Jupiter Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

Jupiter Square Ascendant Transit

Jupiter square Ascendant maximum orb 5°30′.

Jupiter square Ascendant natal gives versatility, enthusiasm and generosity. But it can also indicate a struggle to develop your personality, which can cause insecurities and relationship problems. Inner restlessness can lead to wide travels and many life changes.

You have the motivation, enthusiasm and competitive spirit to grow, experience all you can, and succeed. Always looking for possibilities to expand, you tend to push the boundaries, go too far, then have to back off. The resulting changes in personality, behavior or beliefs can make you appear superficial, unstable, irresponsible, controversial or untrustworthy.

If you have low self-esteem and self-belief, you may try to improve yourself by consciously becoming more confident and outgoing. But one of the main effects of Jupiter square Ascendant is going too far and not knowing when to stop. This can lead to overconfidence, excessive pride and boastfulness. You may then experience conflict with others, embarrassment or personal crisis.

The same extremes may be experienced between pessimism and over-optimism, laziness and hyperactivity, modesty and showing off, or prudishness and immorality. You may struggle to resolve contradictory feelings of faith and skepticism. Such shifts in behavior and belief may stem from a fear of mediocrity, not being noticed or valued.

Personal growth is essential, especially if you are easily influenced and dominated. You need to have high regard for yourself so that others will do the same and you can enjoy healthy relationships. Moderation is the key to avoiding the pitfall of extremes. Opportunities for learning to moderate your personality, behavior, beliefs, morals and philosophy will come most often through one-to-one relationships.

Learning moderation will enable you to be generous without being taken advantage of. You have an acute understanding of fairness and equity but can sometimes take this too far in close relationships. Use your enthusiasm and sense of right and wrong to fight for victims of injustice and the underprivileged.

Jupiter Square Ascendant Transit

Jupiter square Ascendant transit gives you the motivation, enthusiasm and competitive spirit to experience all you can, find a partner, make more money or become successful. It does bring opportunities for personal, material and spiritual growth, but they may seem more like tests of faith.

These opportunities will most often reveal themselves through one-to-one interactions. The test of faith comes in knowing how much is enough. A tendency to greed, selfishness, extravagance and excess brings the risk of lost opportunities or worse. Taking too much or not giving enough could result in disappointment, loss, embarrassment or scandal.

Moderation is the key to success. Extremes in behavior or belief must be avoided by finding the middle ground. In relationships, it is essential to share and cooperate. But over-optimism and blind faith must also be avoided. If dating, there is an increased risk of being taken advantage of. The same applies to business transactions.

Jupiter Square Ascendant Celebrities

Seann William Scott 0°00′, Jon-Erik Hexum 0°01′, Robert Ambelain 0°02′, Anne, Queen of Great Britain 0°07′, Joan Miró 0°08′, Maxim Gorky 0°10′, Ethan Coen 0°18′, Steffi Graf 0°19′, Gene Simmons 0°24′, Peter Cook 0°27′, Oscar De La Hoya 0°30′, Orlando Bloom 0°30′, James Callaghan 0°32′, Immanuel Kant 0°33′, James Dean 0°37′, Arthur Rimbaud 0°39′, John Galsworthy 0°47′, Jessica Adams 0°47′, Francis I of France 0°53′, Gwen Stefani 0°54′, George Michael 0°55′, Jim Carrey 1°01′, Lana Del Rey 1°02′, Camila Cabello 1°09′, Nicole Kidman 1°10′, Joseph I, Holy Roam Emperor 1°11′, Dan Rather 1°11′, Alan Jardine 1°14′, Neymar 1°16′, George Lucas 1°17′, Lee Miller 1°23′, Olivia Newton-John 1°25′, Christopher Reeve 1°29′, Meat Loaf 1°30′.

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  1. Nice post. I had this aspect, but my jupiter is conjoined with my midheaven. Its change something?

    • South Carolina Balloon caper “Earth Mimic Celestial Art” has this aspect, astrology posted Feb 5 Full Moon.

      The balloon incident occurs between Ohio Train derail and Turkey Earthquake.

      In my humble opinion, the Earthquake is sufficiently predictable as though a Comet perigee. Between the two spins comedy and tragedy, the artwoke Liabilitist.

    • I have this aspect too. The Scorpio Asc 29′ 38″conj Neptune 24’50”, Jupiter in Leo 27’48”. A lot of the descriptions are true for me. But what is dominating in the combination? About laziness, I felt it extremely in the resent years as never before (just coming out), probably because of transiting Neptune square natal Moon 22’36″Gemini, to sharpen the natal quincunx, beside health issues.

      • …and the Moon conj.Mercury at 29’15″Ge, a rectangular quinconx, is it there such aspect pattern?.
        Altough all the conjuncions in my chart are spread at max. width (stelliums Ge 1’13″Venus,7’24″Sun, 14Mars,+/ Vir15’50” Mc,20’10″Pluto,25’05 Uranes/Aries 17′..0North node,21’39″Saturn), the mutual influence is quite to feel.

  2. Don’t forget that the transit also brings a propensity for weight gain

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