Neptune Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune opposite Midheaven natal makes you highly sensitive, perceptive and perhaps psychic. You would have been a very impressionable child and easily influenced by both positive and negative energy at home. If one of your parents was weak, ill, disabled, or into drink or drugs, you would have become very insecure, anxious and had to struggle with poor self-esteem. You would also have been hurt by negative energy between arguing parents or a mean sibling.

Vulnerability to psychic energies could have left you feeling scared and alone. Strange feelings that others did not feel, or visions that others did not see, would have caused much confusion and fear if you could not talk about them. You really needed an understanding and supportive parent to guide you through your childhood. Someone you could trust to talk to, someone who did not say it was all in your imagination.

Spiritual support and development is very important with this aspect. A spiritually inclined parent would have given your more confidence. Even a religious influence would probably have been better than a disbelieving family. A creatively talented parent like a musician or artist would have given you someone to look up to and idealize.

It is important that your home base is pleasant, harmonious and free of negative energy. You probably came into this life with special spiritual gifts or skills that you can further develop. Trusting your intuition or psychic impressions will give you the self-assurance to go out into the world with confidence. A strong personal faith or belief system like religion or even astrology would also make it easier to cope with the harsh realities of life.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Transit

Neptune opposite Midheaven transit is a time of self-evaluation and contemplation about the spiritual meaning of your life and of life in general. This spiritual development will likely be in response to a disappointment or loss related to your profession or family. Or it could be that you simply lose your way or feel like dropping out of society.

Strange, suspicious or deceptive events may lead to loss of employment. You could fall victim to some fraud or scandal like being cheated out of an inheritance. Maybe you will have to put your career on hold to care for a sick or injured family member. Perhaps you feel weak or ill but your doctor can find nothing wrong with you. Drug or alcohol addiction may be involved.

Even if you choose to retire or become non materialistic and sacrifice modern comforts, you may become discouraged. You may also suffer confusion, weakness, low self-esteem or a lack of faith. Even your physical home may not feel safe because of a build up of mould, toxic paint, asbestos or some form of negative energy. You will be extra sensitive to anything weird or eerie which could leave you feeling vulnerable, anxious and insecure.

However, if you are already non materialistic, spiritually evolved, an empath or mystic kind of person, this transit does not have to be so challenging. If other experiences in your life have already taken away the support structures in your life,  you already know the feeling of being naked and alone. You will have already turned inward in search of spiritual meaning and have developed a strong belief system.

Neptune opposite Midheaven transit as a positive manifestation brings spiritual enlightenment and development. You could recall past life experiences through dreams and visions. This would be a good time to keep a dream journal, have psychological counselling or a past life regression. You could heal broken family relationships through compassion, forgiveness and empathy. Researching your ancestry could also be a healing experience for your family.

Seek spiritual guidance from your parents, grandparents or a religion or other form of spirituality. You my discover special spiritual, healing, psychic or creative talents you have inherited or developed in previous lives. This could also include creative talents like artistic and musical abilities.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

Kenny Chesney 0°11′, Erik Menendez 0°43′, Jeremy Irons 0°34′, Julie Walters 0°37′, Lee Harvey Oswald 0°46′, Marty Robbins 0°47′, Prince Charles of Wales 0°49′, Sting 1°35′, Ryan O’Neal 2°20′, Stephen King 2°27′.

4 thoughts on “Neptune Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Thank you Jamie. You do a fine job providing spiritual support to many here. My past life regression is said to be someone with an Aquarius north node.

    • Thank you Gerald. Just out of interest, was your past life regression done using meditation or hypnosis?

      • Neither, it is simply something I read in a book. “The person with a Tikun in Leo is an individual quite apart. Once an Aquarian, in your previous incarnation you were considered to be important and unique.” Philip S. Berg ‘Kabbalistic Astrology made easy.

  2. This the the tightest aspect in my chart at 0 degrees.
    Related to nearly everything you’ve written…
    This aspect reminds me of the story between Merlin and the boy. The boy being the Neptune op. MC native who receives spiritual guidance from Merlin :-)… without him the boy would be lost..

    cheers to my fellow lost girls and boys out there, we’ll find our way eventually.

    With Uranus conjunct my Sun, I am beyond ready to begin anew!
    It’s like i’m getting to know parts of myself that have been hidden away….

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