Sun Quincunx Saturn Natal and Transit

Sun Quincunx Saturn

Sun quincunx Saturn maximum orb 4°00′.

Sun quincunx Saturn natal, also called Sun inconjunct Saturn, creates an imbalance between free self-expression and a heavy sense of responsibility. Continually struggling to fulfill your needs without neglecting your obligations can lead to great inner tension. If the balance tips too far in one direction, a crisis involving your self-confidence, physical or mental health, career, or a significant relationship can develop.

You are generally self-reliant and reserved but can swing between this sober maturity and reckless disregard. By placing too much emphasis on your own needs and desires, you would tend to neglect yourself in other ways. Being free to enjoy yourself means something else has to suffer, including your job, partner, kids, or self-worth.

You may have numerous casual and serious relationships of varying lengths and intensity over your life, some of which may overlap. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and other destructive behaviors are possible. They may be a way of punishing yourself for being irresponsible, but there could also be other causes.

Low self-esteem may also arise from an overly strict, critical, or absent father. Too much discipline and responsibility as a child can also result in a strong dislike of authority and tradition. Feeling discouraged, unsupported, lonely, and generally unworthy leaves you open to being taken advantage of in many ways.

Without self-respect, you are likely to become shy. Others will sense this weakness as you do not place boundaries and defenses around your ego. An inability to say no because of a lack of self-assertion would see you take on unnecessary responsibilities. This could easily lead to physical and mental exhaustion while neglecting your duties. The resulting self-loathing is yet another path to mental illness and self-destructive behaviors.

Although you may sometimes be inconsistent, you work well under pressure. You do have the determination and perseverance to come back from adversity. You may need to overcome loss, hardship, and suffering to mature and reach your full potential. But it does not have to be this way. Self-abuse or abuse by others only happens if you remain fearful and allow it to happen.

The key to conquering Sun quincunx Saturn is responsibility. Attend to the most immediate and vital matters in life first, and do not procrastinate. Do not do more than you have to do, especially for others. Ignore the competition, ignore the critics, don’t apologize, and follow your path.

Hard work, self-discipline, and self-restraint will eventually lead to greater confidence, personal freedom, self-expression, and pride. Gaining self-respect and the respect of others comes through achieving personal and career goals.

Sun Quincunx Saturn Transit

Sun quincunx Saturn transit creates an imbalance between what you want to do and what you must do. Certain restrictions and obligations may hamper your freedom or self-expression.

The mix of freedom versus restriction is likely to change. So it is essential to be flexible, adaptable, and open-minded as you adjust to greater or fewer responsibilities or barriers to progress. Hard work, patience, self-restraint, and self-discipline are also needed.

You may have to take time off work because of an illness or to look after a sick family member. As a result, your career may suffer. On the other hand, extra responsibilities may be placed on you at work, meaning you must miss out on something important in your personal life.

Previous mistakes or misdeeds may catch up with you and lead to sadness, loneliness, separation, guilt, worry, or fear. You may experience disappointment because of a lack of results or recognition for previous hard work. You may face criticism or abuse, miss out on a job application or promotion, or be held back.

An imbalance may also arise between your goals and the expectation of others. This can lead to disagreement between you and an authority figure like a parent, teacher, or boss.

Feeling constantly torn between competing responsibilities can also lead to increasing tension. In extreme cases, it may all seem like too much to bear, or overwork could lead to physical exhaustion or illness. Finding a compromise is difficult, but even minor adjustments may restore balance. Avoid wasting valuable time by procrastinating. Take one thing at a time and focus on your most crucial responsibility first.

This is certainly no time to be neglecting your responsibilities. If you ignore essential matters at this time, they will catch up with you in a more significant way down the track. Pay your debts, and do not take on more debt. Do not take on more responsibility than you need to.

Sun Quincunx Saturn Celebrities

Maurice Utrillo 0°06′, Gordon Brown 0°08′, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 0°11′, David Icke 0°13′, Coretta Scott King 0°16′, John Belushi 0°19′, Natalie Cole 0°23′, Lauren Hutton 0°23′, Annie Besant 0°25′, Winona Ryder 0°27′, Anton Mussert 0°30′, Achmed Sukarno 0°36′, Algernon Swinburne 0°41′, Max Ernst 0°43′, Bob Fosse 0°45′, Clint Eastwood 0°47′ Sandra Bernhard 0°47′, Halsey 0°51′, Martha Graham 0°59′, Louis Armstrong 0°59′, Liz Renay 1°01′, Robert Watson-Watt 1°01′, Jerry Lee Lewis 1°02′, David Gest 1°03′, Madeline of Scotland 1°05′, Auberon Waugh 1°06′, Huw Edwards 1°16′, Alec Douglas-Home 1°17′, Louis XII of France 1°17′, Jessica Adams 1°28′, Pauline Hanson 1°28′, Michael Nesmith 1°31′, Maureen Connolly 1°31′, Ricky Martin 1°33′.

Sun Quincunx Saturn Dates

September 12, 2022
July 29, 2023
September 24, 2023
August 10, 2024
October 6, 2024
August 23, 2025
October 19, 2025
September 5, 2026
November 1, 2026

16 thoughts on “Sun Quincunx Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. i’m glad to finally realize that the quincunx is a health aspect because it makes ALL the difference in the world tome and the decisions that I make from now on. Thank God for astrology.

  2. Sooo true.. I always felt a need to proove myself -worth.
    My sun taurus 7th house and saturn in libra R in 11th house.
    Looking back at my life (im 34 now), ive jumped into things, clubs, friends just to be part of it (that didnt work). In depression I miss relationships (or “think” suicidal). In addiction I can feel a “false” sense of self-worth, but don’t honor my body.
    My moon in libra helps me.. it depends on my mood if I feel like socializing.
    Depression or sadness is also Creative energy.
    I also have chiron in 7th house and mercury in gemini in 7th. My mercury is also inconjunct with my jupiter in scorpio R 12th house.
    My MC is in Leo 12th house with only a fixed star regulus 29* 35… don’t know what that means yet.
    Im still learning about astrology.

  3. I follow your posts with much pleasure and appreciation. It looks as if this post was somehow truncated and is currently missing its sections regarding “Transit” as well as “Dates.” Hope to see them soon.

  4. June 21, 2020 first aspect

    This is Jamie pinging us on Cosmogenesis

    Saturn 00Aqr040
    Solar Eclipse 00Can021

    Note: Asteroid Mathesis is is more Precise, 00Aqr024

    Sharpen the hatchet before you disembark, and report.

  5. 0’Cancer Sun, Saturn at 29′ Capricorn….and taking into account that Saturn is in the Sign of its rulership as as well… you’re telling me, oh the stories I could tell, if it weren’t for the fact “it is of a private nature”: and I will not betray those confidences other than having sought help to address them through “the correct channels” 🙂

    • also one of the biggest “side effects” I have had to learn to manage, is constantly feeling guilty regardless of whether I actually am or not, but then I think my 12th house Libra moon is inclined to add a heightened sensitive to that score as well

          • ultra sensitive to lies and deceit and the power to create havoc if I allow it to darken my mood too much? Or at least that is how I experience it, I am very loyal and can be trusted to enjoy my freedom, without betraying another, that is all I ever ask in return? Apparently that it too much to ask and according to those who have done so “no one is that honest and trustworthy so I am expecting to much from those I love” and yet I know I am and am not alone in that, because I have met others “like me”, so who’s fooling who? It would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

            • I sense it is my vesta in Pisces that keeps me only ever doing anything in good conscience even merely contemplatin not keeping my conscience clear gives me the screaming heeby geebies lol! Not competitive will not play that game even if my life is at stake.

  6. Which isnt to say I am perfect or think I am or dont make mistakes I most certainly do, indeed often quoted as admitting much of the wisdom I have gained is through learning from the many mistakes I have made.

  7. I think it helped to complete a very harsh Chiron return, also in Pisces and opposite Pluto in Virgo, a few years ago now, that helped me clarify that? and also to see more clearly how it is all connected?

  8. My Saturn is also rx, thus I have found the only way for me to work with it, is to ensure I offer to do something to be of service in my area of service, which for the most part seems to be health and healing, simply for the love of it and not be offended if the offer isnt accepted, and find another way or another place where it is well received, without making a song and dance about it.Works for me anyway lol!

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