Venus Quincunx Neptune Natal and Transit

Venus Quincunx Neptune

Venus quincunx Neptune maximum orb 3°00′.

Venus quincunx Neptune natal gives optimism, passion and creative talent but also anxiety and self-doubt. Insecurities and crises are possible that often begin with feelings of unworthiness, poor self-image or doubts about your talents.

Depending on the amount of love and affection from your parents, you may feel you do not deserve unconditional love. Sometimes this is made worse by a needy or ill mother or the early loss of your mother. An imbalance in giving and receiving love may result, with you usually giving more than you receive.

You may feel you have to serve your loved ones in some way to earn their love and affection. Venus quincunx Neptune can make you prone to relationships with needy people or people who seem perfect but become a disappointment. You may also feel obligated to care for ill or aging loved ones.

A longing to find true love and maintain harmonious relationships can lead to many marriages or secret affairs. Controversy, scandal, famous partners, and media exposure are possible. But this does not go well with your penchant for privacy and preference for a quiet, more anonymous existence.

On the other hand, some people with this aspect choose to follow another passion and remain unmarried. You have the charisma and beauty to work in fashion or entertainment, the imagination and wit to be a writer or inventor, and the creative talent to be an artist, dancer or sculptor. A passion for collecting art, fashion and jewelry is also possible.

You always hope and long for beautiful things. You learn, contemplate and deliberate to turn your dreams into reality. But whether in your love life or profession, you often face uncertainty and indecision. Your struggle will be made much easier by restricting yourself to a single goal instead of beginning a hundred things and finishing none. This will help in decision-making and help alleviate your insecurities.

You are incredibly generous but do need to protect yourself against exploitation. This aspect is also associated with envy, jealousy, mistreatment and revenge. Despite a glamorous or popular image, you may prefer to have just a few close friends you can confide in.

Loving someone does not mean you have to sacrifice your own needs. Try not to over-idealize people, and ensure you place enough value on yourself and understand you deserve the best. Otherwise, your insecurities can lead to more clinical conditions like social anxiety, depression or eating disorders. You may be susceptible to addiction to drugs and alcohol and need to take care that extravagance and lavish spending do not lead to financial problems.

Venus Quincunx Neptune Transit

Venus quincunx Neptune transit brings imagination, optimism and idealism. You may hope and wish for a better future, beautiful things, romance or money. But achieving your imagined future goals and turning your dreams into reality is likely to be hampered by insecurity, uncertainty, guilt and self-doubt.

This transit favors dreaming more than taking action. Think about what you most want and try to direct your imagination and dreaming in a particular direction. Restricting yourself to a single goal helps you make decisions and make things happen.

Any imbalance in giving and receiving love will become more apparent in relationships. You may feel you have to serve others in some way to earn their love and affection. A tendency to be attracted to needy or deceptive people brings the risk of disappointment.

Secret affairs are possible, but so is the risk of exposure and scandal. Loving someone does not mean you have to sacrifice your own needs. Try not to over-idealize people, and ensure you place enough value on yourself and understand you deserve the best.

This is an excellent time to stand up for worthy causes and help those in need. You may feel obligated to care for an ill or aging loved one. But you mustn’t let your generosity be taken advantage of. And it is essential not to give more than you can afford. This transit is also associated with fame, glamour, intrigue, extravagance, addiction, envy, jealousy, and social anxiety.

Venus Quincunx Neptune Celebrities

Julie Gayet 0°01′, Harper Lee 0°02′, Christiaan Huygens 0°04′, Ebenezer Sibly 0°05′, Barbara Hutton 0°06′, William, Prince of Wales 0°07′, Naomi Campbell 0°12′, George Van Tassel 0°15′, Edgar Degas 0°18′, Nikki Bacharach 0°19′, Rosie O’Donnell 0°20′, Princess Alexandra of Hanover (1999) 0°24′, Arthur Rimbaud 0°26′, Romana Acosta Bañuelos 0°26′, Kitty Kelley 0°30′, Ernst Damzog 0°31′, Glen Campbell 0°33′, Yuri Gagarin 0°35′, Maggie Bell 0°35′, Stephen Foster 0°39′, Sirhan Sirhan 0°41′, Michael Moore 0°48′, Sachin Tendulkar 0°50′, Gordon Jackson 0°50′, Arsenio Hall 0°50′, Walt Disney 0°51′, Wayne Newton 0°52′, Laverne Cox 0°52′, Holly Parker 0°53′, Neil Bogart 0°59′, Jim Eisenreich 1°00′, Angelica Garnett 1°07′, Rod Ferrell 1°12′, Crispin Glover 1°12′, Kendrick Lamar 1°14′, Marc Edmund Jones 1°18′, Karl Marx 1°22′, Dora Maar 1°25′, Niall Horan 1°28′, Roy Orbison 1°34′.

Venus Quincunx Neptune Dates

July 15, 2023
July 30, 2023
October 3, 2023
November 30, 2023
August 4, 2024
September 21, 2024
September 20, 2025
November 6, 2025
July 13, 2026
September 15, 2026
October 21, 2026
December 6, 2026

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    • I have this at birth Neptune 20 Scorpio in 12 on my South Node and Venus 18 Aries in 5 I am a 27 Scorpio Rising. In my 40s I stopped all alchol and dissocaition that was an important step to reality and self love.

  1. I am natal venus neptune wide square but can relate to much of this. Remaining anonymous so true, but made me laugh for some reason. I suppose the dodging is what makes me smile in hind sight. Why would anyone want to make me big. Kinduv funny my dad was just a common man, but everyone thought he was rich and powerful. When he died, people thought I would be rolling in the dough. Say what? It’s like they missed the facts.

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