Saturn Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

Saturn Opposite Midheaven TransitSaturn opposite Midheaven natal can cause feelings of loneliness and insecurity early in life. A serious event, illness or some issue with your parents made you grow up very quickly. You may have taken on too much responsibility for a young person. Perhaps the expectations of your parents made you feel pressured or guilty. You need a great deal of emotional support when you were growing up.

If your parents were supportive and gave you the nourishment and encouragement you needed, you will cope better with this challenging aspect. If one of your parents was very strict, emotionally distant, ill or absent, you will have lacked a solid foundation. Perhaps you moved town and never really felt settled.

Natal Saturn opposite Midheaven means you have to take responsibility for your past and your family. Significant past life experiences can result in many tests and trials before your Saturn return at the age of 29. Your upbringing can be seen as an initiation. Before you can succeed in the outer world you must look inside and face the childhood issues that cause fear, sadness or loneliness. Studying history and genealogy can be helpful.

Saturn is a late bloomer but you will come to terms with your early difficulties. Gradually you will build your own solid foundation and start your own family. If your early home environment was Spartan, you may prefer surrounding yourself with material possessions. This will give you a good sense of security and stability. Or you may find that fewer possessions make your life less complicated. This neatness and cleanliness will give you a good sense of order and predictability. Whatever the case, it is important that you have a solid base from which to succeed in your career and meet your personal goals.

Some people with this aspect try to make up for feelings of emptiness or inadequacy by becoming very active socially. Developing a strong public profile or excelling in your profession is important. However, you will find more fulfillment and contentment by firstly confronting your past and then building a solid foundation of your own.

Jessica Savitch with natal Saturn opposite Midheaven (0°58′) was haunted throughout her life by her father’s untimely death and pursued a career partly to compensate for the loss. Savitch was a driven perfectionist who constantly battled insecurities about her appearance and ability, suffered from social anxiety, and tended to isolate herself from network colleagues, including other female broadcasters whom she viewed as competition. [1]

Saturn Opposite Midheaven Transit

Saturn opposite Midheaven transit represents the beginning of a very significant new phase of life. Changes occurring in your life now will have important consequences in the years to come. Previous years may have been a struggle but now you have reached a turning point and you are on the way up. You are heading toward professional success but still, need a safe and secure foundation.

You could have felt held back recently. If so, this was Saturn delaying your progress because the timing was not right. You probably needed more preparation work to ready yourself, to make sure you had the necessary resources and skills to advance and succeed. It is likely that you will reach the peak of this phase in about fourteen years during your Saturn conjunct Midheaven transit.

Transiting Saturn on your Nadir also tells you not to neglect your responsibilities at home, for family, parents or children. Your home may need repairs or renovations. Make sure your taxes and other debts are in order. Also, take practical steps to make sure your family has the basics to make them feel safe and secure. If you experienced a breakup in recent years then a new relationship may be about to start.

Saturn Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

William S. Burroughs 0°01′, Michael Moore 0°10′, Martin Luther 0°26′, Jessica Savitch 0°58′, James Thomas Flexner 0°59′, David Koresh 1°13′, Liza Minnelli 1°21′, Janis Joplin 1°23′, Eileen Brennan 1′23, Kathleen Battle 1°37′, Alan Whicker 1°42′, Ivan The Terrible 1°51′, John Hunter 2°09′, Ben Thompson 2°24′, Colleen McCullough 2°27′, Nikolay Gumilyov 2°50′.


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  1. Best description I’ve seen yet of my natal Saturn opp. Midheaven. In my case, Saturn is also in exact square to my moon and chiron in the 6th.

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