Moon Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit

Moon Conjunct Venus TransitMoon conjunct Venus natal makes you the most loving and caring of people. You are gentle, kind, and really affectionate. You love being in love so having a genuinely loving and harmonious relationship is important for your sense of well-being.

You are popular and enjoy a rich social life because it is so easy for people to get along with you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You take great care of your looks and love shopping for fine clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry. Making friends is easy for you and your sexual attractiveness makes finding a partner easy too.

You rarely have a harsh word to say about others but are easily hurt yourself. Sensitivity to negative energy goes hand in hand with a high level of empathy and compassion. You have strong maternal instincts regardless of your sex. You should have enjoyed a warm and loving relationship with your mother and other female family members.

You gain great satisfaction by taking care of other people and your surroundings. You make sure everyone is clean and well-fed, and most importantly well-loved. You may have an interest in looking after animals or keeping a beautiful garden. You have a good eye for fashion and a talent for home decorating and entertaining.

Some may say you are not ambitious but you are a passionate and devoted person and will make the effort to have the nice things you want in life, from a loyal and loving partner to a shiny new sports car. Chances are you will be surrounded by loving people and beautiful possessions. You are good with money and have an eye for a bargain.

There are, however, potential downsides to natal Moon conjunct Venus, especially with other harsh aspects to this alignment or conjunction with a difficult fixed star. You may have problems getting motivated to do hard work, be unable to cope with conflict or harsh environments, or be vain and up yourself. You may need to find a partner who will take out the garbage for you.

Moon Conjunct Venus Transit

Moon Conjunct Venus transit brings peace and harmony to your life. You will feel emotional, caring, and loving. This is a great time to relax with loved ones or party with friends. You are in a loving mood and be more sexually attractive than usual.

You are more sensitive to good energy such as making love. However, you are also more sensitive to negative energy and are easily upset. Fortunately, you are more likely to attract love and beauty under this influence.

This is a great time to socialize because of increased popularity and charisma. You should feel more at ease around other people and comfortable in public. Making friends comes easy and you may even begin a new love relationship. However, this is more likely following a full moon or lunar eclipse.

You have a good eye for a bargain but will tend to spend based on emotional reactions rather than common sense. Buying fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry are favored, as it getting a haircut or any other kind of pampering.

You would find enjoyment by entertaining, cooking, and caring for others. This is a good time to decorate your house or beautify your surroundings in some way such as planting flowers in your garden. An excellent time for leisure activities, entertainment, or amusements. However, you should avoid a tendency to overindulge with food or drink and take extra care& if using your credit card.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Venus transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon conjunct Venus.

Moon Conjunct Venus Celebrities

Pietro Mascagni 0°00′, Uri Geller 0°12′, Tom Conti 0°29′, Camilla Parker-Bowles 0°37′, Brad Pitt 0°39′, Catherine the Great 0°44′, MacKenzie Scott 0°49′, Brooke Shields 1°19′, Kenny Chesney 1°24′, Matthew Manning 1°26′, Michael J. Fox 1°30′, Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1°32′, Rihanna 1°50′, Janet Jackson 2°25′.

11 thoughts on “Moon Conjunct Venus Natal and Transit

  1. Very true Jamie 😉
    I have this placement.Moon conjunct Venus 0º49′.
    Could someone help me in finding my fixed star in this conjuction.
    I wanted to be a fashion designer too lol.

  2. I have progressed Venus stationary retrograde conjunct my natal Moon in Scorpio for some years now. She is now slowly moving away but still within one degree orb. And now I also have progressed Moon conjuncting natal and progressed Venus. Can I interpret that too as a Moon-Venus conjunction ?

  3. I was bored and looking up celestial events, and apparently this is one of the traits all the natal chart sites failed to tell me. Explains a LOT though.

  4. It’s always so uncanny how Full and New Moons bring events into my life since I’m a Cancer rising obviously ruled by the moon. The October 2016 Full Moon was conjunct my Venus and ushered in a new relationship. The October 2018 Full Moon will be conjunct my Sun and will also hopefully bring in a new (and hopefully lasting this time) relationship. Time will tell!

  5. Thanks, Jaime, for the fluffy compliments. I am a sweet person, too sweet. I grew out of it because of other predatory types taking advantage.

    My mother was a harsh, cold, critical b**ch.
    My sister tried to purloin my share of our parent’s financial legacy, so trust in her went pfft. So much for simplicity.

    Soft conjunctions like Moon/Venus have to be honed and reinforced with tough life experiences or one becomes a lifelong victim. Beware of surfing on too many trines and sextiles as well.

    I found strength to ward off parasites by using other more stable and disciplining aspects, like Sun opposite Saturn and a T-square to Uranus on the Ascendant; Sun and Saturn squaring it. A cosmic gift I once bemoaned.

    Saturn returns are challenging enough but I rode out the typhoons in my skiff, sitting very still, hanging on tight and breathing deeply. Saturn is the great teacher, not the bogeyman. Love it. Welcome Wisdom’s lessons. Especially with aspects like Moon conjunct Venus.

    I passed! Life is much sweeter now. The rewards much more gratifying.

    Sadder but Wiser? No. Just Wiser.


  6. This one seems off to me. I’m inspecting every aspect of mine and only this one seems not matching almost at all. Idk why. Maybe it’s conflicting w other aspects? Because I’m pretty grumpy, swearing person. Yea there are times that I may seem lovely. Phsically I’m okay too. I’m warm-blooded but not too delicate this much. I don’t agree w maternal instinct part at all, spending time w female family members (cousins and far cousins) is not in my interest, even if it was, the reason would be unintentional manly sexual attraction, not maternal instinct.

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