Saturn Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

Saturn Opposite Pluto Transit

Saturn opposite Pluto maximum orb 5°30′.

Saturn opposite Pluto is a significant planetary aspect that occurs on average every 34 years. People born from 1965-1966 and 2001-2003 share this challenging aspect. Saturn opposite Pluto next occurs from 2035-2036.

Natal Saturn Opposite Pluto

Saturn opposite Pluto natal exposed you to the darker side of human nature from an early age. Although you may not be born into poverty and hardship, you may see it around you and be deeply touched by it. Perhaps religious or political extremism or the destructive forces of nature scarred your early years.

Racism, violence, bullying, a strict parent, or lack of emotional support may lead to teenage disillusionment and social estrangement. A belief that your parents, teachers and other authority figures were deliberately working against you could have developed into a paranoid anti-establishment attitude. Frustration would have quickly transformed into an oppositional, belligerent and argumentative nature.

Instead of fighting the system or trying to control and dominate, push beyond the battle of opposites in your mind. You are a serious and sometimes intimidating person, but you can transform your view of the world. Realizing that life is more a continuum of change will lead to a more cooperative approach, achievement, and success.

Your search for individuality, meaningfulness, and truth could lead to an exploration of the occult and supernatural. However, it would be best if you were careful to avoid using any spiritual power to try and influence other people. Also, understand that any feeling of self-confidence or ability from the effects of drugs is temporary, and wielding your power has karmic consequences.

Saturn Opposite Pluto Transit

Saturn opposite Pluto transit is a challenging and demanding time of life. Financial pressure from taxes or loan repayments may force you to economize or downsize. Heavy responsibilities, rules, laws, or institutions and authorities may restrict your ability to make choices.

Years of hard work may be at stake as forces outside your control dictate your life’s direction. Patience, endurance, and strength of spirit are needed during this test of personal self-mastery. Time is running out to make up for past mistakes, and your karmic credit is being tallied, and fate will determine your outcome.

Over recent years, abuse of power, controlling or manipulative behavior, violence or cruelty would be a reason to feel guilty and fearful. This transit may manifest enemies, defeats, and losses. If so, an evolutionary leap would be forced on you as you turn to the spiritual, more than the material, for your sense of security.

Even if you have been doing good by others, this may still be a time of endings as you are forced to focus on only the things most important to you. But at least you can have faith that by doing so, everything will fall into place before too long.

Saturn Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Cheiro 0°01′, Toni Morrison 0°09′, Della Reese 0°13′, Osho 0°15′, Harindranath Chattopadhyay 0°48′, Linda Perry 0°51′, Alexandre Dumas 0°53′, Heinrich Caro 0°55′, James Dean 1°03′, Victor Hugo 1°32′, Ernest Hemingway 1°39′, John Galsworthy 1°46′, Charlie Sheen 1°54′, Atsuko Ikeda 1°55′, René Magritte 2°04′, Trent Reznor 2°10′, Robert Downey, Jr. 2°17′, Rupert Murdoch 2′17′.

Saturn Opposite Pluto Dates

23 April 1965
17 August 1965
19 February 1966

05 August 2001
02 November 2001
25 May 2002

17 October 2035
01 January 2036
27 July 2036

17 October 2068
10 April 2069
02 August 2069

9 thoughts on “Saturn Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. I have transiting Saturn opposite my natal Mars AND Pluto in Leo . Mars in Taurus is also just past my natal Taurus sun 23 degrees. I already have a natal fixed t square so everyone welcomed jup/sat moving into Aquarius, I preferred them in cap. Conjunct my 28 degree asc., (intercepted by Aqua. Very little info on this!) but Uranus Taurus Conjunct my Mercury 4 deg. Taurus has been great. I’m almost 75 & health wise (sat in cancer in 6th) I’m trying to hang in there. My gramma was prof astrologer I never met, I’m just a student. Ty so much helping educate our studies! U, Martin schulman & Pam Gregory my teachers.

  2. Hi Trina I have saturn T. Oppose natal pluto and progressed in leo. Its also returning to my Aquarius moon at same time. So psychism or trespasses and taboos have all come into play affecting my 10th community. Status. . Opposing fourth family $ values and all that. It has been serious IS – my health holding but for kidney. But its interesting how he says it may force a turn to the spiritual as it would be a second time. Last time was 2003. 8 yrs ago. Only no great $ troubles thanks to my mom. She was the strength of our family. I also read pluto opposition’s unpleasant times. Yes.

  3. So if Astrodienst is right with the data, Putin will have this exact transit (0 degrees) in the start of March. Since he is the president and there’s no one above him to punish him, would death be a possibility?

    • I have been looking at that transit too. I think it means that he will no longer be able to ignore the fact that his ambitions for power and control (pluto on MC) are opposed by reality – Saturn (fierce Ukrainian resistance, economic sanctions, condemnation of his aggression by almost the entire world) – whether this will lead to his immediate demise or whether he will become even more dogged – we will see. But as he has a Neptune square Mars transit coming up, I think his days in power will be up soon.

  4. Hahahaha. I’m here because I currently have this in my progressed chart. Concise summary; can confirm.

  5. I’m finishing this transit. Astrodienst says hold on. Pluto Saturn hard aspects are very nerve racking to say the least. Unexpected challenges to what you’re building up.
    Next is Uranus oppose Saturn gaining sextile ascendant and sextile sun.
    Looks like change in the winds.
    After Saturn s transit through Aquarius , I believe I’m ready for some Uranus. It hit 2 T squares .
    I rely on swimming dance to keep it together.

    Lock down it seemed to produce some major changes in my life.
    I’m ready for also Jupiter to hit my fourth house for a year😊

  6. I have an Astro friend ! Oh my. She looking forward to Jupiter to her sun and Pisces Venus. She got Covid.
    What a let down.

    It seems during lockdown all the good transits went flat. Something noticed.

  7. Something reportable. Transit Saturn hs 12 is moving into an opposition with my natal Pluto conjunct DC. At the same time Transit Pluto is within a 1 degree orb of my natal Saturn. I do actually have a very clear conscience, however am feeling decidedly uneasy – a close family friend died 14 years ago. Will return.

  8. I have the same thing JL.
    Saturn transit opposite natal Pluto.
    Pluto transit conjunct natal Saturn.

    Chart set for 29 February 2024

    Additionally, the mundane Saturn conjuncts Sun and Mercury, a stellium complimentary to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Mercury, Mars, Pluto.

    The synthesis of Saturn-Pluto, help me count the ways….

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