Sun Quincunx Jupiter Natal

Sun Quincunx Jupiter NatalSun quincunx Jupiter natal creates tension in relation to personal success in life. Pushing hard is a way to relieve the tension and this is why you can often appear lucky. However, by putting so much of yourself, your identity on the line, excess can cause problems in bad times through guilt or addiction.

You may go through long periods of unemployment but at other times be very successful. The buildup of tension can sometimes cause digestive or anxiety problems. You may have a feeling like there has to always be something more to life.

Sun Quincunx Jupiter Celebrities

George Peppard 0°06′ was difficult to work with and difficult to live with. During his career he went through long periods of unemployment. Here we see the exaggeration of Jupiter and the fickle nature of the quincunx, very successful at times, and then sometimes the polar opposite. He was a heavy smoker and drinker but conquered both addictions, relieving the tension and re-balancing his life.

Meryl Streep 0°11′ shows the tension of this aspect in her anxious persona, even developing an ulcer in her early career. Always pushing herself toward success, “I could do the easy thing and not have to go and kill myself each time. I don’t know why I do, but it’s the way I am.”

At the height of her tennis career, Chris Evert 0°55′ suffered an identity crisis, the buildup of tension had caught up, “I had just won tennis’ biggest tournament and was feeling awful. It was then I knew there had to be something more to life. My identity, my self-esteem, was defined by winning or losing.”

Other people with natal Sun quincunx Jupiter include Candice Bergen 0°18′, Lily Tomlin 0°55′, Tatum O’Neal 1°17′, Jeffrey Dahmer 1°18′, James Woods 2°10′, Bruce Lee 2°17′, John Lennon 2°34′.

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  1. So, does this mean, if you are just experiencing this as a very quick transit… you should NOT be pushing… hard… I recently have promoted my Astrology classes… and feel I have to keep pushing to be able to get my Astrology business off the ground… I am 59 years old… been studying since 1977 and have not ever been able to do this as a my main “job”… always had to do something else to make a living, with not enough time devoted to developing this as my real life’s work. It’s been a REAL slow build up…. just trying to set up the structure so that when I retire at 62 I will have it all set with some clients in the wings…. however… it is hard to put up with the hours I have to “give away” on a day job… I do not feel I have enough time to devote to my real work. I do a few charts a year…. maybe 6 -10 … always studying, however…. not just Astrology, but history, current events, I have a B.S in Psychology … extra credits in education … barely started my Masters… never been able to get off the ground…. People love to listen to me… when I talk about Astrology and …. some other subjects… my classes are supposed to start in April…. but… it’s so hard to be able to get enough people to make it work. So far …. I think I have ….. one.

  2. …. oh and yes, I have reviewed more than just that very, temporary transit…. guess I am just very frustrated in not being able to practice what I love… full time…. getting impatient. I am a Scorpio 29degres 59 mins… (oh yeah….)…. with a lot of Sag, Moon, rising, Saturn and Mercury… all there…. Been experiencing Pluto transiting my Venus in Capricorn for a good while now… (17 degrees) on my second house cusp…. mmmmmm

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