Jupiter Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

Jupiter Opposite Midheaven Transit

Jupiter opposite Midheaven maximum orb 7°00′.

Jupiter opposite Midheaven natal suggests you had a good childhood, and your parents were very supportive. Education would have been necessary to your parents or one parent, and you may have been exposed to different cultures, philosophies, and beliefs. Consequently, you should be emotionally well-balanced, self-confident, and family-oriented. Naturally broad-minded and liberal, you are a generous and cheerful person. You are also very hospitable and should enjoy entertaining friends at home.

This aspect gives respect for tradition and customs because they offer emotional support and make you feel grounded. You should have fond memories of your childhood home. You may try to make your own home similar to your parents or based on similar values and beliefs. And you are likely to travel, perhaps extensively, possibly for your career or because of a partner. You may even move overseas to live a better life with more opportunities to reach your full potential. But wherever you eventually settle down, your home will be a safe place that makes you feel safe when the outside world becomes too stressful.

Your home is likely pleasant and very comfortable. You probably prefer a large house with ample room to grow a large family. Open space is essential because you would hate to feel cramped or confined. You may need to extend your home or buy extra land because you tend to accumulate possessions. Owning your own home would give you incredible contentment and satisfaction. You will do what you can to make your home a happy and supportive environment with minimal restrictions and boundaries.

Jupiter Opposite Midheaven Transit

Jupiter opposite Midheaven transit is a time of growth and good fortune for your home and family. You may buy your first home, some land, or investment property. Another possible form of expansion would be renovating or redecorating your home or moving to a bigger house. You may start planning a family or welcome a new child. However, downsizing or selling a home would be difficult now because you want to feel settled and secure. It would be hard to let go of something you are so emotionally attached to that you feel nostalgic or sentimental about. You want to feel comfortable with room to move so you can enjoy life.

This is an excellent time to invite a family member or friend to stay for a while. Another way to share your hospitality would be to host a big celebration and ensure your guests have an enjoyable and memorable time. You should feel generous, especially to those closest to you. Your parents or children may help you feel supported and valued. Fond memories of your childhood could also boost your sense of well-being.

Positive karma you earned in the past may manifest now as good luck, wealth, happiness and success. This is a time to expand your foundations to build security, confidence, and strength. You should invest your time, energy, and resources into your home and family to increase your comfort level. The emotional security you build during this phase of inner growth will lead to prosperity and success in your professional and public life in about six years at your Jupiter conjunct Midheaven transit.

Jupiter Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

Thomas Tycho 0°01′, George Bowering 0°05′, Tracy Caulkins 0°08′, Jack Russell 0°09′, Georges Simenon 0°29′, Jayne Mansfield 0°35′, Marcel Proust 0°38′, Olivia Newton-John 0°46′, Emmett Till 1°00′, O. J. Simpson 1°02′, Danielle Egnew 1°02′, Chris Carter 1°08′, Nicolas Cage 1°13′, George Eliot 1°08′, Lionel Mesi 1°17′, Catherine, Princess of Wales 1°58′, Louis Braille 2°06′, James Joyce 2°17′, Steve Earle 2°28′, Mick Jagger 2°40′, Kathy Bates 2°42′.

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