Uranus Sextile Ascendant Natal and Transit

Uranus sextile Ascendant natal gives a vivacious and enthusiastic personality and very unique self-expression. Your creative flair can be applied to any field, from science to the arts to the occult.

You bring a new way of looking at things, an alternative point of view, unrestrained by tradition or prejudice. It is likely you have socially liberal or progressive ideas and beliefs. Yet you are flexible and willing to change if convinced.

You view the future with optimistic anticipation. And you may have prophetic abilities or at least a very good intuition. You understand that you attract what you want, and your whole life can change very quickly at any time.

Being such an independent and freedom-loving person, it is likely you have quite a colorful social and private life. Your need for stimulation, excitement, or amusement can lead to multiple relationships and romances. But partnership is important for your development. If you are shy and lack confidence, companionship and sex can give you the sense of self to bring you out of your shell.

You may gravitate towards people who are elusive, who are unattainable, eccentric, or unaccepted or excluded by society. A wide variety of friends from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds would suit you.

Uranus Sextile Ascendant Transit

Uranus sextile Ascendant transit gives an urge to find more freedom in your friendships and partnerships. Good opportunities for positive change are available through these people. Instant attraction is possible and new relationships will take off quickly.

You will meet people vastly different from those you normally meet, more eccentric and unorthodox. Be open-minded and let new people show you a new way of living, less structured than before.

The tempo of your life will increase to a level you may find uncomfortable or unstable. Old friends may begin to bore you. They will probably think you are being weird and think your new friends or groups are nuts.

You will also want to assert your individuality more in relationships. It is better to loosen up and go with your instinct on this because if you restrain yourself this electric energy will burst out in uncontrolled ways.

Uranus Sextile Ascendant Celebrities

Gloria Vanderbilt 0°00′, Michael Bloomberg 0°02′, Kevin Costner 0°04′, Ringo Starr 0°08′, Michael Crichton 0°09′, J. Paul Getty 0°13′, Tim Jarvis 0°16′, Benito Mussolini 0°20′, Edmund White 0°21′, Bobby Fischer 0°23′, Phil Donahue 0°34′, Cary Grant 0°41′, Alyssa Milano 0°49′, Tara Reid 0°53′, Jacques Chirac 0°58′, Hans Christian Andersen 1°07′, O. J. Simpson 1°11′, Althea Flynt 1°13′, Barbara Hutton 1°15′, Charles Ponzi 1°16′, Kylie Minogue 1°16′, Agatha Christie 1°21′, Sigourney Weaver 1°26′, Britney Spears 1°42′, Steve Jobs 1°50′, Olivia Rodrigo 2°00′.

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  1. I wish this were me! But unfortunately I have an opposition. Asc. Sagittarius 20 …Uranus Gemini 24. I’m already dealing with. Moon opposition Uranus….like princess Di. And others. Forgive my sad tone…just gave up smoking.

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