Mercury Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Mercury Opposite Ascendant Transit

Mercury opposite Ascendant maximum orb 8°00′.

Mercury opposite Ascendant natal is also called Mercury conjunct Descendant and Mercury Setting. This aspect brings much interaction and mental stimulation through one-to-one interactions with others. Having someone to work with or live with is usually good for your well-being.

You listen, watch and understand people. They open up to you so you can read them like a book. Mercury is neutral as far as good and evil goes. So you can use your skills to help others or to take from them. You love a good debate and like to compete to win. So Mercury opposite Ascendant is an excellent aspect for the business world or any one-on-one competitive sport. You have a significant advantage when playing poker.

However, a tendency to disagree with the opinions of others when you get bored can cause arguments and make enemies. Sometimes, you like playing the trickster or practical joker, which can help lighten the mood if you find yourself in an argument. However, it is essential not to let your joking get out of control by teasing people.

You may become uneasy or anxious during overly emotional or intimate moments in close relationships, and your partner may see this as a lack of seriousness or commitment. You connect well at the intellectual level, but this aspect alone does not favor connecting at the emotional level.

Mercury Opposite Ascendant Transit

Mercury opposite Ascendant transit increases the amount of communication in your one-to-one relationships. You will want to interact with others more than usual, and this transit does tend to bring people to you. You may receive some important news or have meetings and appointments to attend. This is an excellent time to learn more about someone as they will likely open up to you.

You will most likely be in a talkative, interested, and sometimes humorous mood. However, don’t let boredom lead to teasing or provoking others. A practical joke in the right circumstances might be okay, but a tendency to argue for the sake of it could lead to severe disagreements and new enemies.

This is a good time for serious discussions with your partner about your relationship. You will be able to express your concerns clearly and diplomatically. This is also an excellent time to seek advice from professionals like business people, psychologists and lawyers. Conversations with neighbors, cousins, and younger people could also provide valuable feedback about your ideas and plans.

Mercury Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Johnny Weissmuller 0°07′, Katherine Hepburn 0°08′, Lee Iacocca 0°10′, Edwin C. Moses 0°13′, Adolf Hitler 1°02′, Tyrone Power 1°03′, Miley Cyrus 1°26′, Doris Day 1°30′, Kurt Cobain 1°32′, Bertrand Russell 1°43′, Nancy Kerrigan 1°45′, Pope Francis I 1°48′, Whitney Houston 1°51′, Julie Walters 1°53′, Frederick M. Alexander 2°00′, Charles Manson 2°14′, Bob Dylan 2°43′.

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