Sun Quincunx Mars Natal Aspect

Sun Quincunx MarsSun quincunx Mars in the natal chart represents some imbalance between the identity and the desires. What you consciously want to do does not always match up with inner desires. Sometimes Mars passions, sexuality and activity will ignore the Solar ego, sense of self, and at other times the will-power will be stronger.

Once conscious awareness of the competing energies is realized then the initial irritation caused can be channeled into fulfillment from helping other people. This is a karmic aspect which sometimes relates to past experiences in war or sex which is relieved by balancing personal desires and selfless service. This aspect also adds charismatic appeal, a sexy spark to the personality.

Sun Quincunx Mars Celebrities

TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart’s (47′) desires often got the better of his will power, and caused great embarrassment hurting himself and family in a very public way. Serving himself with prostitutes did not sit easily with his idea of service, preaching about morals.

Another Sun quincunx Mars celebrity is Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi (53′), who has been subject to the rumor mill of gossip columns for her alleged affairs but works hard on serving others through charities and prefers to keep a low profile. Others include mass murderer Martin Bryant (125′) and gold medal Olympic swimmer Tracy Caulkins (157′). John Wayne Bobbitt 0°29′

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