Mars Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

Mars Opposite Midheaven Transit

Mars opposite Midheaven maximum orb 6°30′.

Mars opposite Midheaven natal usually means your mother, although possibly your father, had a powerful influence on your early development. This created extreme feelings one way or another towards them that is felt well into adulthood. How this parental influence affects your inner sense of security can affect your behavior, relationships and career.

If you grew up surrounded by anger, hatred or violence, emotional pain, and problems communicating, your desires are to be expected. Holding onto anger may result in stubbornness, frustration, poor impulse control, and anti-social or unsocial behavior. Inner turmoil can manifest as an inability to settle in one place, extramarital affairs, and a tendency to provoke others.

Mars rules goal-directed energy, so channeling your extraordinary energy into something you are passionate about can lead to significant achievements. Focus your energy on getting ahead while ignoring your competition or perceived enemies. You can turn an insular tendency to your advantage in careers where secrecy and behind-the-scenes activity are valued. You would do well at research, investigation, and detective work in the police, military or secret service, especially where the security of sensitive information is critical. Covert operations and causing mischief behind enemy lines may suit your style.

If natal Mars opposite Midheaven resulted in positive reinforcement from a strong parent, you would more likely be self-confident. A strong sense of purpose and self-belief will be the launching pad for a successful career. Your initiative, spontaneity, and leadership qualities are assets in many fields. But you do not necessarily need the achievement and recognition from a job to feel satisfied or fulfilled.

A strong, self-reliant person with an active life is essential regardless of upbringing. It probably means more to you than fitting into society through a stable and respectable career. Your passionate and energetic nature means you may wish to travel or seek adventure before settling down. Physical activity is good for your well-being, so exercise, and sports keep you from becoming bored and restless. Keeping active around your home is also essential, and you can be a motivating force and positive role model for your family.

Mars Opposite Midheaven Transit

Mars opposite Midheaven transit makes getting ahead in your professional life harder. It may feel like your colleagues or bosses are working against you. Even if you feel strong and confident, your actions will likely seem more ineffectual than usual. A tendency to become easily annoyed and act impulsively means you should take care not to damage your reputation or career prospects.

While the actions of superiors or competitors may annoy you, there is probably a deeper underlying issue at home or from your past that is causing this outer manifestation. Repressed anger may resurface, or you may revert to old destructive behavior patterns and habits. Perhaps you are subconsciously still angry at something hurtful one of your parents did. Take some time to meditate and uncover the source of your inner pain.

Ego conflict is possible at home, especially with men like your father. You should not avoid confrontation if it will get things out in the open and help resolve a lingering issue. But don’t upset innocent family members because you may subconsciously annoy them on purpose without realizing it. You can also release a build of hot destructive energy safely in private. It could be vigorous housework, home improvement projects, exercise, or other stimulating hands-on activities.

Mars Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

James Holmes 0°21′, Jack Kerouac 0°29′, Virginia Mae Brown 0°42′, Lilly Wachowski 0°43′, Cosimo de Medici II 0°44′, Rolf de Heer 0°51′, Vanessa Redgrave 0°53′, William Bligh 0°58′, Patricia Highsmith 1°05′, Immanuel Kant 1°13′, Jack Brabham 1°17′, Alfred Jarry 1°23′, Julian Assange 1°35′, Andreas Vesalius 1°37′, Kylie Jenner 1°38′, Sarah Paulson 1°53′.

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