Moon Trine Jupiter Natal and Transit

Moon Trine Jupiter Transit

Moon trine Jupiter maximum orb 7°00′.

Moon trine Jupiter natal makes you a warm, genuine and giving person. You can afford to be so generous with your feelings because you are confident and self-assured. Your emotional well-being is likely due to the positive example shown by a specific woman in your life, usually your mom.

Self-belief also comes from your strong intuition and faith in your future. You may experience prophetic dreams or “feelings.” Moon trine Jupiter makes you creative, imaginative, and idealistic with a strong moral compass. You may also have strong religious feelings and believe in God or a higher power. Meditation and spiritual practices should appeal to you and help grow your subconscious abilities.

You are outgoing and broad-minded, so you can expect to make friends easily and enjoy healthy relationships with all kinds of people. You are honest and loyal and will attract these same qualities in your friends and romantic partners. But this is emotional comfort and support more than a smothering kind of love. You respect personal boundaries and a degree of emotional independence. The emotional nature of your relationships ensures your continuous emotional growth and self-understanding.

You should be popular in your social group, indicating wider fame. You can use your high public profile to your advantage in your career. You can lead by example, if not as an actual teacher, simply by being yourself. People respect your self-belief and positive attitude. You rarely complain and can always see the funny side of things.

You love being around people and would be great at hosting parties right up to managing large organizations. You can be talented at many things, and your talents are expansive, just like you, generous and larger than life.

Moon Trine Jupiter Transit

Moon trine Jupiter transit brings good feelings, happiness, emotional growth and self-understanding. It makes sharing your feelings with loved ones very easy. Your good mood and increased popularity make this an excellent time for socializing. A more relaxed attitude also makes this a good time for recreation and leisure.

You should be more creative, imaginative and intuitive. You may experience prophetic dreams or “feelings.” Meditation, religion or spiritual practices will help grow your subconscious abilities and give you faith in your future.

Emotional comfort and support may come from your family and friends, or someone may come to you for emotional support. Intimate relationships will benefit from your openness and honesty. New relationships are possible and will be based on these same genuine qualities. Mutual respect and understanding can lead to very successful personal and business partnerships.

Increased generosity and morality make this an ideal time for helping those less fortunate than yourself. You can attract generosity, too, gain broad support for your chosen cause, and enlist the help of influential or even famous people.

Your public profile will enjoy a boost that can help your career. Women, in particular, will strongly influence your life, usually one specific woman. If this is a moon phase, especially an eclipse, you can expect increasing material wealth and new and influential friendships.

This interpretation for Moon trine Jupiter transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full Moon trine Jupiter.

Moon Trine Jupiter Celebrities

Bruno Huber 0°10′, Tracy Austin 0°10′, Thomas Hardy 0°08′, Harriette Wilson 0°15′, Han van Meegeren 0°15′, Toni Morrison 0°14′, Sébastien Grosjean 0°18′, Augusto Pinochet 0°20′‚ Johann Wilhelm Andreas Pfaff 0°20′, Bob Geldof 0°20′, Lari Pittman 0°20′, Neil Diamond 0°24′, Lorraine Hansberry 0°24′, Jane Austin 0°27′, Muhammad Ali 0°28′, J. J. Watt 0°29′, April Ashley 0°29′, Bella Hadid 0°30′, Emanuel Swedenborg 0°31′, Burl Ives 0°31′, Charles III 0°32′, Albert Speer 0°35′, Woody Paige 0°36′, Zendaya 0°40′, Groucho Marx 0°49′, William Henry Ireland 0°52′, Drake 1°03′, Dustin Hoffman 1°20′, Jake Gyllenhaal 1°25′, Nigel Farage 1°26′, Philip Sedgewick 1°27′, Gianni Versace 1°35′, Karl Marx 1°40′.

5 thoughts on “Moon Trine Jupiter Natal and Transit

  1. Wonderful! May this also apply to a solar eclipse like the one today 5th January 2019 if your Jupiter is at 17.12 and Juno at 16.00 Virgo? How the trine with Juno would work? Thanks for this interesting posts.

  2. Mars 29Pis35
    Moon 24Vir31
    Jupiter 24Cap26r

    June 27, 7:00am EST

    Jamie says:

    “If this is a moon phase and especially an eclipse, you can expect increasing material wealth as well as new and influential friendships. ”

    Caution overwhelms tho…

    Annie Hesse says:

    “if Mars is at 29 degrees, (you) may worry excessively about the possible actions and different routes to take, and then execute a spontaneous action that is contrary to the decision! ”

    I say: Remember Mars calibration on the day of the Mercury occultation in Scorpio, Nov 11/19.

  3. I have this almost exact along with a moon conj 2deg orb of the NN with jupiter in librainteh 7th, yet I find it difficult to handle why so many people who seem at first to be full on as friends and committed but then in time they wane and Im left again to move forwardafter a period of grieving to the next connection.

  4. I have this aspect Moon trine Jupiter (orb 0°11′) and i’m a very giving person. And very emotionally independent thanks to my mom but also highly emotionally intelligent.

  5. I heard Jupiter trine will intersect with Taurus natal moon this year. Do you know when?

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