Mercury Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

Mercury Conjunct Mars Transit

Mercury conjunct Mars maximum orb 6°30′.

Mercury conjunct Mars natal gives a quick mind, rapid reflexes, and a sharp tongue. These attributes are ideal for making quick decisions in the heat of the moment while others hesitate. Excellent debating skills allow you to stand up not only for yourself but for the rights of others.

Your enthusiastic, direct and courageous way of expressing yourself can win admiration in politics, business, and the military. However, this direct means of communication can lead to arguments and hostility in more personal relationships and your social life.

The key to managing this potent aspect is to control the impulsive and aggressive side of Mars. Even in your professional life, forming harmonious relations will require modifying your naturally defensive attitude. You will often know you are right, but for peace, you must allow others to share their opinions even if they appear wrong.

It is in your more intimate relationships that this tendency to get into arguments poses the most significant problems. Friends and family may feel treated by your mannerisms and communication style, even when you think you are in a calm state. You can use your acute intellect to recognize when you elicit defensive or hostile reactions in others. The resulting increase in self-awareness will enable you to moderate your approach when your fighting skills are not required.

Mercury Conjunct Mars Transit

Mercury conjunct Mars transit gives mental sharpness, decisiveness, enthusiasm and manual dexterity. With a focused mind and piercing intellect, you can argue your case and defend others against harassment or provocation.

There may be an aggressive or defensive nature to your thinking at this time. This, together with extremely rapid response times, means there is a potential for getting into arguments, losing your temper, and being unnecessarily rude or abusive. These attributes are acceptable in a fight but not helpful in social settings or between partners.

The key to handling this potentially provocative energy comes by gaining self-awareness of the buildup of nervous and impulsive energy. If you have no worthy cause to fight for, apply this energy to mental work such as studies or investigations. Even doing a crossword would release the buildup of irritation and anger.

You may encounter hostility in others without using this energy in a good debate or solving puzzles. This could come in the form of threats, abuse or intimidation. You should not back down from a fight but choose your battles carefully. Remember, this transit gives a tendency toward acting before thinking.

Mercury Conjunct Mars Celebrities

Wolfgang Borchert 0°04′, Louis I of Spain 0°04′, Richard Nixon 0°15′, Mariano Fortuny 0°17′, Titus Salt 0°21′, Alex Haley 0°30′, Iggy Pop 0°35′, Bret Easton Ellis 0°35′, Pauline Collins 0°36′, Rudyard Kipling 0°38′, David Berkowitz 0°42′, Vera Atkins 0°46′, Manning Clark 0°46′, Mike Pompeo 0°47′, Barbara Walters 0°48′, Emile Zola 0°49′, Samuel Adams 0°52′, Queen Letizia of Spain 0°52′, Glen Campbell 0°53′, Mata Hari 0°53′, Ted Kennedy 0°58′, Orlando Bloom 1°00′, Neville Heath 1°00′, Kirk Kerkorian 1°04′, Anne, Queen of Great Britain 1°07′, Antonio Vivaldi 1°09′, Otto Dietrich 1°13′, Steven Forrest 1°17′, Andrei Sakharov 1°18′, Lindsay Wagner 1°21′, Deepak Chopra 1°23′, Meryl Streep 1°27′, Billy Bean 1°33′, Justin Bieber 1°35′, James Woods 1°35′, Antonio Salieri 1°40′, Salvador Dali 1°42′, Rosie O’Donnell 1°44′, Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1°44′, Billie Holiday 1°49′, Roy Orbison 1°52′.

Mercury Conjunct Mars Dates

December 27, 2023
January 27, 2024
October 20, 2025
November 12, 2025
January 18, 2026
March 15, 2026

18 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

  1. I hope for strong Psychological and Psychic communications to prevent a little of those nervous/aggressive energies with the help of The LORD of Pisces who will Trine Mercury and Mars before the conjunction and Pluto opposition. Thank You for the interpretation interpretation! Very useful and protective.

  2. Jamie, this Mercury/Mars opposition Pluto would also be squaring the last Lunar Eclipse degree around 14 Libra that occurred some time ago, would it not? What more can we expect globally regarding this T-Square?

    I know I’ll be feeling this personally given the Mars/Pluto/Venus stellium I have in Libra (Mars around 12 Lib, Pluto 14 Lib, Venus 16 Lib, all around that last Lunar Eclipse degree too). Job search hasn’t been going well what with delays and postponed/cancelled positions I’ve put in for (Web Development if you’re wondering about the trade). My Libra stellium is in my 10th house, Pluto is transiting my 2nd house, Mercury/Mars is transiting my 8th house on that date (thankfully 4 degrees away from my Vertex at around 18 Can)…

    And the next Solar Eclipse in September hits directly on my Midheaven at 20 Vir with the next Mercury station retrograde … at around 14 Libra. How long-lasting will the energies of this conjunction/opposition be playing out in the next few months given the next Mercury Retrograde period now that I think of it? Should we expect this July 16th transit to play into that configuration in September, in your opinion?

    • Thanks so much Jon for noticing the lunar eclipse connection. I will add this to the post now.

  3. looks like i’ll be doing a heap of crosswords next week instead of having cross words… … … 😛

    seriously though, thank you Jamie for this analysis, I’m already feeling this conjunction as it will be transiting my natal Mars.

    and yes! what an amazing synchro that New Horizons is doing it’s flyby so close to this conjunction/opposition!

    thank you again.

  4. Again, during April Lunar eclipse(on Algorab), I was in London. That day Half of London downtown was blocked due to Gas Fire from the underground. It was impossible to get anywhere, I was stacked in traffic, and my new job interview failed.
    I think Nepal earthquake happened a week after April Lunar eclipse.
    My natal Saturn is on Sirius, and since then Pluto opposition is forcing me to change the job, but no luck.
    My natal Moon is on Alpharatz which is surviving Pluto square after breaking up karmic relationship with person that has Mars/Mercury conjunction on Sirius.(Really good descrpition above, by the type of personality with Mars/Mercury conjunction in Cancer)

    So, the evening New moon on 15th July will square Uranus, Mars/Mercury(Sirius) opposition Pluto, and Venus(Regulus) square Saturn. Complete picture is not promising, is it?

  5. This is most certainly a very important period of movement in just one persons life, the feminine Christ must be seen, known and be free to fulfil her purpose, and most importantly the high intelligent beings in space need to know if we are ready to make the journey back to the moon a reality by 2016/2017, as i can make it with the world surrendering to the truth of the knower.

    • We have the virgin Mary, God’s Mother but you think we need a feminine Christ too? The saints are male and female and the hierarchy in the church is meant to be service and not egoism with the Pope known as the servant of the servants. He washes people’s feet at Easter like JC did. Men are supposed to sacrifice themselves for their wives up to the extent JC sacrificed himself. We are to love and serve one another and submit to one another. .

  6. Jamie, I notice this is on the point of the august 21 eclipse, what do you make of that?
    My SR return on sept 4th has this, already feeling it. Will turn to researching my fave topics.

  7. Thank you so much for this! I have been dealing with intense rage the last couple of days with regard to a neighbor situation. I’ve been ranting & raving at said neighbor’s ‘landlords’ (his parents) off and on (alone & in the privacy of my own home, of course. LOL) I finally did some intense inner work this afternoon & got to the root of the whole neighbor situation (an inner archetype: the damsel in distress who needs ‘rescuing’) & feel a ton of weight has lifted. I feel very calm & peaceful. Once again, thank you! 🙂

  8. This aspect midpoint Regulus at August 8 New Moon. 150° inconjunct 0-Point Aries. Classic health angle. What’s the purpose of getting the planet all riled up about health? My own pet ‘art’ theory is that we gotta make it to 80 now, and that’s globally. Some groups or countries aren’t there yet.

  9. The aspects tomorrow 10th of November are contradictory, first Mercury conjunction Mars called (the lawyer’s aspect) a good time to open a legal action , after that there will be squares from Saturn and Pluto, how can a lawyer do his job with all this mess from Pluto and Saturn?

  10. I agree to have work done by a dentist who I do not like or trust, only because my boo begged me to. Picture this, he shoves a hypo into my gums and pushes it so deep it is near to piercing my sinus. I’m held down by his full weight on my torso. He whispers in my ear “How do you like that you privileged white trash bitch?” He gets off me I shout to my boo in the corner, “Did you see that?Did you hear that?” He was so engrossed in his damn phone, he didn’t witness a thing. Hostility, communication gone dead, and a business arrangement gone sour. Merc. retro hello.

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