Saturn Trine Neptune Natal

Saturn Trine Neptune Natal

Saturn trine Neptune in the natal chart gives a talent for turning dreams into reality. You are prepared to work hard and will show determination to see your vision carried out. You are a dreamer but are also practical and sensible. You are optimistic yet realistic about your potential.

You may have a feeling that your destiny is to carry out some special mission and leave your mark on the world. If applied to spirituality you will practice what you preach and be a good teacher, even sacrificing personal pleasures to meet your goals.

Saturn Trine Neptune Celebrities

Orlando Bloom 0°03′, John Partridge 0°06′, Jesse Jackson 0°14′, Fred West 0°14′, Edward Gein 0°15′, Adolf Eichmann 0°34′, Michael Erlewine 0°43′, Anne Frank 1°10′, Audrey Hepburn 1°26′, Warren Buffett 1°43′.

15 thoughts on “Saturn Trine Neptune Natal

  1. This Mars-Lilith-Jupiter conjunction will be bang on my IC, trine Saturn in the 5th. Sounds interesting! After all, it’ll be right in the middle of these wonderful Uranus-Pluto transits to my Sun, so I guess I’ll need this kind of break. Maybe I’ll just go off and get married to some weird sexy Uranian guy, somehow I’m really fond of this scenario!
    It does sound like a time to place our order for good things, I agree with that. The ‘slaughter and mayhem’ possibility hadn’t quite crossed my mind, but I think the recent, supposedly religious-centered, violence proves your point.
    Still, I stay with “an increased ability to turn our dreams into reality.” Thanks Jamie!

  2. Thank you for another thought provoking post. That is a gorgeous chart! And 19th July is my and my partner’s anniversary. I love the idea of some help from the cosmos to make a few dreams come true – I don’t have Saturn trine Neptune, alas. I do have Pluto trine Saturn and both are sextile Neptune, it makes an odd little flattened triangle on my chart – dream the dream then do the work, it’s always worked for me. 🙂
    With blessings…

  3. That chart looks very saucy indeed ~ hits my natal chart is so many places…. dreaming the dreams now. 🙂

  4. I am a screenwriter with natal Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra. My birthday is 8 days after the first trine(Oct 18), so I am excited to have a little astral inspiration in finishing my film script.

    Lights, camera, action!

  5. I don’t know how I overlooked it, but I have Saturn trine Neptune (22 degrees Pisces/Scorpio) in my natal chart! This gives me food for thought about how to best utilize this energy as Saturn transits Scorpio, and my 6th house. Any advice on where to look for helpful info?

  6. i love irregular star of david formations (moreless ) since grand sextiles are few and far between . yes, this aspect is going to be just what the doctor ordered .Especially for myself and others with natal neptune in early scorpio ~ Some quotes that gravitated to me : You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.Richard Bach and As you think, so you are. As you dream, so you become. As you create your wishes, so they create you.
    Wendy Garrett

  7. Thank you for the article, it is appreciated. The articles in general I find are brilliant by you both.
    There are two things that come to mind possibly; one is perhaps & hopefully a second child (saturn (2nd) will be conjunct to my natal ceres in scorpio and in aspect to my cancer moon 3 degrees (10th house) and neptune in pisces will be on my natal mercury (6th) OR it may be a possible career breakthrough as I do have jupiter in virgo 12th/conjunct ascendant of 3 degrees…hopefully health issues resolved by then…My husband and I have a beautiful daughter Celeste born 15th April 2010 Vic Aus. (Edith: 10th Feb 1968 A.C.T)

  8. Saturn thing is my favorite.

    The first trine, both Saturn and Neptune direct.
    On the second trine, both in rx,
    on the third trine, only Saturn will be in direct.

  9. Astrology Prediction can be used to understand a person’s personality, successes and failures and to forecast how someone will feel or behave over a period of time. It can even be used to plan the best time to do various things. Astrology can be divided into natal astrology and mundane astrology.

  10. How do you feel with these two ideas?

    1. By transit Saturn is always bad and that is no matter what the aspect.

    2. Only in a personal chart is Saturn any good unless of course the Saturn in the personal chart is being aspected by transit which is also bad).

    I would say this trine is no good, no matter what traditional western astrologers think. Saturn is too much – too little and Neptune is longterm – in affect no plan will work out.

    • All planets have positive and negative sides ,in my opinion .Yet, Saturn people can find it hard to see the positive . My astrologer called Saturn the builder , and talked about how the contractor has to be in control ,use blue prints ,not be off the mark , precision , no how much material to order etc. So, as you need to get something done and are responsible see what your chart says ie ,Saturn . Transit wise , see what house its going threw and add that element into the aspects its making . Since we’re talking about Neptune in trine , then there is a responsbility issues with what you dream ,what you wish for , and medicine and then theres those who decieve (gmo’s IRS , Obama Care scam ,perverts at the church) . I am working on getting what i dream ….and i will let you know if i get that one ! since i am here in California dreaming away .

  11. It is an interesting time astrologically to be in. There are several major and important astrological configurations happening at this time which have to be taken into consideration in order to get the most comprehensive appreciation for what might be happening even if we focus on one particular aspect or configurations or another.
    Here we are asked to look at transiting Saturn and its trine relationship to transiting Neptune. The keyword I employ for Saturn is integrity, for Neptune is obligation and for the trine is momentum. What could happen at this time for those who are being affected is the manifestation of dreams which have been held during the period since the last Saturn/Neptune square. Saturn’s unfavorable reputation comes from astrologers emphasizing the difficult appreciation for what is required to benefit from Saturn which is work. As a result Saturn is a slow transit which actually gives the person the time necessary to get it right and should we take the time we will be rewarded. Neptune as a trans-Saturnian planet does have affects which are more readily seen as they manifest in the collective in contrast to the individual arena but they can manifest for or to the individual if Neptune happens to make contact with any of the personal planets, the angles especially the ASC or M.C. And mainly what one has to be concerned with is being deceived either by some else or by ones self or attempting to deceive others. In a very general fashion, if you have a project which you want to bring to fruition this configuration suggests it may be successful as long as you are diligent, methodical and responsible in making your plans and carrying them out honorably. As to David above your comments suggest you really don’t know anything about astrology. You see it does have anything to do with what some body astrologer or not ‘thinks’ about it. In the 12 steps we have a saying, “…it works if you work it, it works even if you don’t work it, it just won’t work for you”. Take a class and find out how astrology works.

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