Sun Quincunx Saturn 10 June 2019

Sun Quincunx Saturn NatalSun quincunx Saturn in the natal chart manifests as a difficult balancing act between the self-esteem, the ego, and heavy feelings of responsibility and self-discipline. Gaining self-respect and the respect of others though achievement in the career is often important to maintaining a healthy balance of these energies. Generally these people are very self-reliant and reserved, but can swing between this sober maturity and reckless disregard.

As the quincunx is an aspect of health, and Saturn can be sad and lonely, when the balance tips, it can lead to low self-esteem and depression. If this occurs it may be difficult for these people to regain the inner confidence without relying on a crutch which is often found with addictions.

Sun Quincunx Saturn Celebrities

John Belushi (0°20′) was a contradictory character, a comedian, writer, actor and artist. In his private life he was lazy and very quiet yet with a real temper that could turn into rage in a matter of seconds. His rapid success and many achievements did not seem to compensate for his insecurities, being very insecure about his weight and scared of being alone. After six years at the top of his field, he died of a drug overdose.

Natalie Cole (0°24′) has also spent a lot of her adult life battling drug addiction, despite having a nurturing upbringing and successful career. After some time in a rehabilitation clinic, she realized her self doubts and uncertainties had led to her problems in her personal and professional life.

Clint Eastwood (0°48′) is an example of how determination and hard work overcomes the difficulties of this aspect. He came from hardship and fought every inch of the way. As a boy he was introverted and relied on himself, and this still comes through in  the characters he play in his films.

Others include David Icke (0°18′) and astrologer Jessica Adams (01°28′).

5 thoughts on “Sun Quincunx Saturn 10 June 2019

  1. i’m glad to finally realize that the quincunx is a health aspect because it makes ALL the difference in the world tome and the decisions that I make from now on. Thank God for astrology.

  2. Sooo true.. I always felt a need to proove myself -worth.
    My sun taurus 7th house and saturn in libra R in 11th house.
    Looking back at my life (im 34 now), ive jumped into things, clubs, friends just to be part of it (that didnt work). In depression I miss relationships (or “think” suicidal). In addiction I can feel a “false” sense of self-worth, but don’t honor my body.
    My moon in libra helps me.. it depends on my mood if I feel like socializing.
    Depression or sadness is also Creative energy.
    I also have chiron in 7th house and mercury in gemini in 7th. My mercury is also inconjunct with my jupiter in scorpio R 12th house.
    My MC is in Leo 12th house with only a fixed star regulus 29* 35… don’t know what that means yet.
    Im still learning about astrology.

  3. I follow your posts with much pleasure and appreciation. It looks as if this post was somehow truncated and is currently missing its sections regarding “Transit” as well as “Dates.” Hope to see them soon.

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