Saturn Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Saturn Square Midheaven Transit

Saturn square Midheaven maximum orb 4°30′.

Saturn square Midheaven natal creates a lack of security early in life because of your family circumstances. Your parents may have struggled financially, or there were frequent moves to find work. Maybe a tumultuous relationship between your parents or an absent parent has led to your feelings of insecurity.

Sibling rivalry, a judgmental, strict, or abusive parent, stifling tradition, or extra burdens may have led to resentment and emotional insecurity. You may have felt isolated at school and found it challenging to connect emotionally with other people. As a result, you may have had trouble sleeping, felt sad and alone, suffered irritability, anxiety, eating disorders or drug abuse, or even self-harm.

Even in times of grief, you may not have had the sympathy you deserved from your parents. If this was the case, you may have developed a sense of dependence and sought emotional support elsewhere.

Leaving your family home would have given you new-found freedom and helped you realize your destiny. Despite or because of early hardship, your career will likely be your salvation. Dedication and hard work lead to improved self-esteem, achievement, and recognition.

Commitment to your family, partner, and children also stabilizes you. You may only keep a few friends, but you know you can count on them in need.

Saturn Square Midheaven Transit

Saturn square Midheaven transit brings difficult questions about your career and home life. Extra burdens like looking after an ill family member could take their toll on your work. Loneliness and lack of emotional support are also possible, and you may feel betrayed or rejected or suffer a crisis in confidence.

Your home life could suffer if you have been too focused on getting ahead in your career. You may face time pressures or be given too much responsibility at work. These tests and challenges should focus your attention on finding a balance between personal relationships and professional advancement.

You may meet resistance from others about your choice of goals, and this would be a test to discover if your heart is on your chosen path. If you need a change in direction, it might be better to do it now, regardless of how unpleasant it is. Or perhaps delays are karmic to hold you back until it is the right time to achieve success and recognition.

Saturn Square Midheaven Celebrities

Virginia Woolf 0°01′, Carol Channing 0°03′, James VI and I 0°04′, Peter Hurkos 0°15′, Mariah Carey 0°17′, Larry King 0°24′, Ben Affleck 0°25′, Christopher Lee 0°28′, Angelina Jolie 0°29′, Katy Perry 0°33′, Jose Mourinho 0°34′, Philip Sedgwick 0°35′, Louis Pasteur 0°40′, Lord Louis Mountbatten 0°51′, Glenn Close 0°55′, Ulysses S. Grant 1°00′, Warren Beatty 1°02′, Shirley Temple 1°05′, Dana Plato 1°14′, Tyra Banks 1°17′, Robert De Niro 1°19′, Steve McQueen 1°21′, Cindy Williams 1°24′, Althea Flynt 1°29′, Candice Bergen 1°33′, Penélope Cruz 1°43′, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 1°50′, Aretha Franklin 1°53′, Johnny Carson 1°57′.

11 thoughts on “Saturn Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Thanks for this aspect Jamie. I have it within a 7°Orb

    Today i am looking at Asteroid TRIUMF 14959! which is Conjunct in my natal chart with This years Solar Return Ascendant, 16Sag21. Progressing TRIUMF to my Natal Tunguska 5471, the conjunction occurs August 1, 2020. Progressing TRIUMF to natal Mars, the conjunction occurs July 4, 2023.

    So what im considering, is that in 1.5 years we’ll have the Technology(TRIUMF esp. DRAGON) to do a Tunguska, and a likely candidate is Mars, 3 years later.

  2. Sun, Saturn, Moon, NN conjunct in Aries in the 12th. Saturn, Moon and my Mars in the 12th square my MC. My natal chart is a very accurate in describing my childhood, parents, family etc.
    I just thought I’d google this Saturn aspect in my chart tonight. Your description was so accurate. Sad but so true.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    What’s the orb where you start to feel it? Saturn transit is right now at 2 degrees of making an exact square with my natal midheaven (which right now is getting a square from Pluto in transit) but it’s also making an opposition to natal venus 19.12 cancer (second hit on the way).

    • Look at house position of Venus. Saturn coming back, is this your first time with Saturn opposing Natal Venus? Venus rules Money. Pluto just finished opposing your Venus. Saturn square MC. Born with it. Awful, responsibilities . Stopped. Stymied. Unappreciated. Don’t even try would be my advice. Saturn will stagnate what Pluto stirred up. Jupiter coming opposite natal Venus supposed to bring rewards after Saturn. No para mi!!! Families likely target. Home Cancer. Security. Heed the message. When the Nodes went over your Venus in Cancer, family, mortgages, rent security etc. What was occuring. Saturn equals the heavy in your life. And do not forget January 12th 2020. Unless you are wealthy. Financial stagnation for the poor(normal people).

  4. I’m preparing for this, TSaturn square MC-IC axis and opposing NPluto – in addition I have Alderbaran and Antares on the MC-IC. The Watchers have been mucking up my life for as long as I can remember, it’s outrageous, I’m over this, can’t life be kind for a change!

  5. Hello JM, did you know that JT has his Asc square Saturn, and transit Saturn T? And his MC/IC does include the referenced stars. Outrageous astrology appears to be an emotional planet(s) transit 3rd decan Capricorn. Artificial Intelligence is likely your watcher, plus a few generals…. You are seeking kindness, but it might also signal your coaches advice, whose motives might be more Clausewitz.

    • Hi Meg, no one transit on it’s own would cause death, plus the Midheaven axis doen not relate to the physical body like the Ascendant axis does.

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