Saturn Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

Saturn Trine Neptune Transit

Saturn trine Neptune maximum orb 4°30′.

Saturn trine Neptune natal gives a talent for turning dreams into reality. You are prepared to work hard and will show determination to see your vision carried out. You are a dreamer but are also practical and sensible. You are optimistic yet realistic about your potential. With patience and self-discipline, you avoid taking shortcuts so you can reach your full potential.

You may feel your destiny is to carry out some special mission and leave your mark on the world. If applied to spirituality, you will practice what you preach and be a good teacher, even sacrificing personal pleasures to meet your goals.

Natal Saturn trine Neptune gives a strong sense of justice that guides your behavior and beliefs. You take a serious approach to ethical and moral issues that can verge on the puritanical. However, you are also charitable and have high self-awareness and a willingness to learn about spiritual or religious beliefs from other cultures. So you are always learning, growing, and spiritually evolving.

You have a talent for giving concrete form to vibration energy. You can express feelings, ethereal or spiritual things, in a way that people can understand and appreciate. It could be putting confusing concepts or philosophies into words or creating works of art from your imagination. So you could find a career as a musician, artist, actor, writer, politician or priest. But you can apply your talents to almost any field and positively contribute to society.

Saturn Trine Neptune Transit

Saturn trine Neptune transit helps you understand what you want in life. Although you will probably feel optimistic about your future, you will also be realistic about your situation and what you can do. This gives you the self-confidence and determination to turn your dreams into reality.

Greater self-understanding and spiritual awareness make this an excellent time to put your spiritual ideals into practice. You could practice astrology, tarot, yoga or meditation, and this practical application of spirituality brings tangible benefits and a greater sense of security, stability and satisfaction. If meditation or lucid dreaming, be aware that your spirit guides or ancestors may be helping you.

While you may feel serious and conservative, you must not sacrifice comfort or material possessions to evolve spiritually. You may devote your time to charity work, or some cause you care about. An elder may share with you their spiritual wisdom or a younger person may come to you for spiritual guidance.

Saturn Trine Neptune Celebrities

Stephanie Cole 0°02′, Orlando Bloom 0°02′, Jesse Jackson 0°14′, Fred West 0°14′, André Gide 0°14′, Ed Gein 0°14′, Giorgia Meloni 0°17′, Hugo Grotius 0°19′, Jeb Stuart 0°23′, Adolf Eichmann 0°34′, Barbra Streisand 0°35′, Paul Simon 0°37′, Tycho Brahe 0°40′, Linda McCartney 0°48′, Jeff Buckley 0°56′, Francisco Franco 0°58′, Emmett Till 1°07′, Mary Shelley 1°08′, Anne Frank 1°10′, Jane Roberts 1°14′, Audrey Hepburn 1°26′, Brooke Shields 1°27′, Kellyanne Conway 1°27′, Gordon Ramsay 1°30′, Bernie Sanders 1°33′, Louis Pasteur 1°35′, Warren Buffett 1°43′, Kanye West 1°53′.

Saturn Trine Neptune Dates

25 June 2001
23 January 2002
01 April 2002

10 October 2012
11 June 2013
19 July 2013

12 September 2036
09 April 2037
23 June 2037

31 January 2049
30 June 2049
01 December 2049

8 thoughts on “Saturn Trine Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. I feel like I should give a secondary input on the Saturn trine Neptune natal interpretation because planets beyond the rim of Saturn inhabit the void that represents things that are not materially expressed through the conventional side of the cycle of life, and they have very weird twists that bewilder the non-initiated.

    This might sound absolutely wild (and this probably another comment of mine that will bewilder Jamie, since I often write lengthy, confusing stuff), but I’m not the first person to have noticed that Neptune in aspects or through strong midpoint influence over Mercury, Saturn, Mars, TNO Zeus and TNO Vulkanus is quite malefic and destructive (“castrating” the expression of such bodies) at times, even through trines and sextiles. I’ve read this about Mars, Zeus and Vulkanus (all planets connected with drive, strength and aim) in old internet 1.0 forums for people with an interest in Uranian astrology, but I’ve found it’s just as true for any solar system body that is supposed to give rulership over analysis, boundaries or stability, like Mercury and Saturn*.

    As an amateur astrologer myself, I have been perhaps the first to notice that Virgo and Gemini Midheaven disposed by an afflicted Mercury is connected to borderline personality disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder, and I’ve seen people display these more extreme cases by solely a sextile of Mercury to Neptune, and it seems to be almost always the case (in my personal circle of extended family relatives, friends and acquaintances, mostly people aged 16-45) when coupled with an unhelpful Chiron aspect to any of the 10 modern astrology planets, or when Mercury is retrograde, in the 8th house or the 12th house.

    The inverse seems to happen with Mars and Sun disposing Aries, Scorpio or Leo Midheaven, though, and their related narcissistic or antisocial personality disorder when afflicted. Usually, Neptune will foil the expression of their narcissistic false self (see Dr. Sam Vaknin’s description of such an expression in his tripod website) by diluting it and making it considerably incoherent, even as fantasies of a different, fantastical life might still be there. In my case, I have a few traits of NPD, but the mutual reception between 1°56′ Capricorn Mercury and 1°35′ Virgo Mars just gives me moderate intellectual arrogance (typical for people of the MBTI ENTP). This is further relieved by the fact that I have TNO Poseidon, with similar “ego-calming” effects as Neptune, at 2° Scorpio, with my Mars activating my Mercury-Poseidon midpoint, and my Mercury activating my Mars-Poseidon midpoint.

    For those with Mercury-Neptune contacts in general, there is a wide prevalence of autism and ADHD, though other parts of the chart must be looked at. Again, aspects to Chiron can significantly enhance the malefic effects of Neptune, even if we are dealing with a Grand Trine or Cradle pattern, even more so to a stellium – no need to discuss how Mercury-Chiron-Neptune T-squares are often tied to autism, ADHD, extreme dissociation, borderline or C-PTSD, addiction, suicide attempts through overdosing, vulnerability, uncontrolled extrasensory perception and/or psychosis (as well as psychosis that could be related to spiritual factors), history of narcissistic abuse, history of CSA or sexual abuse, history of indoctrination into cults and other forms of religious fundamentalism, attracting weird and/or negative and/or eccentric and/or parasitic and/or antagonistic people all the time, at all times (at school, workplace, church, through the internet or bumping into strangers at the street), and so on. I am a personal friend of 3 women with this same pattern, and I’ve read the charts of 11 more who at the time (before I followed this rabbit to the end of the tunnel) seemed to display at least some traits of all of this.

    Now, people with Saturn-Neptune contacts tend to have poor boundaries, often related to a paternal figure that had issues being there, whether there was addiction of any sort, fundamentalism or cult membership of any sort, mental illness, imprisonment, or any other such classic Neptunic issue, as well as more wild stuff like living in a house with spiritual issues that affected the family and/or a house contaminated by hallucinatory molds, or early death of the father and his substitution by a stepfather that was similarly problematic like that. Usually, said father or stepfather is not as bad if unhelpful aspects to Chiron, Pluto or Mars aren’t represent in the chart, and Neptune is the sole unhelpful aspect to Saturn, but it could be uglier if there are other signs of malefic affliction. Again, whether or not this is a trine, a sextile, a conjunction or a traditional dysharmonic aspect doesn’t matter much, but other dysharmonic aspects, particularly to other malefics, but Neptune will obviously untangle and solve away the Saturnine boundaries of one’s early household and general life and personality more easily with unhelpful aspects or a conjunction.

    By the way, dysharmonious Chiron aspects should always be imagined as cutting the skin of a planet and bathing in, drinking or swimming in its blood, and trying really hard not to drown if it’s a malefic. So people with Chiron-Mars squares and oppositions will tend to display Martial traits excessively, and it fires up at a much bigger intensity and frequency and over smaller things. It is a lot like Neptune in that it is spiritualizing, but Chiron does not solve a planet away into a boundless ocean of spirit as much as it just gives you a thorough embrace of that planet into your psyche in a way that you cannot really understand reality in the same way as others because the influence of the Chiron-afflicted planet is so pervasive. And the planets touched by that planet will also feel afflicted if it’s a malefic even if the aspect is harmonic, at least in times of crisis, because you will have the good and bad of it. This is particularly true with the shadow world type of stuff associated with Neptune and Pluto.

    I have a T-square of 28° Sagittarius Sun, 26° Virgo Chiron and 24° Gemini Kronos and I end up orbiting around people with Neptune-Saturn contacts or similar Neptunic untangling of one’s personal life and personality because I know very well how oppressive an erratic family upbringing is like. My Chiron helps to relieve my 25° Cancer Moon and 24° Capricorn Uranus and 22° Capricorn Neptune opposition, together with 29° Scorpio Pluto, but at that point you have obviously already experienced a lot and developed a shell not out of the normcore protection of a well-structured life that Saturn offers but just understand a lot from observing it from a close distance. I won’t say I suffered like those friends of mine, I was raised by a very nice grandmother when both of my parents couldn’t be there, but Jupiter rules grandparents and mine at 2° Sag is conjunct that same Pluto… Square my 1st house, chart ruler (15° Aquarius ascendant) 7° Pisces Saturn and my 1° Virgo Mars, she decided that I was “other people’s kid” so physical discipline was not a thing she could abuse, so she just told her life stories of how things worked in her time… Obviously, this just gave me a very big sense of justice and hatred of hierarchy, conformity, obedience and all that, because of the empathy this created in me (Pisces)… Empathetic (Neptune) rebellion (Uranus) that set me apart from others (Moon opposition), and this meant I embraced my weirdness even harder.

    Saturn is supposed to be your socially conditioned superego that protects you from harm by making you internalize what society considers appropriate, while Mars is both the most animalistic self-protective id and the narcissistic false self, and mine reacted towards that as a threat (opposition). With Saturn trine Neptune people might have a hard time distinguishing what society considers valuable and respectful versus what is actually good for all, and in accordance with one’s inner set of values. This can create people who are not always aware of social faux pas because they are respectfully and naïvely candid and really seem to believe that people adhere to those rules to be nice, good to one another or because of a sense of duty, rather than because it is all a very weird dog-training game of receiving benefits if you conform and punishment if you deviate. Beware about structures of power and the people who obey them, not everyone is as idealistic and sincere about this purpose as you might be.

    Maybe this is my Mars opposite Saturn cynicism speaking, but I consider Mars and Neptune to be more connected than people think, and help to explain why Mars rules Scorpio and the water triplicity. Both are about projecting illusions (of individuality, power and strength, of an entire fantasy realm in general), and both function with an often clear prey-predator dynamic, but in Mars strength is exlated (as it is within Saturn’s reality realm) while Neptune rules the more hidden but often also more pervasive aspects of such predation, like parasitism, intoxication, infection, paralisation, anti-coagulation (insect bites), anaesthesia and camouflage. Neptune could mean that you are a deceptive person… or that you are open to people because of gullibleness, and they deceive you as a result. Or even that both happen and one is a consequence of the other, because that was your upbringing and consistent gaslighting and manipulation was just the norm.

    Of course, all of the positive things cited by Jamie could equally be the case, and maybe even more so, and at rare times you might only experience the good side. But I believe that Neptune is, to a considerable portion of people (and fixed star research aids us in figuring this out), a malefic with the same pull towards oppression and prisons that Saturn has, just with a different escope and manifestation (often a binary opposite of one another), and that we should realistically (Saturninely) address this.

    * (I should probably look up how Neptune aspects influences Ceres, which is of earth element just like Mercury by itself and Saturn, particularly as I often relate women to Ceres, Virgo and the nervous subset of the melancholic temperament, nonbinary people to Uranus and both the nervous subset of melancholy and the electric subset of the choleric temperament, and men to Neptune, Pisces and both the ether/quintessence subset of the sanguine temperament and the void subset of the phlegmatic temperament… Yes, the opposite of classical associations, men are humid and cold, and it is exactly because they are Neptunic that it is easy for them to adapt to the extreme illusions required of our Saturnine socially constructed reality, and the opposite of the modern view that men are rational and women emotional – men are moralists, women are passively neurotic and nonbinary people are actively neurotic is a much better understanding of it. Then again, I need to begin to read at least Freud, Jung, Winnicott, Reich and Reich’s daughter to build a coherent theory on psychology, astrology, archetypes, gender, history and how they all relate. Consider this for how biology and astrology might be related in this case, with Pisces as an all-inclusive sign and Virgo as a perfectionistic one reserved for discrimination: )

    • Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful ‘teacher’. I have my karmic release in Cancer.

    • Luis. Thank you. I feel that you may have a lot of things correct you clever boy. Neptune men. Walking under and on the sea. Keep up your clever evaluations. I’m 63 and know nothing. Much good luck to you. X

    • Great deductions, I wonder if you’ve studied into Sidereal astrology, as well as Tropical? Also, there’s extensive PDFs on Facebook group: Screw it, lets talk Astrology in their files section. GL on your continued quest on reading up and giving readings on Astrology charts, since mine has been making much more sense when applied under Sidereal astro.

  2. I was been suffering with sade sati Saturn phase, your blog really helped me a lot to know more information about the planets. Thank you

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