Moon Sextile Ascendant Natal and Transit

Moon Sextile Ascendant Transit

Moon sextile Ascendant maximum orb 5°00′.

Moon sextile Ascendant natal makes you a profoundly affectionate, caring, and kind person. A strong subconscious need to connect to others at the emotional level makes you very friendly and pleasant.

You intuitively understand other people’s feelings and are sensitive to their needs and mood changes. This gives you excellent social skills and also makes you well-liked and popular. People appreciate your accepting nature and openness in sharing your feelings. You would make a good salesperson, psychologist, or astrologer.

Your desire for peace and willingness to adapt and compromise means you would also make a good negotiator or diplomat. You dislike conflict and may even fear it, so you can sometimes give too much to maintain harmony. But your acute instincts and perceptive skills help you avoid confrontation.

You can also gauge the mood of groups and the general public. As well as supporting public and social causes, acting as a representative for others opens up public relations and political opportunities. This also means that others will rely on your support and guidance.

You like to keep healthy and should enjoy domestic duties, cooking, and caring for children. Moon sextile Ascendant also gives a vivid imagination and often an interest in mysticism, philosophy, and religion. And you probably have progressive and relatively liberal ideas.

Moon Sextile Ascendant Transit

Moon sextile Ascendant transit helps you share your feelings and makes you want to be close with friends and family, especially women. You will be subconsciously seeking emotional nourishment from familiar people. This is a good time for family gatherings, reunions, and sharing memories.

Peace and harmony are essential to you now. You can rely on strong instincts and perceptive skills to avoid conflict. Increased intuition and sensitivity to other people’s moods bring popularity and make this an excellent time to make friends. This is also a good time for work in counseling and sales.

Increased sensitivity to other people allows you to work well within groups. You can absorb or take on their mood, and your mood is then representative of the group’s mood. The ability to fit in and be among the crowd is perfect for public relations and politics.

This interpretation for Moon sextile Ascendant transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon sextile Ascendant.

Moon Sextile Ascendant Celebrities

John Addey (astrologer) 0°05′, Joseph Crane (astrologer) 0°07′, Cindy Williams 0°09′, Elsie Wheeler (psychic) 0°10′, Sara Gilbert 0°10′, Albert, Prince Consort 0°20′, Auguste Escoffier 0°21′, Peter Finch 0°23′, Cameron Diaz 0°24′, Michel de Montaigne 0°26′, Lucy Hale 0°38′, Conor McGregor 0°53′, Nicholas Cage 1°01′, Angela Merkel 1°03′, Maritha Pottenger (astrologer) 1°05′, Richard Carpenter 1°06′, William Wordsworth 1°08′, Don Johnson 1°09′, Saint Bernadette 1°21′, Jennifer Aniston 1°24′, Kourtney Kardashian 1°25′, Steve Forbes 1°40′, Joseph Fiennes 1°42′, Al-Biruni 1°43′, Giorgio Moroder 1°48′.

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