Mercury Opposite Sun Transit

Mercury Opposite Sun TransitMercury opposite Sun transit brings conflict and tension into this busy time. Your will and ego are working at cross purposes to your rational thinking and how you express yourself, so it’s easy to put other people off during this time. They will feel you are being too selfish and annoying, but you think they are the ones that are hard to get along with.

Communications and mental activity are stimulated now so it may be difficult to avoid arguments, but it is you who has to think of others and seek a compromise, at least to settle things down before you push your agenda. Important decisions and negotiation should be avoided, and this is also not the best time for bargaining, making business deals or signing contracts.

7 thoughts on “Mercury Opposite Sun Transit

  1. When does the retrograde end? The 15th correct. Decan 1 for Gem in I’m referring to. I have some contract/biz matters to deal w/ very very soon, and made a few decisions during the time that seemed smooth and what to make sure all is good b/c it felt good.thanks

  2. I have this transit in 3 days and I know what this transit represents to me. It is obviously big argument between my superiors and colleagues. I do not feel like backing up (Pluto Trine^^) yet I do not think I would win argument. I am already thinking too many options regarding the argument yet I cannot think sharp.

  3. I am reporting a Libra decan 3 guy for illegal activity, I am going to wait for his mercury opposition which will hit middle of April

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