Moon Opposite Mars Natal and Transit

Moon Opposite Mars Transit

Moon opposite Mars maximum orb 7°30′.

Moon opposite Mars natal makes you a passionate, emotional and competitive person. You have great courage and fighting spirit but can suffer from emotional volatility and impulsiveness. Winning is important to you, but you can sometimes forget to consider the feelings or needs of others.

You are prone to a short temper when you don’t get what you want. Your competitive nature means you won’t give up, which can cause bad moods, arguments, aggression, and conflict. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of a situation, you will often win because of your passion and energy.

Winning at any cost will come at a price, and your intimate relationships suffer the most. The key to maintaining harmony in relationships is to choose your battles with more care and consideration. Always think before reacting and consider how your loved ones will be affected.

With some self-control, you can learn to live with some minor irritations. Cooperation and letting little things ride are not signs of weakness or defeat. You can apply your aggressive instincts and emotional energy to work hard on something you are passionately devoted to. Standing up for the rights of the vulnerable or less fortunate is a great way to channel your fighting spirit.

If you cannot express your emotional frustrations and anger, you may be the victim of aggression from others. This seems a less common manifestation of the Moon opposite Mars, but it can lead to dangerous situations such as domestic violence if left unresolved.

Moon Opposite Mars Transit

Moon opposite Mars transit brings irritability, impulsiveness and emotional volatility. Little annoyances you might usually ignore could make you short-tempered, angry or aggressive. Acting without thinking increases the risk of arguments, fights or accidents. Being alone will stop conflict, but you must still let off steam without causing harm.

Relationships with your partner, family, and close friends will likely suffer from your impulsive actions and aggressive instincts. You can channel your energy toward hard work and competition to avoid hostilities. Improving your record in an individual sport or exercise will reduce your anger.

You may feel a strong urge to have your strong desires fulfilled. However, the more selfish your motives, the less likely you are to succeed. This is a good time to fight for a just cause or defend the vulnerable. You can chase your passionate desires but will have a better chance of success by compromising and considering the needs of others.

It is possible you could be subject to aggression from others. Abuse such as domestic violence would indicate not expressing your emotional desires strongly enough. If you are submissive or shy, this transit may trigger a fight or flight response and an opportunity to leave a dangerous home environment.

This interpretation of Moon opposite Mars transit applies to a lunar eclipse and a full moon opposite Mars.

Moon Opposite Mars Celebrities

Dick Smith 0°03′, Shakira 0°04′, Niki de Saint-Phalle 0°05′, Nick Campion 0°12′, Hugh Greene 0°24′, Joan Baez 0°29′, John Ruskin 0°33′, Betty Ford 0°34′, Gordon Jackson 0°39′, Charles Albright 0°44′, Paul Hogan 0°55′, George Blake 1°01′, Theodore Roosevelt 1°12′, Jeane Dixon 1°21′, Stacy Keach 1°25′, Frederick the Great 1°29′, Kenneth Williams 1°30′, Heather Locklear 1°33′, Bill Gates 1°52′.

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  1. Mars 22Aqr
    Moon 25Leo

    Fri May 1, 2020 transit, 3:00pm PST

    Not showing much patience today. If course the Fulcrum/Apex in the pandemic YOD (Age of Aqr prog chart) is further weighed. Same two planets. So is it any wonder people want this thing to be over?

    But brake… Brake… I hear this in my head.

  2. Mars 24°Can25′
    Moon 25°Cap27′
    Alice 25°Cap27′

    Moon opposite Mars, T-square transit natal Mid Heaven 24Aries

    Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass theme continues this week, post Coronation and Eclipse series. Asteroid Neverland transit Solar Eclipse 00°Tau26, and Neverland in the Natal conjunct transiting Saturn. Cheshire Cat trine Cheshire Cat, lawn ornament, I seem to recall a story from November 2019, reference

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