Moon Trine Pluto Natal and Transit

Moon Trine Pluto Transit

Moon trine Pluto maximum orb 6°00′.

Moon trine Pluto natal gives a rich emotional life and deep relationships. You feel things more than others, everything from news stories to relationships. You also feel things at a deeper level, at the psychic level. You should have good psychic skills or at least a very acute intuition.

Connecting to someone at the emotional level is important to you. Without such a close connection at the subconscious level, relationships would soon bore you. It may even feel like a powerful unseen force drives you to understand a partner’s inner psychology just as profoundly as you try to understand yourself. You could feel that understanding relationship dynamics is necessary to maintain an intimate relationship.

You will likely form an unusually close relationship with your mother or grandmother. The same will apply to women in general, but especially relatives. One woman in your life, in particular, will profoundly influence your life. The harmonious nature of the trine aspect means that even though strange or intense, your interactions with others will be positive and soul-evolving.

You have a dramatic flair and have no trouble expressing yourself, especially your emotions. No area of life is off-limits in your exploration of human experience. Your relationships may take you to dark and mysterious places where danger threatens you. However, you enjoy a good level of protection in the psychic realms, possibly through your ancestors.

You would make a good psychologist or oculist, but your deep understanding of the human psyche could also lead to a career in sales or management. You are a people person but fewer, rather than many friends, would suit you. This is because you need to get to know someone so well that you give too much of yourself.

Moon Trine Pluto Transit

Moon trine Pluto transit increases your emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. You will feel things more powerfully and are likely to be transformed by your intense emotional reactions. Intimate relationships can also undergo a positive regeneration.

Someone is likely to move you deeply and intensely influence your life. Intense emotional connections may result in new relationships, and there would be a strong karmic pull between you and any destiny encounter.

Subconscious communication is possible, and this can even extend to sexual encounters. Your desire to experience things more extreme may lead to exploring the darker side of life and taboo areas. You can rely on a degree of psychic protection when pushing the boundaries.

Psychological self-analysis is favored; you can access your subconscious’s deep, dark areas. Consulting a psychologist or astrologer would reveal hidden secrets. This would be an excellent time for a past life regression.

You will also be driven to probe the feelings of other people. You may appear possessive or obsessive, but others will likely welcome your interest. Your interactions with others, especially with family members and women, will be more dramatic and profound than usual.

This interpretation for Moon trine Pluto transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon trine Pluto.

Moon Trine Pluto Celebrities

Wolfgang Borchert 0°01′, Buddy Rose 0°03′, Peter Hurkos 0°03′, Nastassja Kinski 0°05′, Julius Streicher 0°06′, Prince Michael of Kent 0°09′, Yasmin Aga Khan 0°14′, Nikki Bacharach 0°15′, Jimmy Carter 0°16′, North West 0°16′, Vito Genovese 0°21′, Ernst Thälmann 0°21′, Brutus de Villeroi 0°23′, Lyle Menendez 0°23′, Violette Szabo 0°24′, Harvey Milk 0°26′, Pat Nixon 0°28′, Camille Gottlieb 0°28′, Christopher Wren 033′, Bruno Huber 0°40′, Agatha Christie 0°57′, Hugh Hefner 0°59′, Chuck Berry 0°59′, Luc Jouret 1°05′, Diana Mitford 1°07′, Kellyanne Conway 1°08′, Artur Dinter 1°18′, Sandra Bernhard 1°21′, Bob Denver 1°44′, Stephen King 1°59′.

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  1. Jamie, can you point me in the right direction to find out more about a Moon quincunx Pluto transit? Would be much appreciated. Thank you for sharing your work!

    • Hi Kristen. My only advise is to google the natal aspect because I don’t know of any authors who use the quincunx in transit. You will have to delineate yourself from the natal.

  2. Hey Jaime do you know how differently this aspect works depending on whether the moon in in a water, earth, air or fire sign? I have my Moon in Pisces trine Pluto

  3. Hi Jamie,

    Interesting post, I somehow feel what you describe, particularly when it comes to relationship with people. My natal lunar eclipse at 16 Aquarius trines my natal Pluto at 19 libra and square chiron at 18 Taurus, so how the new moon on 4th february will activate this aspects?

    • Hi Jamie,
      I just realised that the full moon in Leo on 9 Feb 202 (which is conjunct my north node) is also making an opposition to my natal lunar eclipse at 16 Aquarius (or is the orb too wide?) So again it trines my natal Pluto at 19 libra and squares Chiron at 18 Taurus.

      Should I consider that this full moon closes what the new moon on 4th February 2019 opened? Is there any astrological connection? Have you written something about full moon conjunct north node?

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  5. Great explanation. I have this moon trine combination and a recent relationship/guy had the same! It seems our emotional connection was too strong /powerful for him. The connection triggered a dark night of the soul. It’s a powerful combination

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