Venus Trine Saturn Natal and Transit

Venus Trine Saturn Transit

Venus trine Saturn maximum orb 5°30′.

Venus trine Saturn natal gives conservative values and steadfast loyalty. Commitment to relationships and family values is fundamental, but you don’t take your respect for tradition to extremes. Your affections are well-regulated, and while you are not an extrovert, you should not be overly shy.

You are well-mannered and tactful when socializing but may prefer smaller groups. You are likely most comfortable in one-to-one situations where you will be more open about sharing your love and affection. You may not like flirting and one-night stands, which could be reflected by having a shorter list of lovers than average.

However, you have a good chance of finding true love, and your general friendships will have a strong karmic bond. New relationships may be slow to fire up but will have a strong foundation, be faithful and enduring. You may prefer someone with a more sensible attitude like yourself or someone from a different generation. But sometimes opposites attract, and it always comes down to fate with you.

Partners and friends may be linked to practicalities or shared responsibilities like work or hobbies. Despite your seriousness, you can have a dark or naughty sense of humor and enjoy practical jokes. Venus trine Saturn will not inhibit your creativity and artistic expression but give it structure and form.

As in your personal life, you are dependable and loyal in your career, showing respect for elders and superiors. Your strong work ethic and productivity will earn bosses’ respect and place you in good stead for promotion. You would do well in traditional businesses with little or no risk involved, such as real estate, but also in making or selling jewelry, fashion, or cosmetics.

While you may not be extravagant or expect instant success, you can look forward to rewards from hard work. You may be good at saving money and would do well investing in real estate, art, jewelry, or even blue-chip stocks.

Venus Trine Saturn Transit

Venus trine Saturn transit is ideal for committing to a relationship and making long-term investments. All relationships can benefit from your sensible approach and steady affection. New love found now could be with someone from a different age group and likely be a long-lasting, soul mate union.

Existing relationships will enjoy closer bonding and stability. If a relationship has been stressful lately, this is an excellent chance to work through the problem and find a solution. There will be a feeling of mutual respect and an eye for practical outcomes.

While you may not feel outlandish, Venus trine Saturn transit is a good time for more formal social engagements where grace and respect for tradition are called for. Creative work can increase productivity, but form and structure are more critical than freestyle.

Shopping for party needs, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, and art will benefit from your eye for a bargain. So long as longer-term transits are supportive, this transit signals the right time to propose, marry, or invest in property, cash, and blue-chip stocks. Business deals are favored so long as they are low risk.

Venus Trine Saturn Celebrities

Denton Welch 0°′, Yannick Noah 0°04′, Roberta Taylor 0°07′, Mary MacArthur 0°08′, George Chisholm 0°09′, Marine Le Pen 0°10′, Khloe Kardashian 0°12′, Benny Hill 0°13′, Suzanne Vega 0°16′, Napoleon, Prince Imperial 0°16′, Tina Turner 0°17′, Georges Seurat 0°20′, Bette Midler 0°25′, Pauline Hanson 0°25′, Andy Kaufman 0°26′, Marcel Marceau 0°27′, Heinrich Himmler 0°27′, Tegan Lane 0°31′, Princess Victoria of the UK 0°34′, Violette Szabo 0°34′, Crystal Gayle 0°37′, Phil Andros 0°42′, Linda Tripp 0°45′, David Hunter Strother 0°48′, Jason Alexander 0°51′, Arsenio Hall 0°53′, Richard Strauss 1°03′, Leonardo DiCaprio 1°05′, Ricky Martin 1°08′, Rod Ferrell 1°21′, Steve Carell 1°28′, John Cena 1°33′, Parker Posey 1°47′.

Venus Trine Saturn Dates

October 14, 2022
May 13, 2023
December 5, 2023
July 2, 2024
October 4, 2024
August 25, 2025
November 26, 2025
June 25, 2026
January 15, 2027
August 18, 2027
November 18, 2027

11 thoughts on “Venus Trine Saturn Natal and Transit

      • That’s actually really beautiful. Have you experienced seeing this with those who have natal Venus trine natal Saturn Rx? Rewarded by?? So cool bc I have this in my chart too:)

        • It’s difficult to judge such personal feeling things in others Sai. You can get a fairly good sense of an aspect by looking at the lives of famous [people, so long as their aspect is tight. That’s why I stick to under 2 degrees, usually under 1 degree if I can. Having Venus opposite Saturn also gives me a little better understanding of this aspect.

  1. Hi Jamie, Interesting post. Just out of curiosity: I know someone who has this aspect on the natal chart. This person has been in a long term relationship but with wandering eyes. Even more after the divorce. No way of having a long- term relationship. Could this be related to a Pluto square Mars aspect? Coud it be because Saturn and Venus are placed in water signs but Mars is in Aries? The point about real estate and saving is right on spot on this case. Even the predominance of work life over everything else. Thanks!

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  3. The statement suggests that someone with Venus trine Saturn in their natal chart will have conservative values, loyalty, and a commitment to relationships and family values. However, it also suggests that they will not take their respect for tradition to extremes, and their affections will be well-regulated. The statement also indicates that they are not extroverted but shouldn’t be overly shy.

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