James Holmes Horoscope

James Holmes Horoscope

James Holmes

James Holmes massacred at least 12 people in the Batman Cinema Shooting of 20 July 2012. NBC has reported that he was born on 13 December 1987. We have no time or place of birth at the moment but can see some dark themes in his chart, particularly Sun conjunct Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto. People with Sun conjunct Saturn “often have a difficult childhood as Saturn represents restriction, and as both Sun and Saturn can represent the father…shyness, depression or being too critical of the self and others.”

The social isolation which can result from Sun conjunct Saturn is intensified because both are on the fixed star Ras Alhague. This star in general is associated with “mental depravity” and with the Sun has made him a “suspicious” and “solitary”, and Saturn with this star has increases his unpopularity. Transiting Pluto passed through his Sagittarius stellium from age 14 to 20, more darkness during those critical years for developing social skills.

So with this aspect alone on this fixed star we have a social misfit, a loner, and will will no doubt eventually hear his lawyer say he suffers depression at least or some other mental illness. Darker influence comes from Saturn in the sting of the Scorpio. The fixed star Lesath gives “danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence.” James Holmes has Mars conjunct Pluto which is also malevolent and gives strong desire to control others. It is interesting to note that the chart for the shooting has Mars square Pluto.

James Holmes HoroscopeYet another interesting link when comparing the horoscope for James Holmes to that of the Batman Cinema Shooting Horoscope is that James has Venus and Ceres square Jupiter, and in the shooting chart these three are all together. Venus is actually in the same spot as the June 4 lunar eclipse, and directly opposite James’ Mercury. His natal Mercury is on the fixed star Ras Algethi which “corresponds to boldness and a drive to gain power”. This star has much the same influence has his Mars conjunct Pluto.

The Sibly horoscope for the U.S.A. has Ras Algethi rising so it could be said that James Holmes is a personification of the image which the U.S.A. projects to others in this world. Curtis Manwaring commented on this shooting chart on our Facebook Page that “Another attack on gun laws is coming”. I suspect that this shooting will at least spark some public debate on this issue given the conjunction between James’s Mercury and the American Ascendant.

Update August 4 2012

Thanks to Kenneth D. Miller we now have a AA rated birth time for James Holmes: Born 13 December 2012, 9:04 pm, La Jolla, California. Thank you to our Facebook friend Carole Devine for sharing this new information.

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  1. Dear Jamie, Marina and friends I think the Sun – Moon square is pivotal in Holmes’ case. As I wrote in a relative article: “The square aspect between the “Luminaries” (Sun and Moon) is considered one of the heaviest aspects in a chart, because it somehow blocks the energies that should be flawing unhindered in the individual and it causes a clash between the conscious and subconsious layers of him/herself! Under this aspect a sort of “rupture” may manifest within the invidual, a rupture between his core personality and his “psyche” (his inner “Universe” of feelings and states of mind)! And this might ultimately breed a profound sense of alienation in him! (Please note: this does not mean that if you have a square aspect between your Sun and Moon you are going to get “alienated” or become a mass murderer. It means instead that you have to work with yourself in order to transform this difficult aspect and convey such an “expenditure” into creative outlets! You might enormously enrich yourself then and perform miracles!)

    I also see many similarities between James Holmes’ horoscope and the Norwegian’s Anders Breivik – who in a single raid killed 77 people! They both have a Virgo Moon – and their Moons form a harsh aspect to Saturn – a lot of Uranian energy (Breivik being an Aquarius, Holmes having a Sun – Uranus conjunction) and both of them having a Mars – Pluto contact!

    I concur with Marian Tortorella on the fact that the past week’s volatile Grand Cross was heavily focused on Holmes Natal Neptune – triggering some sort of major psychotic episode in him and making him believe HE IS THE JOKER! After all planet Neptune is pivotal in this whole tragedy – as it took place in a movie theater (in a Neptunian “temple” that is)!

    Thomas Gazis

    • That’s a great observation. SUn Square moon is pretty common but it may hinder the individual more than we realise when put in context with everything else. Now I think about it, I’ve noticed two ways of this square playing out. Its often someone caught between warring parents who then becomes stunted in a way or they can be driven by the internal friction.
      Virgo moon. Hmm. I used to have an odd little book years ago which listed all the shadow qualities of each sun sign. For Virgo it said, cross a Virgo and you’ll find you’re dealing with a closet axe murderer. It used to make me laugh. Now I see the point!

      • Hi Marina,
        Perhaps a big laugh from all on this one, yet here it goes:
        Any chance he was set up? Cast well, even down to his astrology?
        I stay clear from media/news other than ENE News and a few other internet sites. This one I have not been following, only it was so tragic that it came my way.

        Signed~ V


    • Interesting analysis: I tend to agree that you’re onto something with the Virgo moon and the Mars-Pluto contact. I find the combination of an assertive Sun (usually in a fire sign), undermined by the retiring Virgo moon–or vice versa–cropping up in a lot of psychopaths. Last month I did some investigation into Luka Magnotta, the Canadian ‘porn star’ psychopath, who may have had a Virgo moon as well, though the jury is out without a verified birth time. He had a tight Mars-Pluto, in any case, in harsh aspect to his Sun-Mercury, the Mars debilitated in Libra. The Mars-Pluto formed part of a Yod to Chiron on Algol, expressing the darker side of the star all too literally; Magnotta severed the head of his victim and sent it to an elementary school in the post.

      I haven’t had a chance to look closely at James Holmes chart, but I know that the night of Luka’s killing transiting Jupiter hit Algol, and Saturn on Spica hit his Mars-Pluto activating the Yod and turning it into a nasty weapon for destruction. Neptune was involved in the Yod as well, perhaps triggering a similar psychotic episode. Neptune’s connection to cinema is worth considering as well: Magnotta staged his killing as an homage to the murder in Basic Instinct and video-taped the whole thing, uploading it to Youtube and garnering a disturbing amounts of ‘views’. The Neptune signature couldn’t have been more obvious in the Batman Cinema shooting, and I wonder if this sort of murder will become more common place with Neptune in Pisces fueling the fantasies of these depraved and alienated people. I pray to God that the US will finally get its act together and ask some pretty hard questions about their love affair with the gun.

    • Michael Page (the Sikh temple mass murderer) apparently just joined the “Virgo Moon” club! If he was really born on November 11th, 1971 he has a Virgo Moon – in a square aspect to his Saturn! As I explained in my previous post, the other two recent mass murderers James Holmes and Andres Breivik have their Moon in Virgo too and in a harsh aspect to Saturn! All of the three recent mass murderers having the very same Moon configuration that’s quite rare!!

      • Very interesting. The afflicted Virgo moon bears further investigation, I think, but all of these recent connections are quite uncanny.

  2. Dear “uberqueenofwands” not necessarily the Virgo Moon people are “closet axe murderers”. On the contrary, Virgo is considered a rather “pure” and “angelic” sign (the “young maiden”). The thing is though that the Virgo and the Pisces Moon are two of the less effective Moons in dealing with negativity, hostility, insults etc…Due to their “passive” nature they absorb easily and in large quantities any negativity in their environment and then they cannot easily get rid of it…Thus, these people – if they do not maturily deal with this – they may develop layers of morbidity in their souls…

    • Hi,
      Just wanted to share that i have my moom in exact square to my sun sign in my natal chart. It is VERY difficult to deal with and i have found that it causes problems in my intimate relationships because i am afraid that i cannot fully express myself or that i come off in a way that gives others a different opinion of how i am truly feeling. This is a karmic aspect, yes? Anyhow, i am definitely no where near a “murderer” or anything of that nature, but i do have anger issues that i have had to work through because of this aspect. Sun libra/Moon capricorn.

      • yes…Having known a few VirgSun squared by inner planets in general…I have found many of these individuals have great anger … which I feel is just a way of clearing your space of ”foreign” energy..I have always directed these individuals to avenues of self monitoring and techniques to qualify their personal space…very capable individuals that can ”pick up”energies around them…remember, Mercury is the ruler of Virgo…. a great planet for budding trance mediums, we all have nervous systems….in some way, the Virgo has a propensity to take on those around them…grounding and any techniques to assist in qualifying what is yours and what is not yours would be a good support avenue….my nodes are in Pisces and Virgo…I am a medium who has tasted what everyone else feels like…I prefer my own flavour….`

        • What a definition dear “steelmanner”! “Anger is a way of clearing your space of “foreign” energy…”!!! Meaning that the more you are ready to fuse and merge with other people the less anger you carry in you! But since Virgoes are a little bit “aseptic” they don’t easily merge with other people. As you said though they’ve got a Mercurial nature and they easily pick up – always from from a safe distance – new energies…

          • Hey Thomas….yes, anger is one way that people have used to clear their space…and perhaps it is possible that more social practices could help socialize and assist said person in social navigation….some early teachers I have had, from Ballet Mistresses to Astrological Instructors, their Virgoian ‘aseptic’ manners were very well produced, as were their ability to communicate exactly what they wanted me to ”get”….I feel a good strong emotional colonic could have been a good wrench to throw in the mix with them…but then they wouldn’t have been the characters that they were and are..and as well I and all that I garnered form their angular distant instruction….the Sun Squares to personal planets/moon….I like your engagement Thomas

        • Steelnammer, you remind me of a client with Moon conj Uranus/PLuto in Virgowho has PIsces Asc and Neptune conj Sun. This person is amazingly psychic and his experiences extent way beyond the odd ghost! I’ve been lucky enough to share some of those pys things while in his presence. Hopefully that’s the only likeness!

          However, while the soul is receptive, the agenda of the physical vehicle is obsessed with poisons and invaders which become more than just ideas. He was doing a chemistry degree but screwed it up with his own addictions – then decided it was all the fault of the world… he now lives in a squalid little caravan on basic subsistence money. Despite advice from many, he is overwhelmed by his belief he is surrounded by eveil shadows and people who don’t care. He did have three kids but abandoned them for a career in alcohol for several years.
          Virgo at its worst?
          It can become very exclusive but often to its detriment.

          • yes, the dice are sometimes cruel…I danced for many years, so the Neptune went that dirrection, and I was born into a family of mediums and electrical healers, so my aspects were fostered as well supported, even though sometimes the support looked odd from the outside…..we are all our own anomaly in some way…..posting my chart for the view….

      • Dear Olivia Greece has its Sun in Capricorn and its Moon in Libra (your combination in reverse) so you will probably feel Greece very familiar if you ever visit it. In addition, two major Greek artists had your combination (Sun in Libra and Moon in Capricorn): the actress Melina Mercouri and the exquisite composer Manos Hadjidakis (I invite you to listen – on YouTube – his masterpiece album “The Gioconda’s smile”). So two major figures “fought” with this square and thrived in the end!

    • Thomas, please notice I said it was a comment from an old book which made me laugh. Not necessarily what is written in stone!
      But I have noticed Virgos can be very twisted when crossed!

  3. I know dear “uberqueenofwands” that your inentions are good! Some readers though are very susceptible and we have to take care of them!

    • Sorry but I don’t do Hallmark astrology!.. or Hallmark anything really… MArs PLuto conj regulus. Someone has to tell it like it is!

      • Mars /Pluto…..?…with Sun in ?…this shooting event has such power behind it…..I was landing in plane on Sept 11 ….that was by far the strongest event of mass deathe that I have experienced…the shooting in Colorado or the earlier Virginia event…the field that is created touches everyone in it in an accelleration manner…mortality combined with schock….Uranus Square Pluto then the assisting Square from Mars…is this T-Square in your natal Mars/Pluto uberqueenof wands?

        • I’ve got a stellium – Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Sun, Mars, PLuto from 13 degrees Leo to 26 Leo in the 12th. I have Mercury at 5 Virgo conj my asc at 9 Virgo so I’m well versed with both sides of Virgo!! Saturn makes a T square to my moon and by closeness of the entire stellium, all the other planets too I suppose!

          I experience Virgo as very measured (like your dance teacher) a precise communicator etc and I think with the “axe murderer” aspect – well this comes from an over excitable autonomic nervous system. Virgo is finely tuned and sensitive.
          In childhood, a Virgo child or Virgo moon child may not be able to cope with punishment, criticism etc against an authority figure like a parent or teacher. A child cannot lash out or run away. So the child may compensate by use of an over active imagination. Remember, Virgo is highly creative as a story teller – its the sign of the writer. So a child unable to lash out may fabricate revenge within its imagination. Which is fine, up to a point. The problem is, that once this mechanism is employed as a coping mechanism, it becomes a habit. Then over timeVirgo’s closet may be full of archaic imprints which get activated by new impetus.
          This is certainly the case with the client I mentioned. I understand how this works because as the child of a violent mother I longed for the day when I could retaliate.
          Of course I never did! A few years on the analyst’s couch sorted that out! But I can see how this could set up a pattern. Then of course no sign does detail like Virgo, so any fantasy can go into deep detail.
          Michael Jackson is great example of Virgoan detail and eccentricity, with an extreme aversion to his own body too. Andrew Cunanan was a Virgoan spree killer who killed amongst others, Gianni Versace.

          I loved your statement “we are all our own anomaly’ – how true!

          • Oh – I forgot to add, my client’s mother was a drug addict who stubbed cigarettes out on her children. So you could see how he might build up a desire for revenge. I think he had a brief career with illegal explosives… His Virgo Moon Uranus PLuto conj are square Mars and Venus in SAgittarius so there was the love of a cause and the Piscean ascendant could invest all the emotion into it. ’nuff said!

      • I don’t do Hallmark astrology either. But this is a public tribune and we should be careful when “characterizing” zodiacal signs, aspects etc.

        • WHy?
          What is the point of censorship in astrology? How can people learn from that? We are here to learn in life. So we have to be up to life.

            • which is PC for censorship. Or not calling a spade a spade.
              This thread is about ~james Holmes. A very socially unaware creature.

          • oye!….looks like this shooter has brought up some stuff….Pluto Square Uranus..,,has many manifestations…Power struggles are definitely on….across the board…even the way people
            are translating the ”event” to give it a ”relative” meaning….Oh yes, Mars was the cooker for all of this….Aggressive/Passive-Aggressive….bang bang my babi shot me down….Mars…

            • I agree with Thomas. Anyone can read these posts and people who do not know a lot about Astrology can take things said lightly on board as about them. I have 3 friends with Mars conj Pluto [conj my Sun] and they are all bossy but fun and kind. My Sun Saturn Pluto conj friend was political activist but not violent.

    • Then dear Jamie James Holmes has a strong Sagittarius – Leo emphasis in his chart. Well, the first “Sagitturius – Leo emphasis” celebrity that came to my mind is Nero! Apparently they both exhibited similar paranoid / megalomaniac traits. And there is even a certain bust of Nero where he looks very much like James Holmes!

      • Hi Thomas. I think the stronger influence on his stellium is the main star in constellation Ophiuchus I mentioned rather than the sign Sagittarius. Nero was hardly like this guy though, he was a ruler who never lost a war. His enemies (who did not appreciate paying tax for Nero’s cultural projects) wrote the history which makes you think he was a paranoid megalomaniac.

        Also, when comparing charts of people born so far apart in time, we should use precession correction to see the synastry.

        • Dear Jamie most of the historians describe Nero as a paranoid megalomaniac. It is an historical fact that he killed his own mother. Although an emperor, the man was singing and playing the lyre in public as if he were a common musician – obviously craving for attention and admiration. When he was performing nobody was allowed to leave the theater. He was a theater maniac, as James Holmes is (Holmes “performed” too in a theater…). Precession is taken in consideration anyway when we say that both Nero and Holmes are Sagittariuses with a common Leo emphasis (Nero’s Moon – Holmes’ Ascendant).

          • Thomas, which historians described Nero as a paranoid megalomaniac? A megalomaniac has delusional fantasies of power, yet Nero became ruler of the greatest empire on earth at age 17. His enemies were plotting against him for years so it was not paranoia which led him to torture and eliminate them.

            You are not taking into precession if you still say they are similar because they had planets in the tropical sign of Sagittarius.

            Nero’s other rising star with Sun Pluto was Sheliak in constellation Lyre (now tropical 19cap03, then tropical 21sag43) “The child of the Lyre will sing beguiling songs at the banquet, his voice adding mellowness to the wine and holding the night in thrall. Indeed, even when harassed by cares, he will rehearse some secret strain, tuning his voice to a stealthy hum and, left to himself, he will ever burst into song which can charm no ears but his own.” http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Sheliak.html

            I expect this was his release when the intense pressure of his fate became too much.

            Manilius also wrote of the Lyre rising: “When the constellation of the Lute rises into the mighty heavens, there shall be born a man to investigate wrong-doing and punish the guilty (“and champion the unjustly accused”) he will get to the bottom of crimes by sifting the evidence for them and bring to light all that lies hidden under the silence of deceit. Hence, too, are begotten the merciless torturer, the dispenser of penalties, whoever insists on the truth and abominates evil, and the man whose profound understanding will put an end to disputes.”

            (Ficicula was a torture rack used in Rome, similar in shape to the Lyre.)

            • Dear Jamie I quote below some of the ancient historians who describe Nero as an unbalanced tyrant: Pliny the Older, Tacitus, Epictetus, Fabius Rusticus, Cluvius Rufus. Additionally, paranoia and megalomania do not automatically dissipate in someone simply because he became an emperor. Remember the maxim: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely…”

      • So you see tropical Sagittarius sign has different fixed stars in it now than 2000 years ago. For James Holmes, his Sun Saturn is on the fixed star Ras Algague (tropical 22 Sag) “misfortune through women, perverted tastes and mental depravity.” http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/RasAlhague.html

        Nero’s AC Sun Pluto is on the fixed star Dheneb (tropical 22 Sag) “ability to command, liberality, success in war and beneficence.” http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Dheneb.html

  4. well we now see why he went loo loo trying to fulfill mommy’s (moon) expectations ($)..he really should have been studying sports photography or acting..no wonder the red hair………..Leo roared….here’s where an astrologer could have helped this family..don’tcha think?

  5. Thomas Gazis- thank you for posting that. I never knew that about Greece but would love to visit sometime. I will also check out those artists you mentioned. Do you believe that sun square moon is a karmic aspect?

    • Dear Olivia everything is “karmic” in our horoscope – under the point of view that our “soul” chose this particular horoscope in order to be incarnated through it and take the specific lessons dictated by it. All the more, they are “karmic” the strong, prominents aspects in our horoscope, like the Sun – Moon square aspect!

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