Colonel Gaddafi Horoscope

Colonel Gaddafi Horoscope

Colonel Gaddafi

Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi has ruled for over 40 years. He is a military man, having been schooled at military college in Libya, then furthering his training at the Hellenic Military Academy in Athens. In 1967 at the age of 27, he led a  bloodless coup against the monarchy in Libya, and has ruled ever since. Another post looks at the Libyan Horoscope.

We have no time of birth for Gaddafi but using the noon chart there is still enough to describe his nature, especially his reputation for oppression and cruelty. First up, the Sun is on the fixed star Rigel in constellation Orion.  Orion is the Hunter, and it gives a strong and dignified nature, self-confidence, inconstancy, arrogance and violence, but danger of treachery. The star Rigel with his Sun causes courage, insolence, unruly temper, hasty actions, bloodshed, many enemies, fortune and military success [1].

Ebertin has found that the Sun on Rigel will give a quick rise in life because of the strong, inherent will power, love of action and luck. Also that there is a continuous battle to maintain the high position, and this battle increases the vigor. However, Ebertin also discovered that people with Rigel on their Sun canl face failure, disappointment and fall from success if they do not show caution, or if they have an attack of weakness [2].

Gaddafi’s Sun is now being aspected by the Jupiter Saturn opposition, Jupiter sextile his Sun, and Saturn trine his Sun. This does not suggest an attack of weakness, and Saturn trining the Sun does not indicate lack of caution. However Jupiter sextile the Sun could lead to an increase in the violence an over-kill, and the lack of caution. Jupiter opposite Saturn here indicates a major turning point in the global cultural, political and economic situation.

Colonel Gaddafi HoroscopeThe violence nature of Gaddafi is further explained by having Mercury on the fixed star Al Hecka, in the Horns of the Bull. The star is known for male violence, and with Mercury gives a hasty temper, selfishness, greed and  loss of wealth [1].

Mars is the planet of war and violence, and Gaddafi has Mars on a star called Procyon. Robson says this star gives “sudden and violent malevolence, sudden preferment by exertion, elevation ending in disaster” and with Mars “Cruelty, violence, scandal and slander, disgrace and ruin” [1].

Interesting, Gaddafi has a very strong Lilith placement, with the dark feminine laying between his Sun and Mercury. His Lilith is also on the female warrior star, Bellatrix in constellation Orion. Gaddafi has an elite private body guard made up entierley of women. They are hand picked by Gaddafi, all virgins and forty in number. They are called the Amazonian Guard. Bellatrix is also called the Amazon Star, because of the link to the ancient nation of all-female warriors, the Amazons.

The December Lunar Eclipse was right on Gaddafi’s Jupiter which on it’s own would sound favorable. However both Uranus and the Lunar Nodes are square his Jupiter at the moment, and will be for a few weeks. This has triggered his downfall, as Gaddafi has Jupiter on the fixed star Menkalinan, which Robson says causes “ruin, disgrace, and frequently violent death” [1].

1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.125, 175, 192, 198.
2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.32.

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  1. I don’t much like Alex Jones/inforwars – but I do respect Ron Paul, so ….

    Ron Paul: Obama Moving Us Toward One World Government
    March 22, 2011
    Congressman Ron Paul made a sweep of television appearances yesterday to voice his strong opposition to the attack on Libya, and making it clear that the president is subverting US national sovereignty by bypassing Congress to engage in illegal acts of aggression.
    Appearing on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Congressman pulled no punches when explaining why he believes Obama went to the UN for authority to drop bombs on Libya, rather than congress.
    “I think he philosophically believes in one world government,” Paul stated.
    “He wants to keep nudging us in that direction. I don’t believe he has a conviction that national sovereignty has any value. So therefore if they can diminish the Congress.” he continued.
    “If he diminishes the Congress and he can get his authority from the United Nations then this enhances what he believes in. But he is not alone, the leadership in both parties has been nudging in that direction for a long time.” the Congressman added.
    “To think of all the effort that the founders went to to make the Congress the most important body, that they are now the most willing to give up their prerogatives and give it to the executive branch and the judicial branch, and onward and onward. Our leaderships in the House as long as I’ve been there have always deferred to the executive branch.” he said.
    Paul once again urged the American people to recognize the military incursion into Libya as a war of opportunity.
    “It is unnecessary, it is wrong, it has nothing to do with national security, it has nothing to do with the defence of this country.” he said.
    “I think there is more to do with it than just that. That may be their cover. It may be that oil is an important issue here. We didn’t go to Rwanda for humanitarian reasons, so I’m not to sure that oil might not be the real clincher here.”

  2. As we were talking about corporatocracy, here is a compilation of political reality…

    Naming Names: Your Real Government /March 22
    This is your real government; they transcend elected administrations, they permeate every political party, and they are responsible for nearly every aspect of the average American and European’s way of life.

    What’s wrong is a system completely controlled by a corporate-financier oligarchy with financial, media, and industrial empires that span the globe. If we do not change the fact that we are helplessly dependent on these corporations that regulate every aspect of our nation politically, and every aspect of our lives personally, nothing else will ever change.

    The following list, however extensive, is by far not all-inclusive. However after these examples, a pattern should become self-evident with the same names and corporations being listed again and again. It should be self-evident to readers of how dangerously pervasive these corporations have become in our daily lives. Finally, it should be self-evident as to how necessary it is to excise these corporations from our lives, our communities, and ultimately our nations, with the utmost expediency.

    lists of names here

    • The action with Libya sets the basis for US military personnel to be commanded by a non-American headquarters. The fleet is located in a vulnerable position as it is always that when you enter the Mediterranean..the further East you the more vulnerability.. Libya further depletes American military strength in the area. Now I want to learn what it is in the stars that points to possible “treachery” “betrayal” “delusion” “illusion” “detachness from reality” and the like.
      Pluto it seems is placed with the “corporate” and Uranus with “liberty” but the bugger is Neptune.. this is the one I also associate with unknown quantities, fogginess, shadows and downright deceit.
      As far as Obama is concerned I bet in the US chart for the near future there will be an indication of a threat to an American Leader or something close to that.. cause I’ll tell ya for those who believe in the US as a democratic republic Obama is jumping to far left too fast and the seeds are being laid for the society to break apart mostly by regions.

      • uranius also rules flip sides, american/libyian action is upside down, done on false pretext.military action becomes murder when american soliders defend enemy jihadists. sinking in conciousness, venus entering pisces. nice comment BTW

      • Thanks Jim, will keep this in mind when writing a post about the US chart for this year.

  3. you people remember “the shadow government”
    you remember the NWO? are you the sort
    who think that Bush/Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld
    have “retired” and are no longer international power players?

    sometimes people who understand planets and aspects
    are woefully shortsighted global power structure analysts.

    how could you be blind to the WTC demolition crew and still go on analyzing politics?

    perhaps it is my pluto/jupiter/uranus grouping
    on the cusp of tropical virgo/libra. i really just want to help,
    because i was gonna say “shitty” instead of “woefully shortsighted.”

    you can’t see Bush/Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld behind the scene, calling shots internationally? Do you…not WANT to see them, or something? Be less naive.

    • well, yes, I think that there are people here who see this, as well as our own limitations within the prefered focus of this site……as well as probability that Obama (amongst so many others) is maneuvering for a world government, with the decision to take the question of Libyan intervention out of congress’ hands by handing it over to the UN speaking volumes, even if he is implicated in this as a puppet master in the process of demonstrably carrying forward the lineage legacy that you point to….but, we can all conjecture and if its political lobbying you want, why not take it to where it will have a more direct effect

      • now rob as one gets removed from sites, the tolerance of jamie is lesson and example

          • left out, as one WHO gets… just a thought…otherwise politics/astro differ… hankering for all views, better that way. wearing a blue hat here.

            • nice hat – and if the purturbed gent wants to get with the astro speak, less the dis, why not…..! (funny smell enters here….)

    • Yes, well we all have political views of some sort. The aim here is to see what the astrology says without tainting that with our personal beliefs or agendas.

  4. enough blame to spread around. you cannot be reasonable w/ group insanity very dangerious, better to leave the area.

  5. Hillary Clinton 10th hs pisces moon and leo/pluto/mars square scorpio/venus and mercury/scorpio square/leo/saturn this woman HATES to be crossed, she’s pathologically incapable of absorbing defeat and wanted to use this little war as a presidential power play, the european union was talking to her, turning to her while obama looked weak, she was the voice. now that her sensitive pisces moon absorbes the full effects she will disentigrate try and run home to Bill, Hill.

    She always had mental problems, the tough exterior, the refusal to confront reality, adulturious mate, the Bosnian war, white water, chineses campaigne money, vincent foster,nothing was her fault if she didn’t acknowldge, people didn’t exist if she refused to see them she preserved self in a vail of superiority that’s saping her vitality as Gadaffi gains in truth and karisma, she becomes old, mousey. her voice is terrible and she can’t change it. She and Obama bring each other down, there is a lesson here don’t mess with truth when planets are trans the first 4 degrees of Aries.


    good job NATO Isreal has nothing to worry about al-qaeda are nice guys comrads of US! Meanwhile in the UK, al-qaedas next best friend, peaceful pleasent streets, a feeling of rightness and justice prevails.

    Isreal in case you haven’t checked her chart is forced into a protective self relience it wants friends/partnerships 7th/hs/taurus/sun & NN but SADLY SQUARED by the reality of moon/pluto/saturn/mars looking down from the 10th hs saying auh,auh.auh don’t you dare. and…..does any one know how many nuclear war-heads Isreal has….can I see some hands raised

    • Following the transits to the Israel closely. I have interesting synastry with her. We both have Neptune opposite our Mars at the moment.

  7. lucy- as the 28th beckons rest assured that one of Israels major reasons for still existing is that its neighbors are not sure of if or how many nuclear weapons they have.

    If that report is true the missiles have to be moved and readied for import to Gaza or maybe even Egypt.. but something like this is doubtful Israeli intelligence won’t know about it.. and will move to take it out as those missiles would be a direct threat and that they belong to Al Qaida makes them an open target.

    Keep the faith.

    • 3/28/venus/pisces/ingress is strong but also one of emotional betrayal, universal loss, suffering, no one wins.(or everyone I pick no-one) The squareing of Gadaffi’s gemini/saturn/uranius/cong. to pisces/venus is one of political change, unexpected leakage, disertion, followers sensing death/weakness abondon him. Next week trans/pisces/venus sextiles his taurus/venus and looks like he escapes w/ his loot, plays sympathy, sends out ‘feelers’. Don’t forget taurus/venus has 9 lives.

      The other fascet is Benghazi, 30mil$$$ day oil port, NATO wants to pump next week….oh really neptune, that rules oil has innitial experience in pisces,(4/4) and eventually is somewhat sextile pluto/cap. SO Gadaffi’s oil is wanted for THE PEOPLE, the question is who? Libyians? rebels? Europe? America? China? I choose all of the above except the rebels… loss, betrayal, abandonment….

      • Neptune opposite Israel Mars could be weakening of military power, arms “seeping” though to Gaza and Lebanon. Hard to prove, hard to detect.

        • Jamie- Neptune- learned this bugger from life experience. Israeli mentality overcomes this because of a “Taurus” methodical quality that can be labeled “bureaucratic” as in very detail oriented. The block to this detail or fact orientation comes from the “left”. The application of those “principles” (leftist/marxist) usually find support in the Arab community first. Small wonder. The duality of Netanyahu/Barack has been a great saving duo- our opinion shared by many others. Zipi Livni is the one who could be the breaking up of this “dynamic duo” and be the manifesting aspect of this Neptunian influence. Deflection from taking needed/timly action.
          BUT THERE IS DIVINE PROTECTION THAT WORKS HERE. The book I referenced maybe incorrectly in an earlier comment is “Armageddon appointment with destiny” by Grant R. Jeffrey. Amazing listing out of Biblical prophecy as relates to Israel.
          But no doubt as the “Palestinian” is bent on war and taking control of Israeli assets i.e. megalomania/delusion- there is little doubt that a war is eminent. Just how and when is very iffy. The “weakening of military power could also come through Obama. It may be a little much here but watching Obama from time to time his behavior- one thing that seems to show is living by “Sharia” law. Notable the absence of his wife when he travels to Arab countries and his political tactics to call for legislation at Christmas and Easter celebrations. But this is only an observation.
          Any and all tutoring comments are very appreciated.

          • Isreal (mars/saturn/pluto/sqauare tarrus sun/nn is perpetually up-in-arms, now barack jining, (evil spirit), the brotherhood, he has chosen a side. betrayal, back to the wall, Isreal is terrified. Don’t forget Taurus will defend itself!

          • obamaVOC moon inauguration, nothing will come of it! no jobs, no forward acomplishment, no real money, no leaving Iraq, Afghanistan, GITMO, no new ideas,(communism,socialism,facism are not new!) no art, music, liturature, no good movies, TV, theator, no really new technology, weapons,no space exploration, no pease, no border resolution or security, no change in tax code, no fix for health care cost, and particurally no JOY.

            I think obama’s DOB is a couple weeks back, 08/04/1961 is the day he landed in Hawaii. He seems the leo male, protecting position, status.

            obama’s sun is no doubt conq one/all of Isreal’s 10th/hs stellium mars/saturn/pluto/moon, square the taurus sun/nn no wonder Israel is feeling displaced, feelings ignored. but it can go both ways saturn/mars will weigh on Barack’s sun so he acts like a muslinbrotherhooder…i’d be happy but for… and then he can’t ignore. it’s like marriage, can’t live w/ or w/out. dose that help jim?

            gadaffi is thinking….gemini is clever, handy resourseful. pray he lasts, Gadaffi stays, Isreal can sheath swords, eye the sky and rest thankfully.

            • …. no energy policy, ‘cap&trade’ don’t pass ….

            • didnot fix the mortage crisis, 13% vacancy rate residential, 20% commercial….people lose homes, homes stay vacant, prices continue down.

              Obama does not fix anything, short attention span, tries to redeem w/ new acts!

              you think the stock market will stay up?

            • I also have a problem with Obama’s birth chart, it just doesn’t gel for me. Nothing specific and we’re not the only ones who think it may be a lie.

  8. Jim

    03/15 Isreali navy intercepted arms including Chinese made anti-ship missiles for Gaza (hamaz) nice of the chinese to include manuals in Farsi.

    a theory here is that british intel. picked up some exclusive Gadaffi oil contract w/ china… and went into a orchastrated (pilot’s defecting rather than bombing civilian targets), rebels marching and then being hit w/ their own morters….

    Gaddafi, with the sextile of gemini/uranius/saturn/cong to aries moon and the gemini sun stellium, is one of detached meglomania. The venus/taurus gives him personality and the aura of a sympathic, productive lord when not challanged! But now this IS unfair, piquing the sextile and trans/saturn/libra trine sun conjunctions. Jim read his bio in wikipedia everything was/is attributed to gadaffi and he probably thought in an arab meglomanic way yes it was him….he caused the earth quake. Now he is dangerious so we are unprepaired. the US caused this suffering, mental anguish of the taurean/venus being missundestood….the translation is way off too, (Ithink)
    It may happen that china will pop up a sub but I rather doubt it, Libyan al-quada may remove an isreali or american airliner samss can be fired from a distance. It seems that w/ the gun running to mexico, the thousands of mexican citizens slaughtered by drug lords, chaos is what the US wants and if Isreal is trapped like gadaffi….I feel like we are being played..

    • be assured there is a play… and Obama is the lead role player and maybe even future martyr.. megalomania is raised and nurtured in the Middle East Nasser is one for starts. May help you to read Exodus. God hardened the heart of Pharaoh he took out to destroy his former slaves “had them trapped against the sea” and wallah! Egypt was never the same after that. It says many, many times in the Bible not to mess with Israel(read a book from Grant Jeffries) but the Left and the “Mus” “plan” on toppling this place.. News! they won’t. Israel is protected… while recent planetary movements raised fear of flooding generally for many parts of the world, for Israel there has been God-sent much needed rain. Perfect- not according to what any of us may think we know but things work according to something you may see as more Cosmic. These types are throughout history.. where are they and their monuments? Where are the bridges they built?
      With all the movements of the stars witness the evolving to a higher consciousness.. it is only as difficult as people make it… have faith in the larger movement within all of which we speak.. know that you are loved and The Ultimate Reality cares for you.. please relax and don’t get carried off with everything.. Sit quietly and listen and enjoy your breathing.. understand what an incredible miracle that is! Be happy. Keep the faith.

      • I can imagine their greenhouses producing fragile life. the tough shell of glass like Isreal, defend, protect nourish. And to the extent of personal imaginings, you are correct Jim, ummm a practical astrologer looks at stats, finds causes….

        • lucy- Obama can’t fix anything because he isn’t about fixing but more preparing. Besides his talking patterns fit more a “scammer” or “con artist”. He may not know how to do anything practical because he’s all “theories”.
          The latest timable I was aware of was that the dollar was to disappear and the States was to become part of the North American Union. Key date was 2014. This from the Council on Foreign Relations. Haven’t picked up anything for awhile now as every thing quieted down a lot as the candiadtes for 2008 election got going. He was may still be a member of the Social Democratic Party in the US..

          Believe it that a war in eminent in the ME because the “Palestinian” want this whole area. They fit the role of enemies from the Old Testament. Even claim to be descendants of those peoples! I can’t say this in terms of Pluto and Co. because I see the planets and stars as “energies” and “influences”.. people always have choice right up to the second they decide to do something. Pluto doesn’t put people up against the wall.. but if you haven’t been doing things in a correct way the energy it represents will certainly get after you to “repent and mend your ways” or close out or down the functionality of those patterns. (Karma). The pain suffered is the consequence.. Not easy stuff.
          But the USA has made some major mistakes in spite of the good things. It never reconciled slavery and cut off the Reconstruction in 1877. They needed to get into the structure of the institutional base in the South but never did. They left most places destitute and kept the door open for reaction- “Jim Crow”. 1877.
          Also made mistakes with not applying the “spirit of ’76” to all facets of society. Read Mrs. Jefferson.
          Be in touch with your inner quiet and you will receive all that you need. Don’t worry or get carried off there are also “Light forces”. Keep the faith.

  9. america is allowing the use of a-101 thunderbolt jets, marine AV-8 harrier jets and the bad boy AC130 specter gunships, killing machines targeting Libyan soldiers protecting cities from jihadists. NATO wants it, UN mandates, worked great in the ivory coast. A crazy minister burns a book, half way across the world; murder. A crazy president wants war and in Libya; murder. I hope mercury retro scrambles communication. radar, so they lose barings fly around in circles, or some pilot gets wise and bombs the desert.

    The truth about aries is it doesn’t live by the golden rule….do unto others? no it’s all do unto self. “I’m no thief,” steal not, “I’m no murderer.” kill not etc. Jupiter in Aries brings truth befor the eyes of many. Libra/saturn is Justice is on the ready. opp. is coming

    The interesting thing about criminal thinking is they don’t own the crime until caught. Aries owns everthing he/she does. (MARS) The criminal might not realise the crowd is talking about them as they jeer,”murder, “cold blooded”, or “thief” lead up the courthouse steps, they look strange, disintrigrated. innocence looks whole. because I’m american the murders of Gadiffi’s forces are taken personally.

    like my backwards sentence structure? it’s my retro merc aries same as now. I hear music backwards remember it

    • planets do not commit actions. They influence feelings and senses- the decision to act is still a choice. Obama has had an agenda from way before 2008. The influence to push things to absurd extremes is more from the agenda.

      I’ll give you another extreme- there are 400 Marines on float off Libya.
      I really hope that they have been moved secretly to another location. I also hope they never have to make a landing. A month or more on ship before making a landing would be physically very challenging.

      Meanwhile Neptune is hours away from entering Pisces (geo centric)… but in Heliocentric is in opp to Mercury… does this point to unseen, shadowy, otherwise unprincipled behavior?

      These are the days NOT TO FORGET to connect with your inner Lord. The best protection. Keep the faith.

      • thanks jim. tears spring…

        mercury retro studies criminality a lot happening w/ the new moon pressing forward, merc. grounding planes,(SW airlines 747) jupiter/aries & saturn/libra acting like 2 sides of one coin…forcing truth/justice, uranius in untimate nature, dosenot make value judgements….Neptune/Pisces is square Gadaffis early gemini/saturn/uranius/conq things dissolve around him, while Aries/uranius sextile the gemini conq. has the individual standing alone and surviving, especially w/ trans pisces/venus trine Gadaffis’s natal venus/taurus makes his character sympathic, he was willing to get along, stop african immigration into Italy provide oil faithfully on the world market.

        Another piece is Gadaffi’s ‘real’ parentige, a catholic abbot said he’s out-of-wed-lock, issue of Italian soldier and jewish girl. Now look at the youthfull gadaffi, tight skin tone, thin build, narrow sholders, theatrical, crafty, playfull, international, his children’s features ITALIAN!!!!

        • uranius/aries; ultimate nature dosenot choose sides, perception has it flipping sides, but uranius is BLIND NATURE smashing all. instinctual, irreverent, eccentric, inventive, drawing power from spirits connectiveness to divine in flashes white light explodes waking out of sleep.

  10. Gadaffi’s psychology is very similar to a mafia don, in reference to possible Italian heritage. He assinated individuals, ‘hits’ and didn’t participate in collective punnishment. The lockerbe bombing appears a device placed in luggage of intelligence agents, Gadaffi ordered maybe it’s 50/50 he did and speculation he goofed. Regardless in his 60s he became lax, giving contol over to radical Islamists in eastern Libya, indulging in fantasy, like 09 inviting 500 Italian beauties over for gifts and possible Islamic conversion. America participates in collective punnishment,Iraq and Afghanistan. not very human I guess.

    Merc retro grounded another UNITED plane! paranoid traveler me.

  11. thanks 100! busy w/ it….Cancer AC, 7.53, sun/sat/uranius/venus 11/hs; jupiter/mercury/12! mars/1 pluto/2 NN/2 everything’s in the east! no wonder he can’t see himself, (as others see him). more excitement on the way.

  12. if true….G’s 10th/hs/aries/moon sextile 11/hs/gemini/saturn/uranius is ancient energy reflected, divine he lacks present day concept of right and wrong, is like a natural force and provides universally..(12/hs/gemimi/jupiter/conq.Rxmercury) explaining the costuminization and multiplication of people working for him, 50 uniformed female body guards etc., yellow hat chadian oil workers, his military and why he chooses NOT to wear uniform as to not be pegged (aries/gemini individual).

    the taurus/venus&gemini/sun/uranius/saturn all occupents 11th/hs is a man that controls energy, elemental, lucky, truthful, different from all things. He keeps his word and will use the 11/hs power to confuse opposition. Although the 2nd/hs/cancer/mars manages material his realm is stratispheric, ancient & modern, the 12/hs/gemini/mercury/jupiter/conq. gives him an army of ‘little people’ that he’s protected and provided for, coming to his aid. kind of amazing.

  13. @ Uranius Aries

    in America the USDA, (united states dept of agriculture) poisons birds by the thousands. Starlings, grackels, redwinged black birds, Eurasian black birds…the dead birds were accidentally picked on a winter whirl-wind and carried to mid-weatern cities jan/5-9/2011….some poison contaminated streams killing fish. WHAT RIGHT HAS THE USDA TO KILL BIRDS? I love the creatures and the huge flocks come to my state, eat insects. (hardly any now) uranius/aries makes right by sending a drought to the same areas….Gods birds, kill them and a Uranian force of nature will take more than living birds in grain lose. the driest 4 months since dust bowl is happening right now.

  14. 4/10 cancer/moon Gadaffi’s AC is in charge today w/ ethnic collection, Africa Came calling PEACE BROTHER, he clasps his hands to show 11/hs friendship.

    I am all shivers. Gadaffi has backing, sympathy of Africa…a compelling character, he will fight and not surrender, brave, in the right, NATO is goliath. NATO:

    not exactly peaceful

    a lot of force directed @ Gadaffi….

    a packed 11/hs is TARGET. note; NATO moon/uranius on Gadaffi’s jupiter/mercury

    NATO’s chart jupiter/capricorn opp saturn/leo selfish, uncompromising.

    NATO: trans jupiter/aries cong venus/mars/sun

    venus/mars/sun wants to use otherpeoples resources…in this case they are blatanly after Gadaffi’s oil & gold.

    my god NATO is after him!!!!north atlantic terror orginization.

    I hope Nato enjoys killing Africans as much as they did yugoslavians

    • Amazing isn’t it how a tyrant can be made to look like a victim! There is an obvious misuse of power by NATO forces- misused for what they are supposedly there to do (protect civilians) and misuse as not to properly deal with the few brigades Qaddafi has at his disposal. There is here a lack of leadership (US).
      All of this benefits Iran… think of Iran with nuclear weapons it says it wants to use and reactors which sit on fault lines.
      I have Neptune opposition Uranus these days- what about you? or does Lilith and Chiron take the edge off?

  15. Gadaffi is playing spades! the wide white colonial world will loose, irony of ironies for halfrican Barack…

    nothing opp me!!! too much aries, (I think)

  16. OK I’m terrified…just heard they are thinking of limited nuclear war here.

  17. I hope Benghazi is liberated sooner rather than later. I also hope that the North Atlantic Torture Organization is disbanded as soon as possible.

  18. “Mars is the planet of war and violence, and Gaddafi has Mars on a star called Procyon. Robson says this star gives “sudden and violent malevolence, sudden preferment by exertion, elevation ending in disaster” and with Mars “Cruelty, violence, scandal and slander, disgrace and ruin” [1].”

    There was a quarter Moon at 26 Cancer conjunct Gaddafi’s Mars this morning. I’m adding the chart for the first news report of his capture today.

  19. sun conjnct Rigel are always war like.
    I know at least 3 ppl of this position and all with Mercury there too and yes they do have many enemies and they often don’t realize it.
    thanks for great astro insights, been following you for some time.

  20. regardless his rising sign, (I pick cancer, he died at 4th/hs libra home)the many squares and opp signal a “times-up”. the departing libra saturn/sun conjunction add depth, length, sympathy, that squares his 1st/hs mars, is captured at home…the thing is he doesn’t die here, his memory, the saturn/sun conjunction is trans trine sun/ceres/mercury/jupiter…mental images, memory that expands overtime.

    a saturn/sun conq is something to brace for, as it often brings an end that people remember…steve jobs

    • Pluto and Uranus on his moon too. Public, Revolution.
      His Gemini stellium must have taken a bashing while Pluto was in Sag. He had the chance to regenerate/change but chose not to. So the change was made for him. With all that Gemini, did his right hand ever know what his left hand was up to? I doubt it!

      • yeah, one see’s them all holed-up, under bombardment, in his home town during cancer/moon…then making a break-for-it with moon/ingress/leo/trans/trine gadaffi’s aries/moon. The taurus/venus/trans/trine/pluto/capricorn makes him a value target for release of wealth,but it’s all gemini quick-silver slipping through the fingers, better held in the mind..reality coming, can’t escape libra balancing

    • Also transiting South Node on his Sun as I just mentioned on Mels comment (previous page). The end at home.

      • Thank you ,
        In your analyses of the chart on Libya do you see the tribes that had supported Qaddafi come together as one force and create a civil war .?

        And also like Che will Qaddafi become a martyr, a hero in future years to come ?

  21. Muammer Gaddafi actually practiced moderation in possessions. He lived in a tent. This had camels, palm trees and circles for the pattern and it was yellow green and brown. It was really pretty and easy on the eye. He had carpet.,white plastic table and chairs, a low settee, another table with a white apple computer. The great leader of Libya built homes for all of the Libyan people from 1969 to 1976. He himself remained in his officers quarters.Muammer’s wife lived in a two bedroom house with one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom and that was it. Muammer advocated living modestly and practiced what he preached. The Libyan people could live very cheaply with petrol costing only a few dinars,subsidised organic bread, foods, free water, electricity and gas for household use.The women told me they could drive and walk about at any time of the day or night, alone and they felt safe. I questioned this but they were adamant about this. Libya fell because the nation lacked the defence systems of Russia and the terrorists of Libya,, active in Iraq, were joined by highly trained foreigners, and heavily armed. A lot of drugs came in at that time including captigen and the young were bribed with crazy sums of money to war against their people. Muammer gave his people direct democracy in the Jamahiriyah system He would suggest and ask them to consider but they would decide. He had influence and respect but no power.
    Muammer Gaddafi’s people did love him, I have heard enough and seen enough to be convinced of this. We should think of Muammer as a champion of the people and of women’s rights in the Muslim world.
    Muammer Gaddafi also helped Indonesia to negotiate peace between themselves at one time.

    There were so many other things Muammer did like the Great Green Charter, the great man made river, agriculture, healthcare, dentistry, student grants, further education, the grants, monthly income, interest free loans, refugees, migrants, all manner of help for the poor in Africa, African satellites, the African union and his intention of beating the world bankster system by issuing gold dinars and his plans for an African currency….He was killed by a corrupted world and we would do well to learn the truth about a great world hero. Please look up some of these.

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