Neptune Opposite Ascendant Natal and Transit

Neptune Opposite Ascendant TransitNeptune opposite Ascendant in the natal chart gives an intriguing personal life which can range from utopian to scandalous. Your destiny seems tied to you partners as your individual identities dissolve into each other’s to a certain extent. It is important for you to keep the integrity of your own personality and self-image. Otherwise, your close relationships could become a source of confusion and disappointment.

Depending on associated aspects and fixed star conjunctions, either you or your partner are probably easily influenced by the other. One partner may be weak, vague, gullible, too sweet and innocent, or willing to turn a blind eye to character faults and deception. Over idealizing your partner or wanting to save them can actually feed their negative behavior. This kind of codependent dynamic can actually make it hard for them not to take advantage of your selflessness.

You may start a relationship feeling sorry for someone but end up feeling sorry for yourself. Playing the savior or martyr role can leave you demoralized, broke, exhausted and thinking you are unworthy of something better. You may go through a series of failed relationships with unfaithful, abusive, lying, sick, alcoholic or drug dependant partners. It will sometimes take a crisis, intervention or personal illness to snap you out of your delusion and rebuild your self-esteem and confidence. You need to set strong boundaries in your relationships if you are susceptible to bad influences.

If you are the partner that cheats and lies your way to a free meal then it’s time for a reality check. Self-awareness is a good start and spiritual development is the next step. It is possible with Neptune opposite Ascendant to find a happy balance. Some people let their partner think they do have a lot of influence even when they don’t. You don’t have to let your partners distort your self-image.

Some marriage partners are well matched in this area as was the case with Anthony Armstrong-Jones and Princess Margaret. Anthony had Neptune opposite Ascendant (0°11′).

The marriage was accompanied by drugs, alcohol and bizarre behaviour by both parties. [Wikipedia]

Although it may take more than one attempt, you can have a normal loving relationship with this aspect. In its higher manifestations, Neptune opposite Ascendant can represent your soul mate and a spiritually enlightened romance. You may actually dream up your ideal partner and experience true unconditional love. You may attract a nurse, doctor, musician or other entertainer. Perhaps Neptune manifests as someone with similar hopes and dreams or a very spiritual person.

Neptune Opposite Ascendant Transit

Neptune opposite Ascendant transit can bring your ideal partner to your door but also your worst nightmare. It is better to be ready for the worst because it will be difficult for you to tell the difference based on first impressions. Neptune passing over your Descendant tends to make you feel sorry for other people and more susceptible to confusion and deception in your one to one relationships.

It is never nice to think your friend or marriage partner is hiding something from you but if something like that is ever going to happen is it likely to happen now. You don’t want to live out his year or so is constant suspicion of everyone around you so the best was to handle this deceptive influence is to make sure you are not hiding things from your partner. This applies to your marriage partner and any business or professional partners.

Being totally honest and straightforward in all your dealings will cut the risk of being deceived or taken advantage of. Build trust and keep the channels of communication open and free of interference like gossip and lies. With new relationships you should ask yourself why they want to be your friend or partner. This transit tends to attract psychic vampires, thieves and an assortment of other scoundrels.

Don’t make it easy for people to use you or take from you. Your increased sensitivity and compassion will make it hard to ignore the suffering of others but your first priority is to look after yourself. Only if you are totally healthy wealthy and wise can you afford to be saving lost souls during this Neptune opposite Ascendant transit. If you are lonely and have low self-esteem or depression you must be especially careful not to have your heart broken by a lowlife with eyes on  your house and savings.

As mentioned at the beginning, this transit can bring your ideal partner. A loving marriage can become more romantic and spiritual. In its higher manifestations, Neptune opposite Ascendant transit can bring your soul mate and a spiritually enlightened romance. You may actually dream up your ideal partner and experience unconditional love. You may attract a nurse, doctor, musician or other entertainer. Perhaps Neptune manifests as someone with similar hopes and dreams or a very spiritual person.

Neptune Opposite Ascendant Celebrities

Audrey Hepburn 0°02′, Napoleon II of France 0°08′, Anthony Armstrong-Jones 0°11′, Charles Gounod 0°12′, Benito Mussolini 0°23′, Juliette Drouet 0°45′, Emperor Hirohito 0°55′, Jelena Dokic 1°11′, Guiseppe Verdi 1°20′, Stephen Arroyo 1°30′, Ringo Starr 2°00′, Oscar Wilde 2°11′.

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  1. The transit sounds terrible!! What if the 7th house angle is ruled by Pisces , change anything? Surely this transit has ways of manifesting positivity?

    • Yes you’re right Esa. I started with it can bring your ideal partner but forgot to elaborate. I had added another paragraph at the ned, similar to the natal aspect.

      • More so than rulerships, it will be fixed star conjunctions and other aspects to your Descendant that will alter the manifestations.

  2. Hi Jamie – I get confused by these emails. Do I have something in my natal chart interacting with these transiting aspects, which is why I get these emails? I don’t have this particular aspect in my natal chart, but I am not aware of what is happening with the transits. Can you please clarify because I have no idea if this information applies to me or not. My chart info is: DOB 3/27/1981 born at 1:41am in Chapel Hill, NC (Orange County). Please and thank you so much in advance!

  3. Jamie is so good, keep it up man…
    And I have that transit aspect right now, ASc is 11 degree Virgo, but have Neptune trine Asc natal, if that can make this transit maybe easier. since Neptune going often retro when I will be lifted for this transit?

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