Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

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Jupiter Conjunct Neptune TransitJupiter conjunct Neptune natal makes you a devoted, generous, ethical and spiritual person. You are enthusiastic and optimistic about being the best person you can and making the world a better place. This idealistic conjunction gives you the ability to understand abstract theories and merge them into your wide and comprehensive knowledge. Your adventurous spirit could lead to many travels and amazing experiences.

Transcendent, religious mystical experiences are likely which could lead to a belief in an afterlife and reincarnation. You may wish to learn about various spiritual belief systems and techniques like astrology, meditation, or alternative healing. It is also possible that you feel you have a special destiny to fulfill or a spiritual message to share.

However, Jupiter conjunct Neptune can also make you a very controversial person, connected to scandals, gossip, and intrigue. You have an amazing imagination and a willingness to believe just about anything but over-optimism should be avoided. Although you enjoy an above-average amount of good fortune, you should avoid gambling. A tendency to see only the positive side of any situation can lead to loss and embarrassment.

You may a warped sense of humor, be addicted to extravagance, and perhaps have a linking for mind-altering substances. At times you may become selfish, somewhat irrational, and prone to error. You are able to use abstract ideas to make other people do just about anything you wish. Therefore, being ethical and considerate of others is important in the karmic sense.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Transit

Jupiter conjunct Neptune transit is a good time for spiritual self-development because you can more easily understand esoteric principles. You can absorb a variety of broad concepts and abstract ideas then merge them into your philosophical or religious belief system. Travel, adventure, or spiritual groups may interest you but listening to your intuition will teach you plenty. Dreaming, meditation and psychic revelations may also help you grow spiritually.

Having unrealistic expectations is a possibility as you will generally be feeling optimistic and lucky. You are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories or be brainwashed by charismatic cult leaders. This is a time for caution in business dealings because your perspective is too broad and you could miss important details. You are also more likely to take people on their word and leave yourself open to losses and disappointment.

Although you will be feeling generous, charitable, and compassionate, a belief that you cannot lose makes this a bad time for gambling. Thinking you can win big and take shortcuts to success would bring out your selfish and materialistic instincts. This would be a great shame because there is so much potential now for growth, happiness, and success. Helping less fortunate people and worthy causes will bring a wonderful sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Your enthusiasm and goodwill can make a big difference to others, your community, and to the world in general.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

Laurence Olivier 0°02′, John W. Donaldson 0°03′, Shirley Conran 0°19′, Heinrich Stilling 0°21′, Ben Thompson 0°28′, Emily Dickinson 0°56′, Louis-Ferdinand Celine 0°56′, Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve 1°07′, Sir William Hamilton 1°15′, Noah Wyle 1°19′, Benjamin Disraeli 1°28′, Katherine Hepburn 1°32′, Patsy Cline 1°46′, Christina Rossetti 1°53′, Pope John Paul II 1°58′, Percy Bysshe Shelley 2°28′, Eileen Brennan 2°45′, Glenn Singleman 2°58′.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Dates

1 February 1971
22 May 1971
16 September 197119 January 1984

9 January 1997

27 May 2009
10 July 2009
21 December 2009

11 April 2022

23 March 2035

22 July 2047
16 November 2047
24 February 2048

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  1. Chart for 11. April 2022. looks amazing! Pisces is in full power, with both of its rulers in conjunction and exalted Venus.

  2. Hi Jamie, the Neptune and Jupiter transiting conjunction will happen on my 24 degree Pisces ascendant. I like Ceca’s comment about Pisces being in full power and exalted Venus. How do you think this energy will play out together on the ascendant?

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