Uranus Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit

Uranus sextile Midheaven Transit

Uranus sextile Midheaven maximum orb 3°00′.

Uranus sextile Midheaven natal often gives an unorthodox early family life. Perhaps one of your parents was eccentric or had many marriages, or you may have grown up with half-siblings or moved around a lot. Despite the likelihood of some shocking events and sudden changes in your childhood, you should have enjoyed a wide variety of experiences that give you a unique outlook on life.

Although unsettling, your early experiences with change taught you to be accepting, adaptable, and willing to compromise to maintain harmony. You can improvise and live every moment with the awareness and daring to quickly take advantage of new opportunities.

Through your upbringing or the encouragement of a parent, you may have developed an open-minded or independent approach to setting your goals and choosing a career. You may also have developed a disregard for authority.

With the freedom to choose your unique path, you may decide on a career early in life. Or a chance encounter or lucky break may lead to something you never thought of. When you do settle into a career, you will likely develop a distinct style or approach that gets you noticed.

But sudden changes are unlikely to end there. Uranus sextile Midheaven makes your career as unpredictable as it is stimulating. A sudden promotion or creative breakthrough could lead to a new direction. And you will usually land on your feet even after an upsetting change, like an accident. Something exciting and unexpected is always around the corner.

Changing professions is possible, or you may work intermittently. You may have two very different occupations simultaneously or return to a previous job years later. There is also the possibility of unexpected changes in your reputation or social status. You may be suddenly thrust into the spotlight, receive widespread attention, or become famous.

Uranus-ruled occupations like science, technology, aviation, alternative energy or astrology may appeal to you. But it is the progressive change, originality, and unique creative style of Uranus that most affect your career path and your family life. Yours are very different from everyone else’s, and you should be comfortable with that.

Uranus Sextile Midheaven Transit

Uranus sextile Midheaven transit gives freedom of choice, especially concerning your career and home life. Unexpected changes at work can lead to new opportunities for promotion or a new direction. You are more willing to take risks and may choose a new career that allows you to express your individuality and unique skills.

This is an excellent time to initiate change because you are more adaptable and eager for change. You can compromise just enough to fit into new environments without sacrificing independence. Restrictions, delays, inhibitions, or hesitation you faced in the past should fade away.

Uranus sextile Midheaven transit may express itself as change, innovation or independence in your profession. It may reveal your true calling or attract you to an unusual career or one ruled by Uranus, such as the Internet, science, technology, astrology, or alternative energy.

Experimentation and flashes of insight can lead to breakthroughs and original creative work that expresses a distinct individual style. Higher self-awareness and intuition can also lead to glimpses of the future that help you take full advantage of exciting opportunities.

Your reputation or social status may enjoy a surprising boost, with the possibility of widespread attention or fame. You could see change at home with renovations or a new family dynamic. And this is an excellent time to relocate, especially for work.

Uranus Sextile Midheaven Celebrities

Michael Caine 0°00′, Candy Barr 0°01′, Sheena Easton 0°03′, Silvio Berlusconi 0°04′, Tatum O’Neal 0°06′, Steven Seagal 0°08′, Charlie Puth 0°08′, Rutherford B. Hayes 0°12′, Diana, Princess of Wales 0°16′, Marc Edmund Jones 0°17′, Roy Rogers 0°18′, Diana Luciferia 0°19′, Adele 0°21′, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor 0°21′, Melissa Etheridge 0°25′, Bernadette Brady 0°30′, Billie Eilish 0°30′, Silvia Townsend Warner 0°33′, Al Gore 0°39′, Sara Tommasi 0°44′, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 0°51′, Jim Jarmusch 0°55′, Cheryl Crane 0°56′, Dean Martin 0°57′, George Seferis 0°58′, Robert Hooke 0°59′, Richard II of England 1°01′, Emmylou Harris 1°02′, Hirohito 1°02′, Peter Gabriel 1°03′, Billy Bob Thornton 1°03′, Arthur Dee 1°06′, John Daly 1°15′, Shirley MacLaine 1°17′, Noel Tyl 1°19′.

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