Sun Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Jupiter Transit

Sun opposite Jupiter maximum orb 8°00′.

Sun opposite Jupiter natal brings out the extremes of Jupiter in your life and personality. There may be an internal struggle to control Jupiter’s expansive nature, which can show as an inflated ego, over-exuberance, and excesses in pleasure-seeking.

Ups and downs in life are possible concerning wealth, happiness and relationships. It may be difficult to remain happy and content during these growing pains, and you may feel unfulfilled and even unlucky.

Once integration is found, generosity, optimism, good cheer, and prosperity become strong points. Popularity and even fame can result. As with all Sun Jupiter aspects, the energy can often be best expressed through philosophy, religion and spirituality, travel, studies, and involvement in social causes.

Sun Opposite Jupiter Transit

Sun opposite Jupiter transit brings opportunities for success, good fortune, and increased happiness. Everything will fall in place without much effort, leading you to believe you are on a lucky streak or gifted somehow. If you let any excellent fortune go to your head, then this transit can result in loss, embarrassment, and a lowering of self-esteem.

This transit can lead to greed, envy, extravagance, waste, excessive pride and boastfulness. It can amplify destructive behaviors like gambling and addiction. Wanting more and more can leave you feeling unsatisfied and like you are missing out.

If you already have trouble with self-control, this transit is more likely to see you going to excess and wasting any good fortune. A loss of ego could be seen as punishment for previous acts of greed that left others without. This transit would then force you to examine your behavior and motives, giving you the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

However, if you are the shy and conservative type, you are more likely to be grateful for any wins and share the spoils. This transit would then indicate a reward for previous good deeds or service to others, increasing your happiness and self-confidence.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Jupiter transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Jupiter.

Sun Opposite Jupiter Celebrities

Ed O’Neill 0°04′, Nicole Brown Simpson 0°13′, Zac Efron 0°16′, Kellyanne Conway 0°25′, Doris Day 0°42′, Beau Bridges 0°45′, Kenny Rogers 0°46′, Ian Richardson 1°00′, Sting 1°17′, Robert Duvall 1°22′, Anne Summers 1°26′, William Butler Yeats 1°27′, Khloé Kardashian 1°32′, Kylie Jenner 1°34′, George Melly 1°38′, Molly Ringwald 1°45′, Emmanuel Macron 1°52′.

Sun Opposite Jupiter Dates

September 26, 2022
November 3, 2023
December 7, 2024
January 10, 2026
February 10, 2027
March 12, 2028
April 12, 2029
May 13, 2030

12 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit

  1. I really enjoy how you describe aspects and the examples you use to portray them. Doris Day, Yeats… Fresh :)!

  2. Hi-can you tell me a bit about natal Jupiter retrograde (taurus 20′ 2nd) opposition to natal sun (Scorpio 25′ 8th)?

    • I personally have Jupiter opposing my Sun natally (Sun in Taurus, Jupiter in Sag) and for me part of what I’ve noticed is an inflated ego or desire to be larger than life, to have really big goals and to live at the top of the world by having a really expansive, exciting life with travel, exploring distant horizons both physically and internally.

      Basically I’d say jupiter inflates the identity and ego so you want to see yourself as having some type of adventurous, important life filled with meaning. I also have this opposition on the 2nd to 8th houses. Might mean a push and pull between your own resources and self worth (2nd house) and the resources of others. Also your Sun in Scorpio would be even more interested in hidden depths and what lies behind the scene of things.

      Jupiter in Taurus in 2nd probably wants to live lavishly, comfortably, securely and there may be some play between the steady security oriented nature of taurus and the desire of jupiter to take chances.

      Wondering too if being a Scorpio sun who may not want limelight is confusing with Jupiter wanting to have some kind of large ambition or expansive, exuberant, larger than life personality?

      • I don’t use houses or signs so I would be looking to any fixed star conjunctions for additional information.

  3. You could add Sting 44′ to your list of celebrities for this one. I heard him with Peter Gabriel last night – singing together and singing each other’s songs – lovely – and interesting chart comparison there.

  4. I have this natally and really relate to the pleasure-seeking part. I often feel high and dry when it comes to pleasure. I have an idea of what would please me but feel like it is always unattainable. This is a really hard aspect to balance and to be able to find a middle ground is beyond me because of how limited the outside world is when it comes to gratifying my desires. Always wanting something I can’t have makes me feel like I have a big ego because I cant just be satisfied with what I do have. I have a large appetite for a life that isn’t meant to be for me. It’s a pretend make-believe life in my head that I visit often. People never see me clearly and often think I’m this whole other person that I’m not. I wonder if that would come from this aspect as well…

  5. I feel like I should wait until after passover to make a move, even though it will be hard to avoid him. what are your thoughts Jamie?

  6. Today, June 10th, 2019, Jupiter and the Sun are in their usual yearly opposition to each other and while googling for information on this transit I was reminded that an old high school friend has this aspect in her natal chart and she embodies this aspect so perfectly! This aspect in a natal chart can lead to one becoming popular and even famous and my friend was indeed popular (prom queen and always had groupies following her and copying her style). She was a little arrogant and conceited though, and she always bragged about how she seemed to always be in the right place at the right time because good things often just fell into her lap.

  7. launching a model with this aspect, astrologyking hedgehog concept

    Sun opposite Jupiter, 3 Nov 2023
    Mercury -Ceres opposite Uranus, 4 Nov 2023
    Venus opposite Neptune, 3 Nov 2023

    Mercury-Uranus and Venus-Neptune are scaled octaves. Sun and Jupiter are solar system heavyweights. Eventually this model will complete with a new musical score.

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