredibly “funny”. Hope soon you will enjoy your honeymoon.

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