Mercury Square Neptune Natal and Transit

Mercury Square Neptune Transit

Mercury square Neptune maximum orb 4°00′.

Mercury square Neptune natal can have a strange effect on your mind. You see and sense the world through a different lens than anyone else, not the actual or factual world. This distorting influence of Neptune can harm your relationships. You can misunderstand others, and they can misunderstand you.

Yet you can also be a master of illusion and find great ways to express your ideas. Some will excel as tricksters or magicians, some as entertainers on the stage or screen, and some as science fiction writers. Music, art, and poetry are excellent ways to show off your creative talents and vivid imagination.

Confusion can enter into close relationships if you cannot learn to focus or concentrate on the basics of language. Keeping it simple will help significantly for regular human interaction. At the higher level, you do well, but at the ordinary level, such as giving and receiving instructions, you will need to develop stricter control over your mind. You may need professional advice when signing contracts or dealing with government and legal matters.

Because you are likely to be misunderstood much of the time, especially when young, you may develop insecurities of a mental or nervous nature. To cope, you may rely even more on your fantasies. You are very sensitive to criticism or rejection, so you must try to find other spiritual or artistic types to hang around.

It is also vitally important that you do not do anything which will exacerbate your sensitivities. These include becoming involved in lies, fraud or scandals, conspiracy theories, cults, or abusing drugs and alcohol.

Mercury Square Neptune Transit

Mercury square Neptune transit distorts your thinking, confusing and complicating discussions and business dealings. Even giving or receiving instructions can suffer from a lack of clarity and misinterpretation. If you must deal with any important business, government, or legal matters, seek professional advice or help from a trusted friend.

When dealing with family and friends, try to stick to the basics of communication. Your imagination and potential for deception can lead to sticky situations, which would only increase the level of confusion and insecurity that this transit brings. You really must avoid betrayal and scandal. Even little white lies could lead to significant embarrassment or the need for more convoluted cover-ups.

You are more susceptible to believing conspiracy theories or strange and extreme spiritual and religious views. You need to protect yourself against loan sharks or pushy salespeople. Psychic vampires may find holes in your aura, so stick to more practical activities for this transit, like music, dance, poetry, or creative writing. Drugs and alcohol are a big no-no.

Mercury Square Neptune Celebrities

Ramón Serrano Suñer 0°00′, Zenna Henderson 0°01′, Walther Wenck 0°02′, Dennis Hopper 0°03′, Garth Brooks 0°05′, Bettie Page 0°22′, Jacques Hadamard 0°25′, Colette 0°25′, Shirley Manson 0°26′, Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor 0°31′, Miles Davis 0°36′, Wallace Clement Sabine 0°38′, Virginia Mae Brown 0°45′, Anne Murray 0°46′, Thomas Savage 0°48′, Maurice Gibb 0°51′, Aaron Spelling 0°53′, Robin Gibb 0°53′, Mel Gibson 0°53′, Jim Bakker 0°55′, Napoleon II 1°04′, Jack Parsons 1°06′, Aaron Spelling 1°06′, Bobby Darin 1°08′, Brody Jenner 1°10′, Martinus Thomsen 1°10′, Compton MacKenzie 1°13′, Jean-Claude van Itallie 1°17′, Gérard Depardieu 1°18′, Bruce Scofield 1°18′, Cat Stevens 1°22′, Jim Carrey 1°26′, Amber Heard 1°30′, Louis Huber 1°40′, Audrey Hepburn 1°43′, Bob Dylan 1°54′.

Mercury Square Neptune Dates

January 8, 2024
June 17, 2024
January 6, 2025
June 9, 2025
January 1, 2026
June 3, 2026
December 26, 2026

35 thoughts on “Mercury Square Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Once again, Jamie, you’ve unearthed a complex, sophisticated aspect. Have got this in my natal and it is spot on. Thanks-

    • A psychic vampire is someone who sucks all your positive energy and leaves you feeling weak or depressed. They often do this by discussing horrible subjects of a personal nature like sexual abuse and such things.

      • I have this aspect in my chart and my whole life I’ve had these “psychic vampires” getting me down. Being quite a sympathetic person, they’ve been blood thirsty with me! I had to get rid of one of these friends recently. She just made me feel down every time I saw her. I’ve been making quite a few comments on the website recently, because I’m learning deeper into my natal chart. It can be a bit painful, facing yourself with the truth about certain aspects in your natal chart (like Venus Square Saturn), but it’s a necessary reality one has to deal with if we want to heal, change and grow.

      • I’m realizing every time I talk to my sister on the phone I feel completely depleted/ depressed after. It’s tricky becs. we are quite close, but live far apart, so phone conversations are how we connect. But there is always…I emphasize always…a tragedy she tells me abt. Most frequently it’s abt. a funeral or some one who’s dying from some awful disease. Takes me hrs, sometimes days, to recoup. Have decided to call maybe once every 3-4 wks. instd. of weekly. Astrologically, I’ve got Neptune conj. my ASC and a 12th Hs. Moon, so I soak everything up. Hard, though, to pull back when vampire is someone you love. Thank you for confirming my experience. i’ve got Merc. sq. my Neptune tomorrow 😀

  2. Jamie, I have Mercury sq a retro Neptune in my natal and Neptune is in Sagittarius 11′ 13′..(where Mars is retro) and with this square Im afraid..from what I don’t know… but this all sounds ominous to me… Does this configuration implies difficulties ahead or harsh lessons?
    Not necessarily or depending on other configurations in the chart?
    Many thanks, Coliberi

    • Not so much lessons as danger of deception so take no risks with negotiations or contracts. Mars Rx on your Neptune suggests extra care with medications, drugs, and square Mercury travelling.


  4. Donald Trumps behavior illustrates a Mercury square Neptune condition: He creates his own reality or in other words lives in a dream world with an unbalanced mind. A very dangerous situation for America as a fool who is delusional and in a powerful position poses a danger for the whole world. He will be faced with more pressures and might just lose it completely. Mercury square Neptune I find always poses an irrational or insane min along with lying.

  5. Here’s one I’m having difficulty with & no one seems to be able to definitively answer. I’ve lost something incredibly important. It would place in the 2nd house. I have Neptune conjunct Chiron in the 2nd w/Pisces, however, Mercury square Neptune and Chiron trines Fortuna. The contradiction is difficult to interpret. I’d appreciate any feedback!

  6. I’ve got this one, go figure. The orb is 5°Applying. Ive “calculated” that Neptune is becoming important at this time in my life, and for the next 7 years. My dreams are becoming more complex, with better waking outcomes, ie not nightmares. Mercury is generally weak in my life, the square is between the 4th and 7 house, angular.

    In Tracy Marks book, The Astrology of Self Discovery, she mentions when Neptune transit Squared Mercury, she began to make mistakes calculating charts. She fixed this by using a computer service.

    This is what she says: “Because my creative and Spiritual energies were beginning to awaken, I began to use role playing, dialoguing and visualization techniques in my class. Neptune was transiting my 12th house at the time…and as I became more attuned to its energies. I was also inspired to write my 12th house book.”

    So if you have this Square, either by transit or natal, perhaps look where Neptune is transiting to Cope. With me, I have Neptune transiting the 8th house, With Donald Trump, Neptune is transiting his 7th.

  7. Very interesting aspect, since the transiting Mercury, which went retro in Pieces makes a lot of aspects all over my chart, both harmonious and difficult. Talking about Mercury-Neptune, the transiting Mercury in retrograde in Pieces squares my natal Neptune (which is also retrograde) in Sagittarius at 29°, which is on the cusp of 7th and 8th houses. Moreover transiting Mercury in Pieces conjuncts my natal Black Lilith in Pieces at 29° on the cusp of 10th and 11th houses. Concomitantly the transiting Uranus, which has just entered Taurus (in my 12th house), trines my natal Mercury at 0°(which is retrograde on the cusp of 4th and 5th houses) in Virgo and opposes my Pluto in Scorpio at 0°, which is on the cusp of 5th and 6th houses. From the very beginning of the transit i have felt a lot of mental activity, insecurities, fears, doubts, mostly related to ‘me-others’ relationships, my abilities, my wishes, my feelings, my trust. Everything used to take place in my own head, sometimes without even talking to somebody about it. Sometimes it was hard for me to see the outcome of my own thoughts on a certain situation, then during the night it happened to have dreams, which indicated that there is a solution i am not aware of. I had a lot of fears related to what i want, think, feel, desire and what others want, say, think, feel on the same subject from my life. I spent a lot of mental energy on these topics and then finally i came to the conclusion that if i feel so, this is right for me, if they feel so, it is right for them, and everybody is happy! I decided that my dreams matter, that my feelings matter, that my choices are correct, because my gut was just screaming out there ‘listen to me, listen to me’ and i tried to ignore it, just because somebody else, more experienced, said that they see things differently. I lied to myself and ignored my feelings, which led to a huge a huge inner conflict, distress and irritation. At this moment i also felt a need to escape from these obsessive thoughts through alcohol (i drink just occasional, when being out or celebrating something), while during this time i used to drink a glass or two alone at home and it was very weird for me. But i managed to find the middle ground (just around the time Uranus was in the last degree of Aries and it started to challenge my Pluto and Mercury went stationary and then retro) and discerned that if i feel something i will not ignore it, and if somebody feels somehow different on the same subject, i will not talk them out of it. It is so difficult to deal with, but after i set boundaries, i felt this transit as a blessing. Because now i can attune to some energies that i couldn’t have attuned in a state of stressed mind and alcohol escapism finished as well, although the transit hasn’t finished yet. I am not an astrologer, i am an amateur.

  8. I have seen in natal charts, again and again, that the traditional interpretation of

  9. of Mercury square Neptune being an indication of lies misses the mark widely. I know it to indicate instead persons who are wrongly assumed/believed to be lying. There is a real element of the neptunian victim/victimizing with this aspect as well.

    • And, if/when Pluto or the eighth house is involved, there is a likelihood of a witch hunt phenomenon.

      Jamie’s description, especially the notes about of being misunderstood, is very accurate. I was glad that he provides a nuanced and thoughtful analysis of this aspect.

      Too often, it is dangerously dispensed with as being indicative of a liar.

      But I find consistently that Mercury square Neptune is not a reliable marker of dishonesty, and, because to wrongly accuse an innocent person of lying can be devastating to them, I feel compelled to share this caveat with fellow astrology folks.

  10. I’m checking out my solar return chart for next month and it has this aspect within a degree. I am hoping to launch a visionary project in the coming year which will involve a LOT of communication, explaining, selling the idea.

    Is this aspect going to help me or are folks going to think I’m straight up delusional?

  11. “They often do this by discussing horrible subjects of a personal nature like sexual abuse”

    I just wanted to hard disagree that sexual abuse is of a personal nature. Predators generally target multiple people and when peeps who have experienced abuse are regualarly silenced or conned into believing these subjects are personal, we all lose.

    My hope for the world is that all who have been abused find their voices and speak, not for the purpose of “suck[ing] all your positive energy” but in order to daylight widespread abuse, thus clearing shame, protecting others, and healing ancestral lineages.

    With love and blessings for all.

    This has been a PSA from your friendly recoving Catholic (a/k/a/ “the largest child rape organization in the history of the world”)

  12. Is this post accurate? We had this square on the 6th. I know we are dancing backward and the third hit is coming..idk I’m just confused..My natal mars is conjunct neptune..

    • Sorry about the confusion, there are 3 squares because of Mercury retrograde:
      May 22, June 5, and July 6, 2021.

      I had June 9 in error. It was June 5 New York time, June 6 in Australia, India and Asia.

  13. How long do we feel the effect of this square? And do will it be pretty much non-stop because of the dates being in such close proximity?

    Thanks again

    • Mercury square Neptune stays within a two-degree orb from May 25 to June 9, climaxing on May 22 and June 5.

  14. Mercury 8Cancer 9th house, Quincunx Neptune 8 Scorpio 1st house, reading this, Please dont let me be misunderstood, comes to mind 😉

    • the qunicunx in relation to your explanation of the square that is.

  15. “You are more susceptible to believing conspiracy theories or strange and extreme spiritual and religious views. You need to protect yourself against loan sharks or pushy salespeople. Psychic vampires may find holes in your aura so stick to more suitable activities for this transit, like music, dance, poetry, or creative writing. Drugs and alcohol are a big no-no.”

    an X flare, a peacock in California, the two year anniversary of the Ridgecrest EQ, the general Opposition atmosphere with the Winter heavyweights. A hostile internet environment. Lone? defender of the inscrutable political artwork. Along comes the topic thread, Mercury sq Neptune, to close out the post New Gold Standard Mercury rx cycle. Check this weeks market for direction.

  16. Mercury and Neptune are rulers of mutable signs. There is a duality associated with both these signs Gemini and Pisces. Gemini is symbolised by twins. Neptune by 2 fish swimming in opposite directs. This duality comes out in the Mercury square Neptune aspect. Things are not as they appear. Neptune disolves. It can be subtle and deceptive. People can have alterior motives that are not in your interests. Business deals can lead to loss in more ways than financially. Disintegration. Play safe and wait patiently (saturn). All difficult aspects pass in time. Forewarned is forarmed.

  17. Jonathan – astrology is not a tool to prevent the EGO from necessary changes. You can try to handle things the way you described BUT the processes you want to avoid with saturn can come back to you or undermine your walls unconsciously…so you can never be shure if you can defend yrself from these trans-saturnian energies.. these energies you also can call “destiny”in the end universe/”god” controls you and not the other way around… so you never have total control about life…

  18. Btw. neptune in 3rd house / mercury in 12 house corresponds here.—IF you use houses…

  19. Paul, neptune-mercury is NOT only about lies, fake news and conspiracy theories… There is an objective TRUTH behind all things i guess… but every individual can only see a part pf it through own eyes… imho…

  20. Hi jonathan again – you had interesting thoughts about the dual signs twins and pisces. This is also a hint on esoteric/universal law of polarity which was the god janus of the old romans. So with mercury- neptune you have the polorarity of truth and lies i.e. The duality of fog and clearness etc

  21. And Paul what will be the “new gold standard” in your honest opinion ??? 🤔🤔🤔

  22. Psychic vampires. I must have a sign on my forehead they can see or feel. They have literally sucked the life out of me. Over 40 yrs, 2 MeToo boyfriends & a couple of friends. I’m not stupid but their true colours aren’t revealed until they have you emotionally by the throat without you quite realising. I escaped finally to another state. Chronic health for 12yrs, last 4yrs peripheral endless sagas trickle down effect, to do with owners children of this rural property i rent on. Currently no running water since May due to fued. I’m a great tennant. Can’t afford to move. The last 2yrs, neighbour who rents 35m away, noise torture, endless with a few weeks respite between each new noise torture of guinea fowl then roosters. Have tried the authorities, confrontation, mediation via a mutual friend. She’s a “princess” manipulative & clearly brain dead or knocks herself out every night. Rooster crows in total up to 40 times over a few hours. This gentle, kind thoughtful person has almost gone. My neighbour has provoked such vivid violence in my mind I’ve never had before, even towards the 2 horrid decades of MeToo boyfriends! I now understand how gentle folk can be driven to commit violence when such individuals & authorities don’t give a toss. My too often comment or thought now is, I hate people & it’s a good thing oz doesn’t have easy gun access. Cruelty & indifference has increased significantly in the world imo & my life is like a micro version. So tired & bored of it all.

  23. Comparing two Mercury Sq Neptune aspects, July 2021 and January 2024. In the chart they are seen as the T-Square. A good benchmark with comment on July 5, 2021 to set the scene…

    Sun and Moon triggered sesqui-square, to illuminate (fire), a control burn, grand fire trine. Saturn at the apex of hedonic kite. Like the guy on the holiday beach, make -it-so, fantasy Hollywood leader, playing with the pyro -technics. Ready, camera, action, wrap, credits. Or he or she, Saturn, online, burning on Saturn-Jupiter Art, could be up in hackles, or just chillin, bait and switch, interesting week ahead.

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