Moon Trine Venus Natal and Transit

Moon Trine Venus Transit

Moon trine Venus maximum orb 7°00′.

Moon trine Venus natal makes you a kind, honest and beautiful person. You like caring for people and should have good maternal instincts regardless of sex. Most of all, you want to love and be loved. It is easy for other people to like you because of your charming and harmonious nature. You intuitively know how others feel, and they find this comforting and very reassuring.

Friendship, companionships, family, and lovers are essential in your life and relationships to bring out your best qualities. Your loving emotions have a calming influence on others, meaning there is less anger in your life than most people. Your sensuality and physical beauty should attract many potential lovers, as well as gifts and offers of help. This is an aspect of comfort, pleasure, and quality.

You certainly dislike violence and will make significant concessions to avoid conflict. However, because of your peace-loving nature, you may tend to concede more than you should when faced with an argument or dispute. Uncaring, unloving people will see your loving, emotional qualities as a weakness. If threatened, rejected, or subject to violence, you are deeply affected and need much time and emotional support to recover.

Natal Moon trine Venus gives artistic, musical and creative talents. Your flowing, harmonious style is an excellent asset for singing and playing instruments, especially stringed instruments. But you could just as easily be a novelist, illustrator, gardener or interior decorator. You should live in beautiful surroundings and always look elegant, handsome and attractive. Your fashion sense would suit a career in cosmetics and beauty treatment, hairdressing, or selling clothes and accessories, especially jewelry.

The Moon rules your digestive system, and Venus rules food, so you understand how important healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are. You care about your health and appearance, but if you become depressed or unwell, you could quickly gain weight. Moon trine Venus gives a sweet tooth. Challenging aspects like squares with harsh planets like Mars in your horoscope can overpower this submissive aspect. This aspect’s good qualities will also be diminished if your Moon or Venus is conjunct with an aggressive or destructive fixed star.

Moon Trine Venus Transit

Transiting Moon trine Venus brings love, tenderness, harmony, and friendship. This is an excellent time to relax and have fun with loved ones. Your loving and receptive mood will make you popular, and you can easily make new friends. This is an excellent time for dating because your charm and beauty will attract genuine, honest love.

Sex will feel more intimate, romantic, and enjoyable because of your heightened emotional sensitivity to touch. Moon trine Venus is very maternal, so this is the right time for making babies, having babies and nursing babies. You will want to nurture and protect your family, to feed, clean and clothe them. Most of all, you will want to cuddle and kiss them, to give them kindness, love, and affection.

This is an excellent time to ask for favors or a loan because it will be hard for others to say no to you. Moon trine Venus transit is ideal for entertainment and leisure activities. You could book or start a vacation, buy and give gifts, play games, watch a movie or go to an amusement park. Entertaining people in your home would be a big success.

Your creative, artistic and musical potential will be unleashed now. Why not try some home decorating, gardening, knitting or sewing? You should also have a good fashion sense and an appreciation of beauty. This transit favors shopping and spending money in general. Shop for fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, and health and beauty products. Treat yourself to a makeover, a massage or a new hairstyle.

It is time to relax, have fun and party. This is one time when you should allow yourself to be self-indulgent without feeling guilty. However, you may feel guilty shortly if you are a pig with sweet food, alcohol or drugs. Motivating yourself for work is another potential problem with this laid-back transit.

This interpretation for Moon trine Venus transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full Moon trine Venus.

Moon Trine Venus Celebrities

Alan Whicker 0°03′, Jennifer Gibbons 0°06′, David Duke 0°09′, June Gibbons 0°10′, George Blake 0°29′, Russell Crowe 0°38′, Johnny Weissmuller 0°38′, Nicole Kidman 0°39′, Marcel Proust 0°45′, Carol Channing 0°54′, Connie Francis 0°58′, Harry S. Truman 1°01′, Woody Allen 1°13′, Heath Ledger 1°19′, Shannen Doherty 1°28′, Nicolaus Copernicus 1°38′, William Lilly 1°38′, David Bowie 1°41′, Natasha Richardson 1°41′, Boris Johnson 1°50′.

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