Moon Quincunx Saturn Natal and Transit

Moon Quincunx Saturn Transit

Moon quincunx Saturn maximum orb 4°00′.

Moon quincunx Saturn natal can make it difficult to always meet your emotional needs. This could be because of low self-confidence, guilt, or a feeling of being burdened by heavy responsibilities.

Sometimes you may be forced to carry out your duties without emotional security. At other times you might feel emotionally secure but neglect your responsibilities, and having both simultaneously is often the problem.

This aspect can indicate emotional insecurity, over-dependence, loss, or grief related to one of your parents. It would have been vital that you felt unconditionally loved and emotionally supported by them.

Sometimes you may distrust your feelings and become unemotional. You could become suspicious of other people’s motives when they try to connect to you emotionally or become intimate with you.

When you get upset emotionally, a lack of self-control can lead to behavior that is out of character. Depending on the emotional support you felt early in life, you may feel like you have no roots, no one cares about you, and you don’t belong anywhere. This could lead to fear, alienation, isolation, and a lack of faith.

The key to dealing with this aspect is to maintain some control over your emotions while simultaneously being able to share intimacy and fully express your true feelings.

Moon Quincunx Saturn Transit

Moon quincunx Saturn transit makes maintaining harmony in intimate relationships difficult because of emotional coldness, guilt, fear, or having to attend to other responsibilities.

A heavy work or study load may be causing stress while also limiting your time with loved ones. Perhaps you feel lonely because your partner is away on a business trip. A marriage breakup or illness in your family could leave you feeling emotionally vulnerable.

An imbalance develops between your personal and professional life or between your emotional needs and those of others. A lack of intimacy and emotional support can cause sadness. Or you may feel frustrated because you find it harder to share your true feelings.

The best way to handle this emotionally demanding time is with self-control, patience, dedication, trust, loyalty, and forgiveness.

This interpretation for Moon quincunx Saturn transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon quincunx Saturn.

Moon Quincunx Saturn Celebrities

Ava Gardner 0°02′, Brett Whiteley 0°03′, Enrique Peña Nieto 0°06′, John Major 0°08′, Willie Nelson 0°10′, Lambert Massart 0°13′, Walt Whitman 0°15′, Brutus de Villeroi 0°20′, Ted Cruz 0°21′, Jay Rockefeller 0°31′, Alicia Witt 0°32′, Bobby Brown 0°36′, Tobey Maguire 0°39′, Dakota Fanning 0°39′, Sarah Paulson 0°51′, Patricia Neal 0°54′, John D. Rockefeller 0°55′, Andie MacDowell 0°56′, Martin Luther 0°56′, George Peppard 1°00′, Pablo Picasso 1°14′, Viktor Orban 1°18′, Mike Barson 1°21′, Jackie Chan 1°22′, Hilda Doolittle 1°31′, George Takei 1°32′, Gertrude Stein 1°36′, Burt Reynolds 1°40′, Bill Maher 1°44′, Mark Knopfler 1°48′, Liv Tyler 1°48.

3 thoughts on “Moon Quincunx Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Nice add Jamie

    in the progressed NewAge chart, Jan 12, 1996, 8:34:48 UTC

    Saturn 22Pis33 quincunx Moon 22Leo22
    Mercury 21Cap02

    Boomerang yod
    Mars 21Aqr55 Fulcrum

    the Regulus Ingress chart appeals to the feminine, the Great Mother, rectified by a hyperbolic comet.

    the NewAge chart is more centred on our own Solar System, the masculine, rectified by parabolic comets.

    The general exposed, Saturn, angular Ascendant, supported by communicative Mercury, balancing the Moon of entitlement in Leo, who gladly serves, altho the weight of that army of Souldiers, sure is heavy.

  2. I have this aspect and it’s not an easy one to have. I have a difficult time talking about myself to people. It has put a huge damper on forming new friendships and maintaining conversations with people. I can’t exactly pin point where this comes from. I feel deeply strange like my soul must not belong here and it’s a struggle to keep it here. I have saturn square mercury almost exact, this must play a part in the way i feel about not wanting to talk about myself. Why must I feel so down. It has really been bothering me lately. Everyone i talk to always appears so comfortable and natural when they talk about themselves, why do I struggle so much with this?

  3. The Moon has always got to do with our mother, home or childhood.

    This aspect is a prime example of where there was always food on the table but not made with love nor care.

    The emotional conditions of bringing up a child haven’t been met with and perhaps the child felt unwanted in every step of the way and quite rightly so.

    Similar with the square, Michael Jackson is another example of emotional hardship both by father and mother, Sun and Moon square Saturn.

    Growing up the child understands what goes on and moves away from the parents, physically and emotionally.

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