Mercury Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

Mercury Square AscendantMercury square Ascendant natal gives a sharp mind, curiosity and creative intelligence. You are excellent with words, whether it is learning, reading, writing or speaking. Your mind is so active you need to keep busy with interesting and demanding mental work. Otherwise, you can become nervous, distracted or disruptive.

You are an ideas person and a communicator of ideas. Your ideas might be controversial but usually well thought out and convincing. You are good at informing, educating, sharing, convincing, provoking and entertaining others. So debating, public speaking, writing, and even singing and preaching are ways to keep your mind active and productive.

It is likely you will disagree with others quite often but this does not have to spoil relationships or affect your mental health if you learn by experience. You can be quite talkative and opinionated at times so it is important to slow down and listen to others. Listen to advice and get second opinions.

If someone disagrees with you, don’t automatically take it personally. Keep debate at the intellectual level and avoid gossip and rumor. You can be a trickster but it is important to know your limits. Making people laugh is one thing but teasing or bullying is another.

Mercury Square Ascendant Transit

Mercury square Ascendant transit increases the amount of personal interaction and communication in your life. You will likely be more curious and talkative but potentially more opinionated and argumentative.

It is important to keep your mind occupied in a positive way. Otherwise, you may become nervous, distracted or disruptive. So it would be better to converse on a stimulating topic, even something controversial, rather than spread rumors or tease someone out of boredom.

Catching up with friends is a good idea, or you could read if you like that, or catch up on some paperwork. Even keeping your hands busy by doing crafts, housework or gardening is a good idea if you start to feel restless. Walking around your neighborhood would also provide the mental stimulation that Mercury square Ascendant transit demands.

It might be hard to avoid disagreements but there are ways to stop them from hurting important relationships. Try pausing to listen to others and take their advice. At least listen and be seen to be listening to other opinions. Avoid a tendency to focus on minor imperfections when you may find agreement on the bigger picture.

Mercury Square Ascendant Celebrities

Elizabeth Taylor 0°00′, Denzel Washington 0°03′, Geraldo Rivera 0°04′, David Duke 0°16′, Jim Carrey 0°28′, Amelia Barr 0°29′, Robert Louis Stevenson 0°31′, Ted Bundy 0°33′, Neil Armstrong 0°41′, Cat Stevens 0°45′, Albert Speer 0°45′, Joseph Goebbels 0°49′, Nancy Reagan 0°51′, John Wayne Gacy 1°05′, Jay Z 1°24′, Kesha 1°32′, Charles III 1°34′, Harrison Ford 1°34′, Kurt Russell 1°57′, Martin Luther King 2°03′, Francis Ford Coppola 2°08′, Oscar Pistorius 2°10′, Woody Allen 2°17′.

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