Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant Natal and Transit

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant maximum orb 8°00′.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant natal gives you the good fortune and personal freedom to develop your talents with little restraint. You are most likely a generous and optimistic person who is fun to be around. You like encouraging and helping others to develop their talents. You will generally get along with most people and enjoy open, honest relationships.

If your morals or sense of goodness are perverted, then you have the potential to succeed in evil deeds. Jupiter gives you the freedom and talent to achieve your hopes and wishes but does not pass judgment. It is essential to keep up high ethical standards and to respect the personal liberty and rights of others.

Happiness, contentment, wealth, and prosperity can come through abundant opportunities and good fortune. You might like to keep growing and learning through long-distance and foreign travel, higher education, spirituality or religion.

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant transit is a time of personal growth, material success, and beneficial new relationships. You should have more freedom to explore and enjoy new experiences. This is your time to have fun, but you do not have to neglect your responsibilities or feel guilty about it.

You will have more free time to travel far from home and explore foreign land and cultures. This is an excellent time to start a new course of study because you will want to expand your knowledge through learning and experience. There is no limit to what may interest you now, but Jupiter is mainly associated with the social sciences, geography, philosophy, law, business, faith and religion.

The Jupiter themes of growth and abundance also apply to your one-to-one relationships. Existing personal and business partnerships should go through a period of growth and good fortune. New people entering your life will be optimistic, making you feel the same.

Your friend or partner should also benefit from the relationship with win-win situations leading to greater trust and faith. You will learn and grow from others now. Wealthy people may help you materially, but you will also learn more tolerance and understanding by meeting poor people.

Don’t expect to find happiness and contentment by gambling your way through this transit. This is a time of goodwill, generosity, and charity. You will most likely enjoy good luck and increase your wealth during this period. However, greed, waste, selfishness, immorality or excessive pride will not bring happiness or personal growth.

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant Celebrities

Louise of Savoy 0°13′, James Degorski 0°22′, Dennis Nilsen 0°26′, Pete Townsend 0°28′, Lorde 0°29′, Denise Levertox 0°45′, Kurt Daleuge 0°47′, Heinrich Schütz 0°56′, Greta Garbo 1°04′, Holly Parker 1°16′, Pope Benedict XVI 1°21′, Dustin Hoffman 1°22′, The Astro Twins 1°23′, Johannes Brahms 1°25′, Jeff Green 1°34′, Reinhold Ebertin 1°42′, Jane Fonda 1°59′.

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  1. With strong Jupiter often comes strong ethics, morality, and empathy. Edgar Cayce most often referred to Jupiter as that of “universal consciousness”, “high, ennobling influence”, spiritual “strength”, and a desire to be of positive service to others (even at cost to self, which Dr. King epitomized, with both a very strong Jupiter and moderate Pisces).

  2. Also noted was a pattern of working with large amounts of people, whether as in groups or the general masses.

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