Venus Opposite Neptune August 28, 2024

Venus Opposite Neptune Transit

Venus opposite Neptune maximum orb 6°00′.

Venus opposite Neptune natal creates a struggle to get what you most want: romance, harmony, and perhaps a little glamour and luxury. These things are achievable, but much work must be done to overcome disappointment and dissolution with love and money.

You may suffer from low self-image, especially when young. You may fear you are not worthy enough to have an affectionate and caring partner who loves you for who you are. You may make significant sacrifices to keep your ideal partner and end up feeling unhappy or being used. You may also likely fantasize about or over-idealize a partner, then feel gutted when they don’t meet your expectations.

Such disappointment in your love life stems from the same problems as any financial loss, such as being conned or blindly investing in dubious schemes. The significant issues with Venus opposite Neptune start with your self-image. Working hard to improve how you love yourself is critical to achieving your dreams. Neptune rules the stage, screen, mirrors, ocean, and spirituality. These give clues about how to increase the amount of love you have for yourself.

You can find deeper self-love through a more spiritual approach to life. It may be that stripping off in front of the mirror or webcam gives you the self-confidence you need. Dance, music, surfing or swimming are the kinds of activities that can promote self-love and joy. You could try adorning your body with jewelry or tattoos or pay extra attention to fashion and cosmetics. Decorating your home or workspace will replace Neptune’s illusions and fears with natural beauty.

Venus Opposite Neptune Transit

Venus opposite Neptune transit can cause problems with relationships and finances. You are more likely to fall victim to predators who seek to take advantage of your caring and accepting nature under this confusing and deceptive influence. People may see your niceness as a weakness, appearing more loving or generous than they are.

Over-idealization or gullibility can lead to embarrassment, disappointment in love, or financial losses that harm your self-esteem. You need to be more aware of the potential dangers of any offers, schemes, or dating sites. Being generous and giving also has its problems at the moment. This is no time to be a martyr.

While not the best time to find your ideal partner or make investments, you can satisfy your need for love and joy through other means with fewer risks. You could experiment with a different style of fashion, hair or makeup. Music, dancing, art, or going to the movies would bring a touch of fantasy or glamour to your life. A more spiritual approach to your self-image or loved ones would also be beneficial.

Venus Opposite Neptune Celebrities

Kian Egan 0°00′, Jimmy Bryan 0°04′, Bono 0°10′, Josh Homme 0°24′, Erwin Rommel 0°25′, John Frawley 0°27′, Debra Winger 0°38′, Lucy Hale 0°40′, Zendaya 0°43′, George, Duke of Kent 0°48′, Gisele Bündchen 0°55′, Patrick Macnee 1°08′, Mia Farrow 1°13′, Perry Fellwock 1°17′, Viktor Orban 1°28′, Nick Campion 1°28′, Venus Williams 1°35′, Boy George 1°40′, Tammy Wynette 1°42′, Priyanka Chopra 1°52′, Manuel Noriega 1°54′, Scott Hicks 1°56′.

Venus Opposite Neptune Dates

September 24 24, 2022
November 3, 2023
August 28, 2024
October 13, 2025
August 10, 2026
September 18, 2027
November 1, 2028
August 24, 2029
October 8, 2030

29 thoughts on “Venus Opposite Neptune August 28, 2024

  1. I’m going through Neptune opp Venus transit now, Jamie. I’m doing a lot of fantasizing and daydreaming about what it would be like to be happy, trapped in a relationship that is psychologically abusive, trying to channel my pain into art until I can escape.

    • Thanks for the feedback Anthony. At some stage in the next three years I should have all the transits done including yours.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    How long does this transit last? In general, how long do oppositions, conjunctions, trines and sextiles aspects usually last? I can understand that it probably depends on the planet (which I guess, also makes a difference to how long it lasts)?

    I really felt the effects of this Venus opposite Neptune yesterday – I felt especially emotional.

    Thanks 🙂


    • Hi Katie, yes it does depend greatly on the speed of the planets involved. Conjunctions would last the longest and the rest about the same. Sun, Mercury and Venus transits last about a day either side of the exact transit. But it will be felt longer/stronger when leading up to it (applying) rather than separating.

  3. Hi Jamie, how long do conjunctions last roughly? And how long roughly is the energy felt leading up the the other aspects (sextile, square etc).

    • Depends on how fast each planet is moving. For this one, about two days leading up to it and one day following. Other aspects are similar but not quite as strong an impact.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Its me again. I am so glad I decided to go through the article on Saturn retrograde again! While you have already told me it does not affect me directly, for the last few days I find myself missing my ex who dumped me in a very abusive way on May 29th this year. I have used this difficult time to work on myself (I think this was practical Saturn driving me to go within (Pluto) and face all the buried rage (Mars)) and I have not been too optimistic, and I have realised he was not healthy enough for me anymore as he doesn’t believe in inner work while I am drawn to spirituality and understanding my Soul Purpose in this life.

    I am a little concerned because I feel myself becoming lonely and sentimental again and wanting to “gloss over” how he has behaved and his immaturity, because I miss the good things about our relationship. My ex has started appearing in my dreams and I find myself rationalising his inexcusable behaviour. I endured a lot of emotional abuse as a child so even through therapy I know there is a tendency for me to forgive and forget abusive behaviour (deep fears of abandonment) which only opens me up to more unhappiness. In this article you say “this is no time to be a martyr” and “people will seem more generous than they are”. Does this transit affect me as I am suddenly starting to miss my ex and wanting him back? This happened after he messaged out of the blue on Aug 3 and sounded surprised that I was not begging him to come back – I was smart enough to ask for space and time, but it was very disturbing for me to hear from him (I feel like this transit does affect me because I have a conjunction of Mars Saturn and Pluto). Also how long does the effect of transits like this last? Is it only a day or is there a buildup and cool down period after the transit which still affects us?

    My DOB is 23 Feb 1982 8:40 am New Delhi. My ex is being hit hard by Saturn retrograde (his DOB is 24 Jan 1976 Mumbai India) and I am truly afraid of being hurt again so I am being pulled apart between wanting to reconcile and not being able to trust him. This is not about the relationship anymore, and more about what is good for me – I want to work on the deeper karma of self love in my Venus square Pluto !!! I have worked too hard to survive the last two months and I don’t want to make any mistakes and hurt myself more! Thanks Jamie

    • The few days of this transit will have triggered the longer term Neptune trine Jupiter transit, a lot of spiritual healing and it sounds just as you wrote. Your Jupiter actually is depressed being on fixed star Zosma and square Mercury. But September 1 solar eclipse plus Saturn square Neptune are working for your Jupiter.

      • Thank you so much Jamie! I am so happy to hear that the Sep 1 Lunar eclipse will work for me, I have been dreading it as it poses challenges for my Pisces 1 Decan. I am diving deep into spiritual waters, facing terrifying fears and doing my best to turn within and heal. A lot of Inner Child work and letting go of childhood and adult trauma as well. I truly feel I have understood what the stars were trying to tell me and I will not give up on inner work. I think I am passing through the Dark Night of the Soul, and if I transmute the challenges into fearless acceptance of my evolution, I will emerge and find my way again.

  5. As will remain the case at the full moon from other guidance I have been offered, asteroid Excalibur is conjunct Jupiter opposing Chiron, miraculous healing possible, Pluto is conjunct asteroid Arthur, the once and future King is awakened in the underworld, it is an “occult eclispe” and Uranus, Neptune and Saturn are involved in interaction with it and each other which combines to an eclise of The Merlin. There will be proof of the unseen world beyond explanation by any other medium or tool, including science, to enable first hand experience by each to be able to believe and have faith, simply pure, practical majik. Quite exciting really 🙂

      • no it was known by the ancient to be the Full Moon of the rising of The Merlin, because is calculates to being an eclipse yet it is not evident in being one, so an occult eclipse? I hope that make sense, anyway it resurrects and restores miraculously for those able to be, it is a major turning of “the round table?”. Asteroid Merlin however, is now accompanying Saturn in Sag, so “the truth will out” regardless of what anyone personally or as a whole thinks or believes or wants to know is the truth of it? Anyway, although many may be startled by some of it and see it as not good, there is much more good potential in it and most definitely a point to, a powerful center point to help all center their self, through coming weeks by working with it? All this sounds very strange to the general populous, however I suspect it may resonate at a deep level, thus make sense to you? possibly even more than it does to me.

        • Well this does makes good sense Debbie. I have researched as much as I could about astrology in Great Britain before the massacre of the Druids in 61 AD but it really does come down to intuition and perhaps soul memory if we can ever tap into that. I have written a little about asteroid Merlin.

          • Yes I agree, much to do with the “lords or gardians of the land” the folk of the “three oaths” or druds, is not written down, not even said aloud as their level of telepathy was finely tuned and it may seem sad that it seems lost yet it was safer in the long run to not make it general public knowledge lest it fell into the hands of those who may weild it for personal gain, yet of course it is indeed available from the unseen world heart mind to heart mind (mother nature), little by little for each able to, to give their piece of the puzzle to aid and inspire peace of mind, thus peace on earth? We all matter 🙂

  6. I am just now starting late in my life trying to under stand the planets that having to do in my life please Help.
    I am Sandra birthday October 8 1966. What does this all mean in my life for I am seeing craziness in my life.

  7. I really felt this transit strongly on Saturday, particularly dating sites part. I totally misread the situation and felt embarrassed and it turned out that the person, as you wrote, was faking his loving and generous side. Can’t believe that it is so true!

  8. I have this natally and see how it manifests very strongly in my love and financial life. Falling hard in love fast then falling out quickly but not knowing a way out and not even sure if I did fall out of love. It’s like I can’t tell if I’m in love anymore or if I’m just comfortable being in this relationship because it has been so long. I’m unsatisfied when it comes to love, sex, money, and emotional gratification. The little satisfaction I do experience when it comes to those 4 very important things doesn’t last very long if even at all. I find myself giving a lot more than receiving and then feeling repressed because my desires aren’t being met. This makes me act in unexpected ways because of repressing myself for so long. One of the positive things that comes from this aspect is my natural artistic talent and vivid imagination.

  9. I have this as an aspect as well. I really wish astrologers I consulted with when younger had advised to leave where I was born – since the natal chart puts Venus (as well as all personal planets in the chart) in the 12th house. The full fruition of my life: a conscripted nun for the holy institution known as the corporation. Like others said the imagination is active but so? Boring (you can expect that word from a Gemini), all endings no beginnings. A life w/o anything personalized for yourself is meaningless.

  10. is this thread still alive? i have this aspect, with Mars also conjuncting Neptune (both retrograde). Does MARS ADD more energy to the effect? How does the retrograde effect the chart?

  11. Hi Jamie! 🤗 could you advise, where can I find the dates listed for this transit, but 10 years back? (Past)

  12. does Mars add more energy to Venus opposite Neptune?

    examine Neptune discovery chart, Yod activation 2 November, 2023

    Compare with “CryptoCoin Follies” jury sentencing drama, 7:45 pm Manhattan. Venus transit Mars shows up as foot traffic and active reporting, in counterpoint to a very slippery chart; Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter debilitated. Note Venus-Mars-Neptune on activated Apex fulcrum. Like the very substance of the fraud trial itself, the scheduling for it to occur when it did has Neptune discover a sublime undercurrent of poltical financial malfeasance leading up to …… the door of cryptocoining astrologyking itself?…. said but in Neptune language?…

    The flipside to this is a much more transparent and tasteful Neptune Discovery activation north of the border, with old banks and health plan processes that have walked the line.

    • A disingenuous last paragraph it seems, right on queue a financial scandal North of the border; missing 150 million$ for unfulfilled govt contract. Was it the Astrologyking hedgehog concept? The phantom company just provide the link to this place, then run off with the money? This would balance things out better with Cryptocoin Follies fraud trial subtext.

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