Saturn Opposite Uranus Natal

Saturn Opposite Uranus natal

Saturn Opposite Uranus occurs about every 43 years. This article compares the last oppositions in the mid Sixties to the ones in 2008 and 2009. Both series include five oppositions spanning about 20 months.

In the sixties, Saturn was in Pisces, and Uranus was in Virgo. Today we have the polar opposite, with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. The only exception being the final opposition of the current series which occurs at the beginning of the Aries Libra axis.

Saturn Opposite Uranus Celebrities

To get an idea of how Saturn opposite Uranus works at the personal level, we can look at famous people who have this aspect in their chart. By only looking at people very tight aspects, we can be fairly sure that this aspect is a major influence in their lives.

Louis XIII King of France (01′) lost his father to assassination when he was 8 years old and his mother, Marie de’ Medici ruled France as regent. >He and his mother were continually at cross-purposes and at odds. Marie tried to keep things running as her husband had done, representing Saturn. A rebellion by the Huguenots was growing in France and Louis was convinced to break with his mother and take their side, representing Uranus.

After 6 years Louis and his mother reconciled, he found compromise between Saturn and Uranus. In the end Louis found a balance between monarchists and rebels, between Catholics and Protestant. Even in his relationships, though often unhappy, there was some resolution. His arranged marriage with Anne of Austria was difficult. She had four miscarriages but eventually bore him a son to keep the royal line going. It was termed a “divine miracle”.

In Los Angeles, Rodney King (11′) came to personify the classic Saturn Uranus opposition theme of tradition versus freedom. Savagely beaten by police who were subsequently acquitted of wrongdoing (Saturn establishment). The acquittal and the video led to the 1992 LA riots (Uranus rebellion).

Robert Downey Jr. (30′) has been fighting a constant battle in his life with drug addiction. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The struggle between the excitement of drugs (Uranus) and walking the straight and narrow (Saturn). Other include Jean Driscoll (39′) and Charlie Sheen (58′). Boris Johnson 1°30′, Courtney Love 2°45′.

Looking back through world events, certain mundane events seemed to have recurred around the time of these opposition in the Sixties, and the themes are beginning to be repeated now. There is a difference however in the way in which events are currently manifesting which I believe shows how we have evolved in the last 43 years in a positive way.

Some topics to be discussed in future articles will be racial and sexual equality, social unrest and revolution, and the music industry.

Saturn Opposite Uranus and Space Exploration

The Sixties:

1965 March 23. Gemini 3, launched by NASA, the first 2-person crew into Earth orbit. Saturn 10pis37 – Uranus 11pis57.

1965 March 24. NASA’s Ranger 24 impacts the Moon. Saturn 10pis44 – Uranus Rx 11vir55. Interestingly, NASA plans to crash another rocket into the Moon, this time the LCROSS on October 09 2009. Saturn 27vir40 – Uranus Rx 23pis49.

1965 April 03. SNAP-10A is launched by USA is the world’s first space nuclear power reactor. Saturn 11pis51 – Uranus 11vir33.

1965 April 06. The world’s first commercial communications satellite, the Early Bird is launched in the USA. Saturn 12pis12 – Uranus Rx 11pis26.

1965 August 21 Gemini 5 launched by NASA, the first 1-week flight as well as the first test of fuel calls for electrical power. Saturn Rx 15pis01 – Uranus 14vir08.

1966 February 06. The Soviet Luna 9 makes the first controlled rocket-assisted landing on the Moon. Saturn 16pis02 – Uranus Rx 18vir48.

1966 February 28. Two U.S. astronauts are killed in an aircraft accident in St. Louis, Missouri. Saturn 18pis37 – Uranus Rx 17vir56.

1966 March 01. The Soviet Venera 3 crashes on Venus, the first spacecraft to land on another planet. Saturn 18pis43 – Uranus Rx 17vir54.

1966 November 06. NASA launches Lunar Orbiter 2 to photograph possible landing sites for the Surveyor and Apollo missions. Saturn Rx 23pis15 – Uranus 23vir09.

1967 January 27. Three U.S. astronauts are killed when Apollo 1 catches fire during a launch pad test. Saturn 26pis06 – Uranus Rx 24vir04.


2008 October 22. India launches Chandrayaan-1, the countries first unmanned Lunar probe. Saturn 17vir38 – opposite Uranus Rx 19pis17.

2008 November 15. NASA launches Space Shuttle Endeavour to send repair equipment to the International Space Station. Saturn 19vir46 – Uranus Rx 18pis49.

2008 December 21. Maiden flight of WhiteKnightTwo, Virgin Galactic’s passenger space craft. Saturn 21vir40 – Uranus 18pis59.

2009 January 23. Japan launches Ibuki, the worlds first Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite. Saturn Rx 21vir19 – Uranus 20pis02.

2009 February 02. Iran launches Omid, the countries first domestically made satellite. This coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. Saturn Rx 20vir49 – Uranus 20pis31.

2009 February 10. A Russian and an American satellite collide over Siberia, creating a large amount of space debris. Saturn Rx 20vir21 – Uranus 20pis55.

Planned events:

2009 September 29. NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft will make its final flyby of Mercury, decreasing the velocity for orbital insertion. Saturn 26vir27 – Uranus Rx 24pis09.

2009 October 09. NASA’s LCROSS will impact the Moon. Saturn 27vir40 – Uranus Rx 23pis47

2010 April 08. Space Shuttle Discovery will carry an integrated cargo carrier, and deliver a Russian Mini Research Module to the International Space Station. Saturn Rx 29vir57 – Uranus 27pis49.

2010 May 3. Space Shuttle Discovery will deliver critical spare components to the International Space Station. The last planned mission for the Space Shuttle program. Saturn 27vir50 – Uranus 00ari06.


On the negative side we now have the capability to shoot down spacecraft from Earth, the increasing risk of collisions up there between satellites, and an enormous amount of space junk posing a real risk to spacecraft and us down here.

The positive changes over the last 43 years include the internationalization of space exploration. The Sixties was a time of intense competition during the Cold War, with only the Soviets and Americans in the space race. Now we have these two superpowers cooperating with the International Space Station. Many countries now have their own space programs and private companies are more heavily involved, most interestingly with Virgin Galactic planning space flights for paying passengers.

The other great advancement is the effect that satellites have had on communications. This has brought the world closer together through telephone and internet connections. People from all over the world making friendships giving hopes for peace at the grass-roots level, peace AND love. In fact I’m Skyping with Marina now!

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    The Ranger missions 7, 8 & 9 (Atlas) in 1964/65 successful in photo missions, crashing into Moon. Early degrees of mutable cross (sidereal) also active during these missions as it is for forthcoming one on 9th Oct.

    Moon will be transiting early degrees of Gemini (sidereal) following proposed impact on 9th … but leading in to this time has already collected area sensitized when Sagan reportedly breached military security on Project A119 in March ’59.

    Project A119 of the ‘50s to nuke the Moon:

    The political ideology supporting the Apollo project sadly was not due to an interest in space, but to beat the Russians. Saturn looks to be weighing in heavily upon Mercury rising on 9th. Launch in the name of science, but on the day Mars is higher, priority appearing to be military base for homeland security.

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