Moon Sextile Midheaven Transit

Moon Sextile Midheaven TransitMoon sextile Midheaven transit intensifies and enriches your emotions. More emotional personal interactions will help you know yourself and others at a deeper level. Your mind and your judgement will tend to be unbiased.

You will intuitively sense the mood of groups of friends and the public. Business and career matters that involve the public are especially suited to this transit. You would do well in promotions and presentations in public. Increased personal popularity and respect can further your career and social status.

You will tend to react on instincts and they will generally be correct but you may also lapse into negative behavior patterns if stressed. If so, you would also prefer the home environment where you feel more comfortable.

But this is a good time for home and family matters where you can expect emotional nourishment and support. You can recharge your batteries at home with family and friends, then feel confident to put yourself on display in the outer world.

This interpretation for Moon sextile Midheaven transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon sextile Midheaven.

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