Saturn Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit

Saturn Conjunct Uranus Transit

Saturn conjunct Uranus maximum orb 5°30′.

Saturn conjunct Uranus is a significant planetary aspect that occurs on average every 45 years. People born in 1988 have this alignment; the next conjunction is in 2032.

Natal Saturn Conjunct Uranus

Saturn conjunct Uranus natal makes you highly self-aware, and creative but also practical and well-grounded. Your pragmatic approach to life helps you function in a highly energized state. Although this sustained high energy creates much inner tension, it is also the source of your creative genius.

The inner tension can manifest as indecision, irritation, and anxiety, not knowing whether to hold onto the past and be the responsible one or be independent and experimental. This can result in changing loyalties, unusual family dynamics, health problems, and many changes in jobs and houses.

Relationship difficulties may include coldness, love triangles, affairs, domestic violence, sadomasochism, and separation. Substance abuse is also possible to relax or maintain the high productivity and creativity that people have come to expect of you.

Combining self-discipline with experimentation and finding a balance between caution and risk gives form to your creative talents sustainably, efficiently, and highly productive. In this way, you harness your inner tension into a controlled passion.

You are an independent, motivated and enthusiastic person. Usually well-mannered and well-groomed, you make a particularly refined appearance. You learn by experience and continually reinvent yourself. The ability to shift looks dramatically with ease and always keep people guessing makes you sexy, provocative, and fascinating.

You can also make emotional chill and strategic indifference an asset or a weapon. This militant, decidedly unfriendly facet of your personality allows you to give orders and gives great potential for leadership positions and corporate success.

Saturn Conjunct Uranus Transit

Saturn conjunct Uranus transit can cause much impatience and frustration, but it can also help you manifest creative and inventive ideas into substantial achievements.

As this transit approaches, you may feel restless for change and excited about the future. But it would be best to pace yourself because you cannot force change. Creative blocks, resistance from superiors and authority figures, mistakes or accidents would be signs that you are getting ahead of yourself.

This is a time for well-considered changes, hard work, and preparation. If it is meant to happen, it will, at the right time and place. If you have been working toward something for a long time and it has real potential, it will begin to take shape now.

Saturn conjunct Uranus transit can mark the beginning of a long-term project. The foundations are being laid, so being cautious, thorough, and patient is essential.

This is an excellent time to start a new career, personal project or website related to science, electronics, the internet, aviation or astrology. But any creative, alternative, new age, occult, inventive, kinky or unusual idea can be molded into something concrete, productive and enduring.

This is not the time to risk everything on something with no potential. This is the wrong time for making spontaneous changes because you could lose something valuable you already have. Do not neglect your responsibilities or waste valuable resources on a bad idea. Otherwise, changes will occur that cause unforeseen problems and will be difficult to undo.

Saturn Conjunct Uranus Celebrities

Jaclyn Taylor 0°05′, Tammy Wynette 0°07′, Kurt Daluege 0°12′,  Pentagon 0°16′, Rihanna 0°18′, Anthony Eden 0°19′, Conor McGregor 0°31′, Barbara Streisand 0°37′, William Faulkner 0°38′, Ferdinand Foch 0°45′, Amelia Earhart 0°53′, Ahmad Khan Rahami 0°59′, Princess Beatrice of York 1°03′, Palestine 1°13′, Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith 1°15′, Adele 1°25′, International Space Station 1°29′, Alexis Ford 1°31′, Bernie Sanders 1°48′, Linda McCartney 1°49′, Fred West 1°52′, Kitty Kelley 1°53′, Stephanie Cole 1°58′, Jesse Jackson 2°03′, Paul Simon 2°09′, Joseph Goebbels 2°17′, Aretha Franklin 2°29′.

Saturn Conjunct Uranus Dates

May 03, 1942

Feb 12, 1988
June 26, 1988
Oct 18, 1988

June 28, 2032

13 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Uranus Natal and Transit

  1. jamie my uranus is on fixed star Terebellum and saturn will soon be conjunct it should i take the description of fixed star to be activated or something else will happen plz reply

  2. New Age January 12, 1996, Uranus 00Aqr00, Aquarius ingress chart.

    On June 21, 2020 Saturn 00Aqr41, and throughout 2020, Saturn transits the Fixed Aquarius, 0 Point, and is Quincunx to the Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice.

    Thanks Jamie, for helping refine the Cosmogenesis moment.

    Look a little deeper with these two charts synastry gives us a yod, with fulcrum Jupiter/Galactic Centre antiscia Winter Solstice, and Apex eclipse Summer Solstice.

    A vivid imagination could envision a force from the GC confronted by a force emanating from Jovian Jupiter, canceling each other out, or merging, with only the confetti to worry about afterwards.

    • This Aquarian start point is fascinating… Lately there is a lot of focus among astrologers on the start of the Aquarian Age, with Saturn Jupiter and recently a bunch of other planets being in Aquarius, and soon Pluto will be arriving there in a few years.

  3. Hi, how about a Uranus transiting conjunct natal Saturn, as for people turning 50 these days, in early Taurus?

  4. Please do a page on the Saturn-Uranus-Mercury-Mars grand conjunction in June 3, 2032. Whatever is coming then it’s sure to be major.

  5. Good point. I started posting on the eunuch recently in relation to both Saturn-Uranus connection and the star Denebola, so I’m focused on Denebola at the moment. I have no idea what is coming up in 2032 but I’ll try to weave it into my post on that. I have a fixed star group on fb, also invite Jamie to join. <3

  6. Hi Jamie! Please consider doing a page on T. Saturn square N. Saturn. I had a slight taste of this since Saturn entered Picies. Does Saturn just burn itself out? Do all good characteristics of Saturn become all negative. Will we be tested, over and over again, for the next 2 years? Will it be difficlt to do the right thing, no matter what??

    • I will write about the square transit, but I want to finish the remaining aspects first. It does don’t have to be all negative, especially if you don’t procrastinate and act responsibly.

  7. I have this conjunction in my first house and I love it. Makes reinventing myself a little easier. Some people think that reinventing yourself is something drastic, and it doesn’t have to be. I enjoy reinventing my style every once in a while that is how I upgrade myself. And I love learning new things and being multi-passionate.

    I have Uranus at 28 degrees and Saturn at 29 degrees (My ascendant is at 19 degrees so it’s sort of conjunct). I don’t listen to what society has to say, not like in an anarchy type of way, but rather as I am in my own timeline and I have my own journey to follow so I am going to do me, no matter what other people say I have to be, look like, or do career wise.

    So I really like this conjunction in my birth chart. And I am very independent and self-aware, just like the article said. Just wanted to let people know a little of how this conjunction in my first house impacts my life. Just cuz some of the things I read about in the internet are a little far off and this is one of the closest descriptions I have read that describe this conjunction.

  8. this is a very very very scary aspect in a MAN’S natal chart if he was subjected to or witnessed any form of abuse when he was a child (including sexual abuse such as being exposed to sexual material too young as a child or viewing his parents abusing other people). if you’re a well adjusted, non-abusive, morally upright man with this natal aspect and you processed your trauma (especially childhood trauma) then obviously this does NOT pertain to you.

    However, I have seen this aspect in the charts of men who were guilty of domestic violence or were convicted of being pedophiles. I saw this aspect in the birth chart of a man who set his wife and kids ON FIRE while they were still alive and burned them to death after his wife wanted to leave him because he was abusing her.

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