Neptune Square Midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune Square Midheaven Transit

Neptune square Midheaven maximum orb 4°00′.

Neptune square Midheaven natal makes you romantic, optimistic, misunderstood, and sometimes controversial. You were particularly impressionable when very young, more so than most people. Neptune probably had a weakening, distorting, or insidious influence on the environment you grew up in, even on your parents.

Disadvantage, poverty, loss, fear, guilt, and confusion are some things you may have experienced while growing up. Even if you were born into a wealthy family, one of your parents likely had strange, immoral, or unethical beliefs or behaviors that affected your outlook on the world.

You may not have realized it for a long time, but your family name may have been subject to scandal or notoriety. Or perhaps one of your parents was absent or weakened your family due to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

Self-doubt, fear, and insecurity may have lowered your self-esteem and confidence. If so, you must set goals based on personal values distinct from your parents.

If I had had somebody to protect me or if I had felt more secure about myself, I would not have accepted certain things. ∼ Nastassja Kinski.

Throughout your life, it is also essential to associate with people who are genuine and honest in their dealings. This is because Neptune square Midheaven makes you more susceptible than most to the negative energy that can affect your career, public profile and reputation. Self-confidence comes from protecting yourself against deception, scandal, exploitation, and the weakening effect of drugs and alcohol.

You are likely a very sensual person, but this, too, can be a weak point if you lower your defenses. Over-idealization may lead to disappointment. Misconception can lead to embarrassment, and misinterpretation can lead to confusion. Controversy in your private life can threaten the stability of your public life. Avoiding your indiscretions gaining more attention than professional achievements may be a struggle.

You are a spiritual, generous and sensitive person. Use your wonderful imagination and creativity to make your dreams come true. Devote yourself to your true calling. If you stay true to your ideals, it will not matter what others say about you.

Neptune Square Midheaven Transit

Neptune square Midheaven transit can make you feel insecure about the direction of your life, career, home, and family life. Self-confidence may cause problems unless you receive significant support from loved ones. When encountering obstacles or resistance from others, you may retreat rather than argue your case.

Your reputation is likely to suffer if you engage in deceit or fraud. Immoral or unethical behavior in your private life may threaten your job security. Any resulting demotion or loss of employment would, of course, affect the stability and security of your home life.

So it is essential to remove yourself from negative people and environments. You are more susceptible to deception, scandal, and even blackmail. You must be around optimistic people and avoid angry and resentful people.

Neptune square Midheaven transit can cause some confusion in understanding body language and the subtle signals people send out. You should also take care not to be taken advantage of by people who see your generosity as a weakness.

Neptune Square Midheaven Celebrities

John Wayne Bobbitt 0°03′, Dawn Fraser 0°04′, Rory Bremner 0°07′, John Patsalos 0°09′, Diego Maradona 0°20′, Marlee Matlin 0°23′, Mike Farrell 0°28′, Janet Street-Porter 0°31′, Melanie Griffith 0°36′, Richard Speck 0°40′, Pauline Hanson 0°44′, Leontyne Price 0°45′, Gates McFadden 0°49′, Salvador Dalí 0°50′, Bill Clinton 0°52′, Stevie Nicks 0°56′, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1°07′, Jamie Farr 1°11′, Richard Simmons 1°12′, Nastassja Kinski 1°15′, Georges Seurat 1°21′, George H. W. Bush 1°23′, Kylie Jenner 1°34′, Phil Donahue 1°38′, Lorraine Warren 1°39′, Geraldo Rivera 1°40′, Rudy Giuliani 1°48′, Jacques Chirac 1°51′.

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  1. “If I had had somebody to protect me or if I had felt more secure about myself, I would not have accepted certain things”…… and… you and your nemesis would of remained undiscovered.

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