Venus Conjunct Neptune 21 February 2018

Venus Conjunct Neptune Natal

Venus conjunct Neptune in the natal chart makes you a romantic, an idealist and a dreamer. It is very easy for you to fall head over heels for someone, and your empathy and compassion is to be admired.

However, this tendency towards idealistic love does have the potential to make you vulnerable to a broken heart and disappointment. Other people who are not so caring as yourself, may see your kindness as a weakness and take advantage of you.

It will be important for you to expect others to return your love and loyalty, to maintain an equal footing in love relationships. Once you tackle the tendency to over-idealize, or subconsciously ignore the negative traits in another, then you will lessen the risk of dissolution or grief.

Venus conjunct Neptune also suggests that you should have musical, artistic or other creative talents. You have the ability to appreciate the surreal, and bringing form to the more intangible impressions you receive would be therapeutic.

Venus Conjunct Neptune Transit

Transiting Venus conjunct Neptune brings the potential for new romance or more compassion and spiritual binding in an existing relationship. However, this transit also comes with the risk of disappointment if you have not been accepting the harsh realities of a negative relationship.

At work or with other routine duties, you may have some difficulty getting motivated as there is a tendency with this transit to laze about and daydream. If you do have the opportunity for some free time, then this is an excellent day or two to indulge in a creative hobby or relaxing with a movie or your favorite music.

You will find yourself being drawn to anything of beauty, and want to stay well away from any situations or environments which are harsh or aggressive. Your level of compassion is high now, and you would find fulfillment in charity work or caring for others.

Venus Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

Leonard Cohen 0°02′, Nevin Markwart 0°03′, Josephine Baker 0°35′, Louis Pasteur 0°38′, Tracy Austin 0°43′, Leonard Bernstein 0°44′, John Seale 0°47′, George III of UK 0°47′, Truman Capote 0°50′.

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  1. Hi Jamie, what you mean about transiting venus conjunct neptune both trine natal uranus exact?

  2. Leonard Cohen has Venus conjunct Neptune exact in 12th house Virgo [Orb of 0’001 for birth time of 6.45am in Montreal on 21 Sept 1934]

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