Neptune Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune Opposite Midheaven

Neptune opposite Midheaven maximum orb 6°00′.

Neptune opposite Midheaven natal makes you highly sensitive, perceptive and perhaps psychic. You would have been a very impressionable child and easily influenced by positive and negative energy at home. If one of your parents was weak, ill, disabled, or into drink or drugs, you would have become very insecure and anxious and struggled with poor self-esteem. You would also have been hurt by negative energy between arguing parents or a mean sibling.

Vulnerability to psychic energies could have left you feeling scared and alone. Strange feelings that others did not feel or visions that others did not see would have caused much confusion and fear if you could not talk about them. You needed an understanding and supportive parent to guide you through your childhood. Someone you could trust to talk to, someone who did not say it was all in your imagination.

Spiritual support and development are critical with this aspect. A spiritually inclined parent would have given you more confidence, and even a religious influence would probably have been better than a disbelieving family. A creatively talented parent like a musician or artist would have given you someone to admire and idealize.

Your home base must be pleasant, harmonious, and free of negative energy. You probably came into this life with unique spiritual gifts or skills you can develop. Trusting your intuition or psychic impressions will give you the confidence to go out into the world. A strong personal faith or belief system like religion or even astrology would also make it easier to cope with the harsh realities of life.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Transit

Neptune opposite Midheaven transit is a time of self-evaluation and contemplation about the spiritual meaning of your life and life in general. This spiritual development will likely respond to a disappointment or loss related to your profession or family. Or it could be that you lose your way or feel like dropping out of society.

Strange, suspicious, or deceptive events may lead to loss of employment. You could fall victim to fraud or scandal, like being cheated out of an inheritance. Maybe you must put your career on hold to care for a sick or injured family member. Perhaps you feel weak or ill, but your doctor can find nothing wrong with you. Drug or alcohol addiction may be involved.

You may become discouraged even if you choose to retire or become nonmaterialistic and sacrifice modern comforts. You may also suffer confusion, weakness, low self-esteem, or a lack of faith. Even your physical home may not feel safe because of a build-up of mold, toxic paint, asbestos, or negative energy. You will be extra sensitive to anything weird or eerie, which could leave you feeling vulnerable, anxious, and insecure.

However, if you are already nonmaterialistic, spiritually evolved, an empath or a mystic person, this transit does not have to be so challenging. If other experiences in your life have already taken away the support structures, you already know the feeling of being naked and alone. You will have already turned inward in search of spiritual meaning and have developed a robust belief system.

Neptune opposite Midheaven transit as a positive manifestation brings spiritual enlightenment and development. You could recall past life experiences through dreams and visions. This would be a good time to keep a dream journal, have psychological counseling, or have a past life regression. You could heal broken family relationships through compassion, forgiveness, and empathy. Researching your ancestry could also be a healing experience for your family.

Seek spiritual guidance from your parents, grandparents, religion, or other form of spirituality. You may discover unique spiritual, healing, psychic, or creative talents you have inherited or developed in previous lives, including creative skills like artistic and musical abilities.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

Kenny Chesney 0°11′, Paul Cézanne 0°36′, Erik Menendez 0°43′, Jeremy Irons 0°34′, Julie Walters 0°37′, Lee Harvey Oswald 0°46′, Marty Robbins 0°47′, Charles III 0°51′, James Joyce 1°00′, Sting 1°35′, Ryan O’Neal 2°20′, Stephen King 2°27′, Charles Dickens 2°31′.

18 thoughts on “Neptune Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Thank you Jamie. You do a fine job providing spiritual support to many here. My past life regression is said to be someone with an Aquarius north node.

    • Thank you Gerald. Just out of interest, was your past life regression done using meditation or hypnosis?

      • Neither, it is simply something I read in a book. “The person with a Tikun in Leo is an individual quite apart. Once an Aquarian, in your previous incarnation you were considered to be important and unique.” Philip S. Berg ‘Kabbalistic Astrology made easy.

  2. This the the tightest aspect in my chart at 0 degrees.
    Related to nearly everything you’ve written…
    This aspect reminds me of the story between Merlin and the boy. The boy being the Neptune op. MC native who receives spiritual guidance from Merlin :-)… without him the boy would be lost..

    cheers to my fellow lost girls and boys out there, we’ll find our way eventually.

    With Uranus conjunct my Sun, I am beyond ready to begin anew!
    It’s like i’m getting to know parts of myself that have been hidden away….

  3. Your interpretations are really top-class, Jamie.
    This transit has been affecting me for years now. Neptune is passing back & forth across my IC and it looks like it’ll be going on for a while yet.
    I have practically dropped out of society for no really good reason.
    I’ve rediscovered my spiritual path.
    I was a bit ill recently but the doctor never got to the root cause of the problem.
    My self-esteem is at rock bottom.
    I was cheated out of something valuable (though not an inheritance – as far as I know, that is!)
    There is a build-up of toxic mould in my home – too extensive to tackle on my own, but don’t have the cash to call in the experts.
    I have been led to information I wanted / needed by paths that almost seem supernatural to me, for example:
    1. A formal scientific study has been done on the brains of deceased persons who had autism, and the researchers found a huge build-up of aluminium. Although this wouldn’t cause autism, it looks as if it is a trigger for the severity of the condition. (Aluminium is also a factor in Alzheimers).
    2. Another formal study found that 53% of children with autism had an Rh-negative parent (or maybe just an Rh-neg mother, I don’t recall). I am Rh-neg. My son has Aspergers.

    • Thank you Char. So interesting I also have a son with Aspergers. He has Neptune rising in his chart and also Sun opposite Uranus.

      • I recalled that you were planning to research Aspergers in the light of astrology one day, Jamie. That’s why I put in that info.
        My son has Uranus conjunct his Descendant (orb 37min), opposite Algol (orb 40min). His MC is in Pisces with Fomalhaut (orb 1:18) and his IC is near Regulus (orb 2:43). His Sun is conjunct Neptune (orb 4:30, which is much bigger than I like to use).
        One thing about Neptune’s transits of my IC that I forgot to mention, is that astrology just sortof “fell into place” for me. From a bunch of separate planet positions and their aspects, suddenly I was seeing the chart as a whole (not always, but often enough!). That is something I value very highly.
        Also, aluminium is extensively used in the manufacture of vaccines… what a vindication for a number of people who have been savaged in the press for their views! The researchers speak of the possibility of aluminium being linked with what they call the relatively sudden “epidemics” of autism and Alzheimers.

  4. I have just checked the chart of someone I know whose sense of security was destroyed when Neptune was 4 degrees away from their IC. So I’m wondering if the orb for this transit is bigger than I expected.
    On the other hand, it’s possible that their time of birth is a bit off, because it’s given at exactly 7PM and that’s rather unlikely.

  5. I have had this Neptune oposite MC now several times this going year and it is coming again and lasting over 4 months? How can this be possible because this transit is post to happend only once in 160 years as I understand??? How long can this go on in ones life time? I would just like know when is it going to end…………………..

  6. Hello Mirja – Neptune has been retrograde a lot of the time, so you would feel it more intensely each time it got too close to your MC. The whole cycle of Neptune being in Pisces, and going back and forth over a certain point, would only recur at very long intervals.

  7. hey there, My transit Neptune is conjunct my south note now and is closing in on my IC opposite MC. Is that like picking up an old spiritual or creative talent or experience where I have to deal with? Or people from former lives? I feel good, much inner peace, healthy, happy and blessed. Thanks for the answer.

  8. I had Tr.Neptune on the IC last november. Changes in the family, daughter was abroad for half a year, I was suddenly confronted with atrium-fibrillation, which gave me a panic attack, bottled up emotions came out…at the same time Neptune squared my sun…flutters the heart and the ego… It is a thing you can live with but now on medication (also Neptune). Tinnitus. A good friend, with who I shared astrology for years died suddenly. Old family-stuff is on my mind again, perhaps because of less energy to spend. I was working on a book with my artwork of many years, before planning to go into a more spiritual chapter with my works. Self-esteem / energy and confidence are on a low level. High sensitivity. Of course you rarely know your exact birth-time, with the outer planets exactness is quite important. Neptune is going back some degrees end of this year, so it will come back near my assumed IC. Leaving the IC with 4 degrees at the present time is already helpful. Neptune is the most difficult influence to grasp for humans (I guess), but being busy wth arts, music or spirituality helps…Since Neptune is ruling my Pisces-IC it also heightens my sensitivity…now re-tuning my natal ‘self-sacrifice’ ?
    Perhaps 12-th house-issues are lightening up, since Neptune / Pisces rule the 12th house?
    Transforming / going beyond kindof loneliness at home, into a broader (creative) space within you self…?
    At least helpful that Tr.Neptune makes a Tr.trine with my natal Venus this year ; helpful friend(s).
    All The Best Folks!

  9. I was looking at the transit and it is extremely accurate. My career has been going up and up until a month ago at a consultancy project, I had joined a specific team in the company and all was going well (for 5 months) when suddenly they told me they were going to switch me to another team, being open and always positive I only saw great possibility in the change.

    For the first time in my working experience I would join a group of people who “vibrated” at a completely different frequency from me, its the only way I can explain it, it was like nothing I had experienced prior, I’m always open and transparent about everything, I don’t care to show my weaknesses and be lighthearted and not take things so seriously but these people were very guarded with strong ego energies and I saw that they played subtle strategic games in all of their behaviors.

    Still being positively minded I was reluctant to make quick judgements on my new situation but I was carefully observing everything with as little ego as possible, I used to believe that in the law of attraction there was no room for outside influence, but a few events in my life have changed that perception, this being one of them, I’m sure that my inner reality did not attract this, so the only explanation is that I was going through this experience for a reason.

    After another 5 months in this second team I was booted out for not being compatible with the group, truth be told it was 3 individuals who didn’t like me and honestly I didn’t like them, it didn’t feel good the entire time I was with them.

    I felt it coming before it happened, just purely based on the way I felt I knew it wasn’t going to end well, and when I was finally told it still took me some time to process it, luckily my strongly positive worldview made the processing rather quick, all of this happened while I was working from home during the corona lockdown here in Belgium.

    So not only did I get fired but I wasn’t sure what would happen with the job market, suddenly I became acutely aware of all the great comforts I possessed, I still had a job at my consultancy firm, I was simply booted from a project, I still had my company car etc… at the time it felt like I could lose it all though, the only thing you can do in that moment (and Iv had those moments before) is give yourself to a greater power to do as it pleases, and thats what I did. Whenever the physical world betrays me I turn my head away from it, I don’t care about how people value me, or what standing I have in society, I play out the root of my fear in my imagination and I accept all of it.

    The contract had a 1 month leave clause so I kept working with them after the announcement of my leaving the team, but as that month progressed I wasn’t at all bitter, I wasn’t angry at anyone, for me the entire event was impersonal, I don’t judge those people who didn’t like me, they are playing their role, in their eyes I looked a certain way, and that is not something I can control. I began to accept the situation deeply and was even happy, I left that team with a smile and no bad blood between us (at least not in my heart).

    During that month I was contacted by a headhunter who invited me to a set of interviews, I agreed because I almost never say no when the universe presents me with something, I wasn’t planning on leaving my employer but the people with whom I was in conversation during those interviews really spoke to me and apparently I spoke to them, I got the salary that I wanted and I got a 6 week paid vacation (too complicated to explain) during corona quarantine with absolutely beautiful weather.

    During these 6 weeks (which I’m still in) I focused on myself, I stopped reading about corona or other news and I started listening to a lot of spiritual lectures, I meditate a few times a day, go play sports outside in the sun, and walk the city I live in for a few hours a day. All of it feels like a blessing to me.

    I have a couple of other very positive transits going on like uranus sextile sun; neptune trine pluto; neptune trine chiron that are doing wonders.

    I’m ready for whatever else this transit brings, growth is painful sometimes but you come out another person at the end.

    Sun pisces
    Asc scorpio
    Moon cancer

  10. This transit sounds horrible….I do not want this. It begins next year for me. my sun is also conjunct my IC so Neptune would be conjunct my sun at the same time. I’m so scared something will happen to my Dad. His ascendant is in my 10th house too. I mean what are you supposed to do with this? So in a years time I could have some horrible unrecognizable illness, an unsafe home, and/or my father compromised or lost altogether? That is so messed up! I want to be able to do something to prevent this! This would also trine Pluto so does that help it??

  11. What if Neptune opposite Midheaven transit is taking place at the same time as other long term influences are Pluto Trine Midheaven and Saturn Trine Sun. Would it then negatively affect one’s career and public standing?

      • Thanks for your response Jamie! I am glad it is positive. I got concerned when I read about Neptune opposite Natal Midheaven. The aspect sounds hard.

        • Especially the bit about “ Strange, suspicious, or deceptive events may lead to loss of employment. ”

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