Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Naomi Campbell

The horoscope of Naomi Campbell is a stunning example of astrology explaining personal characteristics and also major events in the life. Naomi is well known for the long list of legal issues in her life, most commonly due to her aggressive physical attacks on other people. However now she is in the news for a much bigger issue, being forced to give evidence at a United Nations War Crimes Tribunal. It seems she accepted gifts of blood diamonds from the ex Liberian president, Charles Taylor. It is usually Naomi’s aggression that gets her into trouble. Mars is the agro planet and you can see in her chart that she has Mars square Pluto. This is the ultimate aspect for intense rage and hitting out physically at people who piss you off.

She also has Mercury conjunct Saturn which causes mental frustration and makes it difficult for her to talk about what is bugging her. Both Mercury and Saturn are on a fixed star in the Sea Monster called Menkar which is a Saturn natured star causing disgrace, many difficulties especially with Mercury, and selfishness and unhappiness to others when with Saturn. [1] The unhappiness Naomi has caused to others through her violent outbursts have nearly always involved women. She has assaulted her female assistants, housekeepers and even her mother. This is partly explained in the chart by the Fixed Star Toliman which is conjunct her Neptune and Midheaven. “Relationships to female persons often seem spoiled, or an existing relationship is stricken by exceptional circumstances”.

Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Naomi Campbell Horoscope

Neptune conjunct Midheaven does fit well with her glamorous career, as the Midheaven rules the career and Neptune is glamour, the stage and screen. But is also explains the controversies she gets tangled up in through misunderstandings and deception. Neptune on Toliman is associate with deceit and dishonesty, very Neptune characteristics and made even more strong with Sun opposite Neptune. I mentioned that the assaults on women were in part due to having Neptune and Midheaven on Toliman. The other big factor in the chart influencing this is Venus. Venus is women and Naomi’s Venus is extremely potent in the chart because it is the action point of a Yod aspect pattern to Neptune sextile Ascendant. This means that Venus issues are the main focus in her life, and this is the case with her calling, the image of beauty on the catwalk, selling beauty products, clothes and perfumes.

Venus is the strongest planet in the chart because of the Yod and it is strengthened further by being conjunct the brightest star in Orion, Betelgeuse, Orion Constellation, associated with fortune and wealth. With Venus it is associated with fine ornaments like jewelry. Venus is also associated with jewelry. When this latest drama in the courts hit her life, this Venus of hers was critically aspected. The Opposition of Saturn and Uranus in July was square her Venus. She was summoned a couple of weeks before the exact opposition, and testified a week or so after it.

In Vedic astrology, each planet is associated with a particular gemstone, and the stone for Venus is the diamond [1]. With Venus so strong in her chart it is not surprising that diamonds have caused such a crisis in her life, just as that Saturn Uranus opposition squared her Venus. The diamond is a symbol of Venus, and Naomi is also a symbol of Venus. She does seem to love wearing diamonds, even in court. Naomi is sure to stay in the headlines for a while yet. The September conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus squares her Venus, and the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse is conjunct her Venus, the action point of her Yod. The first half of 2011 should be a defining time in her life as she works to improve her tarnished image by doing what she does best, Venus love for fashion, music, film and charity.

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.176.
3. Planetary Gemology

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  1. Hi this is a great interpretation – love the connection between diamonds and Venus. And the fixed star connections, which are amazingly pertinent.

    I’ve been playing with her chart … when I see an exact time, on the hour, I always get a bit suspicious. My instinct looking at her, and the way her life is panning out, is that it’s a bit later, maybe even as much as half an hour. I think her AC is in Aquarius, not Capricorn -she’s absolutely a Sagittarius Midheaven. That would make her ruling planet Uranus in Libra – can that turn on electric charm when it wants to!

    I’m also inclined to think Sun Gemini firmly in the 3rd – she wants to be heard – (she did write a “novel” – or her ghost writer (Sun opposite Neptune!) did! And very possibly Mars in the 4th, not 5th, going by Liz Greene’s theory that whatever you bury in the cellar has a nasty habit of burrowing itself out and ending up on the front lawn. Mars in the 4th well known for buried anger I’m very inclined to put Neptune slightly further back in the 9th – deception and confusion through law – and the Moon nearer the Midheaven.

    I’ve had a play with the Sabian symbols too – her Venus on 30 Gemini “A Parade of Bathing Beauties before Large Beach Crowds”, Sun in Gemini “A Glass Bottomed Boat reveals undersea wonders” (strong allusions to glass there – being seen through glass, photographers’ lenses). Glass and diamonds?

    And her North Node “A Girl Blowing a Bugle”. She just has to draw attention to herself – that’s a very noisy degree of Pisces. I can’t help thinking that part of her life purpose is to find a quieter and gentler way of making a noise. That degree axis – 8 Virgo is “A Girl Taking Dance Instruction” – is very musical and I’m guessing those are past life gifts, a sense of self-discipline, practice makes perfect and being in tune with musical rhythm. All of which fits with modelling.

    I realise this theory throws out the possibility of a Yod involving her Ascendant, which I did find very persuasive because of the prominence of Venus, and the fixed star Toliman connection with the midheaven. But it’s still conjunct Neptune, which is clearly a very potent planet for her.

    It’s a longer post than I intended – I just loved playing with this one! Sorry if I’ve rocked the boat a bit!

    • @funkastrology yes, Diamonds Venus. Venus 4now is “trapped” between 2 malefics Mars & Saturn. Be interesting 2know what Faro’s chart says 2U

  2. @Jan
    Thanks for the compliment! I’m also wary when I see a birth time like this right on the hour. The time is from Astro Databank and is rated A meaning accurate, but is from a news source, so not AA.

    Sun opposite Neptune – ghost writer is great! Sabian symbols alway amaze me, just anopther layer of confirmation. Even without the AC making a Yod, that Venus quincunx Neoptune just describes her life so well, the glamour, fashion, stage and screen. And the diamonds! You would have seen CIA comment on our Facebook Page a bit earlier “the clouds on Neptune – sometimes rain Diamonds because they are full of Carbon”.

    I have been known to rock the boat on the odd occasion so you are in good company 😉

  3. My first impression of this chart was “look at all those late degrees!” I wouldn’t expect that.. but following what you have been writing concerning that maybe the signs, planetary rulers and these late degrees are not the focal points but rather the fixed stars and planetary relationships…

    I still looked and thought, because I have always thought of Astrology in a sense of Quantum Physics.. its the perspective of the user of the tool rather than the tool itself so this can influence our results. The free association within our mind, we will pick up on that which we can relate.. and I guess upon seeing the chart is, “wow look at those late degrees!”.

    then to bring to the mix I’m completely blind to the controversial side of Naomi Campbell and the conflicts she has involved herself with..But then my first impression when seeing the news about the trail concerning her testimony, I think, “my goodness, she has to be brave to be coming up to give testimony in this trail”

    I find it also odd that Jupiter is squaring the ASC of someone known for her “thinness”… as Jupiter does tend to “expand” upon what it touches. But your focus upon Yods are interesting. I will take my time and read this chart more carefully.. its an interesting combination.

    With that idea of diamonds in the mix.. the topic had come up concerning phonograph needles and industrial tools within my own home..with my son..but I do not own one single diamond outside of the dust on my grinding tools! (Diamonds? Venus? Perhaps my Mars/Sun/Venus conjunction makes me see a diamond of more a tool as well? I mean rather than an object of beauty.. remember, astrologers bring their PERSPECTIVE into the mix!!)

    Then my own dream I had the other day concerning DIAMONDS, which was really bizarre, in the dream there was a news story saying that because of their structure and purity (carbon) that diamonds harbored demonic spirits.. and in the dream I remember saying to people talking about this dream news cast, “isn’t it odd that something that many people have used as a symbol of purity within marriage, is being used by evil spirits..?”
    and they said to me.. “but you wear diamonds, don’t you..?” and actually I never in real life have, and looked at my hands, and I had a two rings I don’t own in real life.. one ruby and one emerald.. and I looked with them at the ruby and inside the stone I could see plants growing.. as though the gem itself was alive.. the stone was growing, and although my quandary was that the value of the stone as a gem was diminishing, I was fascinated by this little world of mini bromeliads cracking and expanding the inside of the stone.. and had to think, which is more important, the living quality or the value of it…

    Interesting thoughts Jamie, thank you for these ideas!

  4. Talking of Uranus – look at Naomi’s rx Uranus in libra (in the 8th) opp Aries Chiron (in the 2nd) – she healing issues around gifts?- that Uranus position in relation to present transits plus 3rd ho. Saturn conj Mercury in Taurus square 7th ho. Lilith in Leo make me think this lady has got it coming to her unless she comes clean………her 10th ho. Moon aspecting nodes and Chiron might have been her saving grace, carried her career, but, with complications as the Moon Jupiter mid-point is also square Lilith + Neptune conj MC opp Sun conj IC looks like a smoke screen covering buried intentions – shame she is so much in the public eye, its a powerful lens…….her calling I guess

    plus, case in point, birth time not withstanding, with all those late degrees a change of house system would probably change the whole picture?!

  5. @AlterEgoTrip Yeah I like those late degrees too. I wasn’t sure about anaretic degrees for a while because if you don’t use signs they shouldn’t really make any odds. They are supposed to be quite wild and unstable like a potion fermenting at the verge of changing. But I actually see proof of it all the time. They are very Uranian degrees I think. It goes with her pretty well and in a Yod too. Pretty explosive. She has that minefield look about her…

    That dream was wild by the way! Loved it.

  6. Pardon my candor – but I wonder how she could have gotten so rich and famous just for being an unbelievable bitch >?< I don't even see her as just being eccentric – she's unstable and volatile and yet has everyone eating from the palm of her hand. How does that happen? I just don’t' get it. I have no respect for people like her at all.

  7. @Parin Stormlaughter

    There are a few good books around but honestly Anne Wright’s website, Constellations of Words has all the interpretations from those books free for us all to use. All I ever do is look down the list of Once you find a star you have then the interpretations are there from those authors, plus you can click on the constellation and get further mythology and symbology which Anne has collated.

    These are the books which she has used:

    – Astronomica, Manilius, 1st century AD.
    – Star Names,Their Lore and Meaning, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889.
    – Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923.
    – Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928.
    – Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology, 1983.
    – The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, 1989.
    – Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George C. Noonan.

    • I looked up Constellation Of Words website but disagree its worth. Seems more like a tower of babel although i appreciate Anne Wright is trying to put together a database of association. For what its worth, I come out 99% score on language comprehension college entrance/ big maths disability/ majority of poetry baffles as pointless. This site made me overwelmed and confused after trying to untangle/intuit the meanings after looking at a few stars. There may be treasures in there but alsonalot of junk like any good flea-market. Although astrology is understood in the details- this does not neccessarily mean more than its original symbols are axioms. She says otherwise in her introduction when stating that modern astronomers JUST seemed to know exactly the name to choose for a newly found star off the top of their head from mythological lore!!!! I have two responses: alien races looking up at the stars and planets may well come to the same conclusions as us in the details but they may use different symbols just because they dont have rams, virgins, twins, scorpions and the like……on their planets.Ditto same mythology/s.Also i get nervous when i see quotes from ancient Greeks that indicate a mono God as trying to propogate her own bias. As she says, her data base is in the making and far from complete. Therefore why put that quote in there ( think this was when looking up Scorpios)The last thing you could associate with ancient Greeks was a mono-god and i suspect they had their agnostics on the quiet. There is a tendency for a belief in God to over-simplify in anycase. But actually my real problem with this site is it seems to hoard association to the point of distraction yet is far from complete

  8. I wonder how she could have gotten so rich and famous just for being an unbelievable bitch.

    Naomi does have aspects and stars in her chart which support being a bitch, but then she also has aspects and stars which support being famous and wealthy. She is living out her chart pretty well really. There are many cases of rich, influential, famous people who see as also having quastionable motives or morals.

  9. Loveit! I’ve been following this story in the news avidly. I met Charles Taylor when I was living in Liberia in the 80’s, he’s one mean Mr.Grinch. Mia Farrow and Campbell’s then-manager testified yesterday and contradicted Naomi’s version of the story, but Taylor’s prosecutors say they won’t charge her with perjury because she is peripheral to the war crimes trial. Great post!

  10. rob :

    with complications as the Moon Jupiter mid-point is also square Lilith + Neptune conj MC opp Sun conj IC looks like a smoke screen covering buried intentions

    This reinforces the Sun opposite Neptune I would think. Seems she is covering something up: “The attorney for former Liberian President Charles Taylor accused the former agent for supermodel Naomi Campbell of lying in her testimony at an international court Tuesday.” CNN.

  11. Jamie – I know what you’re saying and I believe that whole heartedly, but isn’t it “us” who makes people famous >?< What really does that say about who we are as a society and what does it speak about our morals and standards? Some questions will never have answers I suppose – at least not in this "dimension". Where do the laws of attraction fit into all of this. I get so confused….does this mean that no matter how many positive affirmations or good deeds that we say or do, if it's written in our chart – we will be hopelessly bound to being relatively good people but unknown and poor as dirt? I just don't get how it all fits in sometimes.

    • Many celebrities are a dart-board for people’s fantasy projections. She never seemed that nice to me even before she became notorious as a “bitch”. I could easily see her as an amazon warrioress in a furry bikini with a spear. Life can be tough and you would not expect marilyn monroe to save your butt if you put her on your team.

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