Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Transit

Jupiter conjunct Neptune maximum orb 6°00′.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune natal makes you a devoted, generous, ethical and spiritual person. You are enthusiastic and optimistic about being the best person you can be and improving the world.

This idealistic conjunction allows you to understand abstract theories and merge them into your comprehensive knowledge. Your adventurous spirit could lead to many travels and unique experiences.

Transcendent, religious, and mystical experiences are likely, which could lead to a belief in an afterlife and reincarnation. You may wish to learn about various spiritual belief systems and techniques like astrology, meditation, or alternative healing. You may also feel you have a unique destiny to fulfill or a spiritual message to share.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune can also make you a very controversial person, connected to scandals, gossip, and intrigue. You have a fantastic imagination and a willingness to believe about anything, but over-optimism should be avoided.

Although you enjoy an above-average amount of good fortune, you should avoid gambling. A tendency to see only the positive side of any situation can lead to loss and embarrassment.

You may have a warped sense of humor, be addicted to extravagance, and perhaps like mind-altering substances. Sometimes you may become selfish, somewhat irrational, and prone to error.

You can use abstract ideas to make others do just about anything. Therefore, being ethical and considerate of others is essential in the karmic sense.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Transit

Jupiter conjunct Neptune transit is a good time for spiritual self-development because you can more easily understand esoteric principles. You can absorb broad concepts and abstract ideas and then merge them into your philosophical or religious belief system.

Travel, adventure, or spiritual groups may interest you, but listening to your intuition will teach you plenty. Dreaming, meditation, and psychic revelations may also help you grow spiritually.

Having unrealistic expectations is possible as you will generally feel optimistic and lucky. You are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories or be brainwashed by charismatic cult leaders.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is a time for caution in business dealings because your perspective is too broad, and you could miss important details. You are likelier to take people’s word and open yourself to losses and disappointment.

Although you will feel generous, charitable, and compassionate, believing you cannot lose makes this a wrong time for gambling. Thinking you can win big and take shortcuts to success would bring out your selfish and materialistic instincts, and this would be a great shame because there is so much potential for growth, happiness, and success.

Helping less fortunate people and worthy causes will bring a wonderful sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Your enthusiasm and goodwill can make a big difference to others, your community, and the world.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

Laurence Olivier 0°02′, John W. Donaldson 0°03′, Napoléon, Prince Imperial 0°15′, Jada Pinkett Smith 0°18′, Shirley Conran 0°19′, Heinrich Stilling 0°21′, Ben Thompson 0°28′, Ben Shapiro 0°41′, Kamisese Mara 0°49′, Emily Dickinson 0°56′, Louis-Ferdinand Celine 0°56′, Dolores O’Riordan 1°05′, Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve 1°06′, William Hamilton 1°15′, Noah Wyle 1°16′, Mark Wahlberg 1°24′, Benjamin Disraeli 1°28′, Katherine Hepburn 1°32′, Michael Avenatti 1°41′, Patsy Cline 1°46′, Christina Rossetti 1°53′.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Dates

27, 2009
July 10, 2009
December 21, 2009

April 12, 2022

March 23, 2035

July 22, 2047
November 16, 2047
February 25, 2048

33 thoughts on “Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Chart for 11. April 2022. looks amazing! Pisces is in full power, with both of its rulers in conjunction and exalted Venus.

  2. Hi Jamie, the Neptune and Jupiter transiting conjunction will happen on my 24 degree Pisces ascendant. I like Ceca’s comment about Pisces being in full power and exalted Venus. How do you think this energy will play out together on the ascendant?

  3. Contemplating how on my birthday (12 April) the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune will transit my natal 23 degree Venus in 12th house, Pisces … Wondering what surprises 2022 has for me.

  4. This conjunction will be at about 6° away from my natal sun in Pisces. Also will trine my natal Mars and Uranus but will square my Neptune and Jupiter

  5. It is within 0 degrees & 24 minutes of my MC in the 9th. I grinned with satire on that one! Do you suppose at 70 years old, I will finally discover my standing in the community? My profession? My Soul Path? Those sort of cook-book interpretations when your Natal MC is Pisces don’t hit home at all. There is ” no grounding” with nebulous Pisces! Maybe I’ll just jump into another spiritual adventure and create a box, outside the normal box most people live in…perhaps one that hasn’t been conceived of yet!

    Besides the exact conj of Jupiter to Neptune, aspects less than one degree to the conjunction are: Both are Novile to Mercury 0:53′ applying, Semi-Sextile to Saturn 0:57′ applying , and a Novile to Vesta 0:57′ separating. Interesting, what Alice Portman, John Sandbach and Robert Wilkinson have to say on the subject of Noviles!. Interesting that the Novile to Mercury is the second closest aspect. Separating to me is past tense, applying is future tense.

  6. Hi, don’t how this conjunction affects my Sun in Pisces at 29° but transiting Jupiter will square my natal Jupiter and Neptune. So is transiting Neptune square my natal Neptune and Jupiter. What a mess

  7. My sun as well in pieces 25 degree, plus ASC in 23 degree of pieces, so gona be hot 🔥🔥🔥 I am ready for enlightenment as I noticed that my meditations became much deeper 🤩

  8. It is a good time for your spiritual self-development because you can more easily understand esoteric principles. Listen to your intuition and follow your dreams for romance, wealth, travel, and adventure.

  9. So what am i to expect come this day….my birth chart says my mc is 23 degrees pisces 9th -10 house cusp…chiron 23 degrees pisces…mercury..23 degrees pisces….saturn…23 degrees pisces..all are exact conjunct on mc ……born april 4 1966…perfect conjunction of pluto-uranus in virgo 16 degrees in opposition of those planets above….any ideas ?

  10. It is a shame that this beautiful conjunction will coincide the negative and suppressive energy of Mars and Saturn conjunction.

  11. Always fun and challenging, that Neptune/Jupiter extravaganza of the non-physical Reality (fire and water)! I have Neptune, Jupiter and North Node conjunct within 5 degrees in the 12th house with a Pisces Moon at 23 degrees. Its always been both a complete challenge, and the rarer mystical. The upcoming conjunction will open the next realms of my Soul after having completed the healing of Neptune’s Abyss this lifetime! Thanks Jamie for all the work you do!

  12. Jupiter (expansion, anything involving the masses) conjunct Neptune (infection) 2022 means ANOTHER Covid-19 wave. BA-2 is the variant that will be sweeping across the country soon.

    • Gerald asks “Do you remember what you were doing?”

      Relapsed back onto heroin.

      This time round,
      i have quit my last 2 addictions,
      ie:drinking and smoking.

      Gerald asks “Anyone interpret this?”

      Horses for courses.

      All things must go full circle,
      and run there intended course.

      “like guardians of a space station…”

    • Asteroid 7320 Potter 23Pis37

      Cusp of 9th house

      May my wand top up your consciousness with the Holy Spirit.

  13. This sounds both exceptionally inspiring and exceptionally formidable, simultaneously hahahaha! Probably because I have Juno conjunct Pallas at 24 Pisces in 5th house, so I can create a lot of unseen havoc for those who by their hands/choices have caused me to suffer betrayal due to their lack of awareness and sensitivity, or I can be merciful & accept humans err, and I do have my failings too, be forgiving and put an end to my suffering, even if they freely choose to believe as they do, they can rob me of a lot and I cannot stop them but I will not suffer fools gladly nor relinquish my spirit of adventure (aries) or good will (Jupiter), just because they want to continue to take advantage of my more light hearted nature or not, if they choose to take advantage, that is their disadvantage, not mine and I will not give them what they want, in other words react in such a way they make me look like the bad guy in this instead, which is pretty much par for course for bullies and abusers, who are determined to make what they believe and their overgrandised belief in self, be all that matters. I have the utmost respect for free will, but I will not allow the will of another to replace my own in order to possess me.

  14. I have Neptune Jupiter conjunction straight on my MC, i wonder how it plays out. Lately i have no inspiration at all and feel rather disappointed in all my professional matters.

  15. How do I calculate where the Neptune Jupiter conjunction lands in my own person natal chart?

  16. I thought the Sabian Symbol for this degree (24° Pisces) of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction today was interesting and something to muse on ……

    ‘On a small.island surrounded by a vast sea, people are seen living in close interaction’

    For those not familiar with the Sabian Symbols, they are a set of 360 metaphors (for each degree of the twelve signs). Created by Marc Edmund Jones and the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler one afternoon in Balboa Park, San Diego, they are designed to bring a deeper understanding and insight 💫

    • Works for me, Stargazer. Island in the deepest ocean, Pacific, is the attribute to Neptune, rather than a War Industry weapon name brand ‘Neptune’, promoted by Expensive Astrological Outcomes Inc. The chart I posted earlier was indeed, from a time I lived in an island in the Pacific, Vancouver Island. And also too, Neptune conjunct Galactic Centre at the 1982 Saturn Pluto, a critical Movie (neptune)whistblow in understanding this weekends Venus conjunct Galactic Centre at the heliocentric Full Moon’s, the Artwork(venus) whistleblow.

  17. I should also mention that the symbols were created in 1925…. 😯
    Well worth checking out , and also Dane Rudhyar’s great work, ‘An Astrological Mandala’…..
    Happy navigating 💛

  18. Ukraine’s so-named Neptune anti-ship missiles took out the massive (Jupiterian?) warship Moscow in the Black Sea less than 24 hours after the exact conjunction…not exactly the warm fuzzy side of Jupiter-Neptune, but it does feel like an apropos, if unexpected, manifestation of the conjunction in the context of more challenging chart factors.

  19. Thanks, Jamie! In times like these it’s fascinating to watch patterns play out. To that end, I so appreciate your Putin and Zelenskyy horoscope analyses, too; I find myself referring back to the transits regularly as a sort of time template for tracking developments in the war and related events. And I’ve been musing on the fog of war and the fog of Neptune, as well as the ways in which Jupiter–Neptune might be seen manifesting through Russia and Ukraine.

    Russia’s size and might are Jupiterian, of course, and so is its—or Putin’s, which amounts to much the same thing—adherence to an Imperial Russia doctrine and attempt to spread that worldview through expansionism…an action embarked on with great Jupiterian optimism too, though Neptune apparently lent it great illusions about its own prowess and blinded it to the potential consequences of this expedition. There are also reports of many Russian soldiers drinking heavily to numb themselves and facilitate the commission of atrocities, more negative Neptune.

    Meanwhile Ukraine is drawing on Neptune’s higher, more spiritual/mystical ideals—that is, the essential right to live in undisturbed peaceful enjoyment of their own homes in their own country under their own choice of political system and leadership—a fundamental human doctrine (Jupiter again) that’s quite a bit more universal than Russia’s claim to imperial rights. And Jupiter in the form of the collective Western world is stepping in to balance the scales, and the Neptunian spring rains are turning Ukrainian fields into mud traps.

    All in all, to borrow astro-psych terminology, Russia appears to be working Jupiter-Neptune in the negative, versus Ukraine working it in the positive (or having an unevolved versus evolved experience). And how could these two high-minded planets joining forces in Pisces not favor the latter?

    • In terms of the Russian warship which sank today, I think more in terms of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction being conjunct fixed star Markab in Constellation Pegasus.

      Fixed star Markab gives danger from fire.

      Constellation Pegasus portends events concerning ships and the ocean.

      • I love how the fixed stars and other elements (asteroids, houses, declinations, Sabian symbols, and so forth) can contribute nuance and specificity to the overarching picture. Ah, yes, and rereading your description of Markab I see that with Neptune it also portends many accidents and a violent early death—that was certainly true for the apparently hundreds of sailors who were lost in the incident.

        I won’t belabor it further here, but for those who want to investigate further the event chart is fascinating, and the synastry charts with the respective leaders even more so. (I cast the event chart for the only relevant specific time I could find, when the ship’s distress call went out at 1:14 a.m. local time on the 13th, per the Guardian, so actually a mere 7 hours 32 minutes after the exact conjunction; I presumed given the catastrophic nature of the hit that time between strike and SOS would have been no more than a few minutes, if that.)

  20. On Finding a Sunken Treasure…

    Heliocentric Jupiter- Neptune, May 29, Portrait smear, Louvre Paris Fr, with 10 * 3 exponent asteroids, 17 Thetis, Markab, Varuna, 17 June transits.

    “17” is in the news a lot, ie, 17$ billion est, sunk Spanish Galleon from 300 years ago, Holy Grail; the other two other ships, sunk 200 years ago, off the Colombia coast,…

    17 Thetis , MAH
    “there are no guarantees”; weakness, perception of weakness, “all too human,” overprotectiveness, hidden flaw, Murphy’s Law, desire to control or manage, need to “let it be.”


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