Uranus Retrograde August 24, 2022 – Instability & Uncertainty

Uranus Retrograde 2021Uranus Retrograde 2022 begins on August 24 at 18° Taurus and ends on January 22, 2023, at 14° Taurus.

Generally, Uranus retrograde is associated with inner changes in response to external change. Uranus retrograde 2022 square Venus and Saturn may lead to instability in relationships, financial markets and politics. Sudden, expected changes can be frustrating and lead to increased inner uncertainty.

More detail about Uranus retrograde 2022 follows some general information on Uranus retrograde in transit. Information about Uranus retrograde in the natal chart can be found at the end of this article.

Uranus Retrograde Meaning

Uranus retrograde is a regular cycle lasting 155 days every year in which the planet moves four degrees backward through the zodiac. This is a time of inner change in response to external changes in your life. Any transits that Uranus makes to your chart will give more detail about the type of change and the areas of life affected.

You may have anticipated a significant change in your life or tried to initiate change, but nothing has happened. In this case, transiting Uranus retrograde will induce the internal changes in attitude or behaviors necessary to make the desired change possible.

Often the changes you seek are to allow more personal freedom. Whatever the case, Uranus retrograde lets you process things internally before you manifest the external change once Uranus turns direct.

Another possibility is that you have been disruptive and rebellious, trying to force radical change. Whether your revolution was based on ignorance or the innocence of youth, Uranus retrograde will bring higher self-awareness and insights about the error of your ways. A period of less chaotic internal changes should follow.

Uranus Retrograde 2022

Uranus stations retrograde on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 18°55′ Taurus. There are no major fixed stars within the orb of Uranus. However, there are two planetary aspects to consider: Venus square Uranus and Saturn square Uranus. The Lunar North Node is also conjunct Uranus.


Difficult Changes

The last exact Saturn Uranus square was in December 2021, and the aspect orb now is over two degrees. But because of retrograde motion, this significant planetary aspect is applying (getting stronger). It reaches an orb of 0°37′ in early October 2022. Like last time, there may be more COVID-related restrictions, natural disasters and political instability.

Saturn square Uranus retrograde 2022 brings restrictive change and unexpected restrictions. It can bring change that you don’t want. It also makes it harder to make the changes you want. Rising tension and sudden, expected changes can be very frustrating.

But if you stay open-minded, patient and flexible, what at first seem like challenges, can be turned into opportunities to rid yourself of negative, restrictive, and limiting things. Uranus retrograde 2022 is not the time to resist change, nor is it the time to overreact. A well-considered, methodical, patient, and step-by-step approach is best.

Relationship Instability

Venus square Uranus can test the stability of a love relationship through unexpected urges or events. An increased need for freedom and excitement can test your patience with a loved one or lead to wandering eyes. If dating, you may be attracted to exciting or eccentric people but avoid taking risks if meeting someone you know nothing about.

This aspect can also indicate a lack of self-control with your finances. Beware of a tendency to buy things impulsively, especially unnecessary items. There may also be instability in financial markets. Due to unforeseen circumstances, sudden and erratic swings in stock markets and commodity prices are possible. The ability to find peaceful settlements to disputes and war will also be hampered by changing circumstances.

Uranus stations direct on January 22, 2023, at 14°56′ Taurus. [see chart]

Five Retrograde Planets

Five retrogrades happen only 4% of the time. Six retrogrades occur only 0.7% of the time. Four planets are already in retrograde motion: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Uranus retrograde 2022 makes five. Mercury retrograde from September 9 to October 2 will make six planets retrograde simultaneously. Pluto direct on October 8 will take it back to four. In summary:

  • Five retrograde planets from August 24 to September 8.
  • Six retrograde planets from September 9 to October 2.
  • Five retrograde planets from October 3 to 8.

When five or more planets are retrograde at the same time, the world appears to slow down. You may attract energy at some invisible level, and it can feel like you are living in another dimension. It can feel like you’re from some other planet or other reality, so there is less inner certainty. You may experience feelings of isolation or of being different.

More than four planets in retrograde motion also make it more difficult for people to understand each other. It seems like more bad things are happening in the world. More violence, psychological abuse, accidents, suicides, and death. Understanding and compassion seem to be lacking. With the world slowing down, material events can act as blockages that allow you to develop internally and mature. This helps you find reassurance within yourself.

Uranus Retrograde Dates

  • August 15, 2020, to January 14, 2021 – 10°41′ to 06°43′ Taurus.
  • August 19, 2021, to January 18, 2022 – 14°47′ to 10°49′ Taurus.
  • August 24, 2022, to January 22, 2023 – 18°55′ to 14°56′ Taurus.

Natal Uranus Retrograde

Uranus retrograde natal is common to 40% of people, the same as the other outer planets Neptune and Pluto. Therefore, it is not considered as significant or critical as having an inner planet retrograde. For example, Venus retrograde affects only 7% of the population.

But retrograde motion does affect Uranus. It seems harder to restrain Uranus’s erratic and impulsive urges. This could show as abruptness, aloofness, or an agitating nature. Retrograde motion can also internalize the disruptive, electric energy of Uranus, This could lead to nervous anxiety, spasms, neurotic behavior, or rapid personality changes.

Uranus, at its best, is intuitive, ingenious, and original. A healthy Uranus is eccentric yet comfortable in self-expression. But Uranus retrograde makes it harder to be yourself without causing distress to yourself or others. Uranus retrograde may also have some association with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

The karmic nature of retrograde motion suggests you feel different or cut off from others because of events in your past lives. The rebellious activity could have led to calls of “traitor.” You may have been banished from your community for being too different or weird for several reasons.

Erratic behavior or unreliability could have caused problems for you over many incarnations. In this life, events and relationship issues will keep reinforcing your specific Uranus retrograde challenges. The aim is to be yourself while not upsetting things as they are.

26 thoughts on “Uranus Retrograde August 24, 2022 – Instability & Uncertainty

  1. One can only hope that there is a sudden change that reverses any immoral or unethical decisions, perhaps to a way even better than before many were subjected to subservient attitudes and behaviours as Pluto purged them from their hiding places, it has certainly done its job and served its purpose, even revealing a lot of hidden bad blood among general public at the same time, certainly not something I wanted to know, but thankful that I do, in moving forward with the new innovations, here on earth… Actually, I do believe it is possible, even though many around seem to believe we are doomed to be forced to be subjected to a future of, more of the same, some of us did actually listen to Saturn putting the brakes on the new innovations, with moving slowly but surely through the traditional, trial and error process, that remains sensible, even today. I was “put in my place” only today, for speaking the truth about myself and my history, as it being a ”
    “matter of opinion” for which I stated, actually no it isnt, that is how it is for me personally…It didnt go down too well, but hey, it is actually true in my individual case, they may not want to hear it or believe it, but I’m not going to lie, just to avoid their disapproval.

  2. Jamie I have read, in more than one place, that something significant globally will happen on September 5. Do you see anything?

      • I see thanks, the date was highlighted by a couple of numerologists so maybe they are going down an alternative channel. Going to stay home that day just in case 🙂

  3. Hi Jamie,

    Big fan! I’m curious how this retrograde effects each of us personally if it’s not mentioned in our monthly or weekly horoscopes? Is it just blanket effecting us all? I also noticed another trend that my husband (Pisces) has some squares and frustrations showing up in his weekly/monthly that aren’t highlighted at all when the year is looked at as a whole. Just trying to get a handle on the influences and their strengths.

    • I’ve done more reading and I see now that my husband and I don’t have any Uranus transits in our charts! But I still wonder why some aspects don’t get mentioned in the year as a whole? The squares and such seem to be a bigger deal in real life than the astrology let on 😅

  4. Thank you once again, Jamie for such clear, concise yet powerful information. Your work is so appreciated…

    • Jamie this starts on my Mars 18°Taurus and ending on my Ascendent 14° Scorpio……any thoughts? I would love to give you my time if you want to test drive my chart! Melinda from Raleigh,NC USA…..hope all is well with you!

  5. Meaning the 14° Scorpio acendant that Mars is opposite of…..sorry I wasn’t clear

  6. I have this natally, 0Cancer Station retrograde, 3rd house, OOB. Might it affect be differently?

  7. Dear Jamie.
    September 5th is the day the our next Prime Minister takes over in UK.
    It will not be a good omen for the many. Evil is walking abroad in the world.
    Glad you are better Jamie x

  8. Excerpt “You may attract energy at some invisible level, and it can feel like you are living in another dimension. It can feel like you’re from some other planet or other reality, so there is less inner certainty. You may experience feelings of isolation or of being different.”

    I’ve found in the past week,that i’m occupying some state of void of nothingness.

    To separate from this head space,i took up smoking again.

    It’s like i’m here,but also somewhere else,the void.

    Plenty of cravings being ‘here’,cravings of the flesh.

    Not a place i’d like to occupy 100%,this void of nothingness.

    Perhaps that is one must do,in order to be reborn?


    • Ps.I’ve had this feeling for awhile that i’ve hit a brick wall.

      The last few years going back and forth to see what works.

      Usually within the space of nothingness,

      a moment of inspiration comes to the fore.

      But alas,i find myself lacking anything.

      It’s like what’s next?

      Where to now?

      Is this what’s retirement is like?Haha

      Why in the hell was i born on a planet where i don’t fit in?

      Many questions left unanswered.

      Till then,i walk alone.

      Alone into the void of nothingness.

      • Pss.The void of nothingness is nothing more than an empty cup.

        ‘I’ would say,’I’ initially found it disorientating.

        ‘I’ being the shadow self.

        I AM,now in control,

        and aligned.


  9. The frog spirit's meaning speaks of transition and transformation. As the toad eats its own skin, so the frog's power is an image of rebirth. Its presence urges us to make changes, whether it's within ourselves or in our lives. Frog energy is a feminine one, and it helps us clean and clears our body, minds, and soul.

    A frog was outside my back door 2 nights ago….

    Eyes wide open.

    Am undergoing some change.

    Old habits and the alike that use to bring some joy and short relief,

    fail to ignite anymore.

    I don’t feel anything anymore,let alone empathy for humans.

    Not that i had much empathy for humans before this haha.

    I am much more aligned with animals,

    and feel alot more rapport and connection…more so now.

    They ignite my emotions.



    thoughts come and go,

    it’s hard to put into words what is taking place.

    Nothing sticks in the mind anymore.

    All i know,

    the old self,is falling away,

    it comes,it goes.

    Best to go with the flow,

    and accept the tide of change.


  10. This society is neurotic and insane.

    With my eyes widening further and with further inner work,

    it just reinforces further why i want nothing to do with this society.

    All these addictions and distractions in society,

    how can anyone connect back to first base!?!

    Albeit of course,dropping out of society and

    doing the inner work yourself.

    I’ve struggled with addiction all my life,

    running away from myself.

    I’ve beat addictions,only to have another substitute,
    another bloody blindfold.

    I’ve seen others quit,only to replace with something else.

    Then there’s the so called experts,who tell you to replace an
    addiction with something healthy etc.

    That in itself,is just another addiction and keeps one
    in the cycle and never ending loop of doing(addiction).

    Substitution therapy works,
    but one has to come back to first base
    and face the void and there hidden unfelt emotions.

    Over and out.


  11. No end in sight…’insight’

    We have generations of wounded souls,

    who live a one sided reality.

    Not yin and yang.

    It’s not by short sightedness,ignorance nor greed,

    that the system is the way it is,

    and why we have all this turmoil in the world.

    And why it will only get worse.


    Until the sh1t show changes,

    i will have zero to do with it.

    You sow what you reap.

  12. Intense energies coming forth.

    Last 2 weeks,i’ve had intense cravings(for good reason-coping mechanism for some relief)

    Temperature fluctuations ie:extreme cold(geomagnetic storm 17/8/22)

    This feeling of being in nothingness.

    All teeth hurting(gone now)

    Hyperventilating one evening and connected to heart space.

    Food changes and also indecisive and confusion.

    A few days of intense sugar cravings(gone now)

    Been feeling i’ve been aligning with my body in the past week.

    Been getting intense headaches the last 4days and i normally don’t suffer from headaches.

    Intense,all around the crown and like intense pins and needles.

    Pain killers don’t work and found just being with the pain,lessons it.

    Thankfully they are lessening somewhat.

    Woke up early this morning with headache on right side(feminine)

    and headache at the back of the head.

    After it dissolved,i feel like a light pulsating current running throughout my whole body.

    A nice feeling.: )

    Also don’t feel like doing much and or nothing at all.

    Anyone else experiencing these energy shifts?

    IF so,what are you experiencing?

  13. Indecision.

    Though it’s lessoning and less frustrating,

    i find aligning that i’ve been going in and out.

    Like moments of joy,but other moments of sadness.

    Like my heart and soul is searching,

    to what brings me joy and lifts my spirits.

    The mind chatter is lessoning and that’s been a thorn in the side.

    Anywho,i imagine the buck has to stop somewhere,

    and i can get on with a more meaningful living of existence.

    Be it,the quagmire we inhabit.

    I hope we are in a midst of global cleansing.

    Rather bizarre sequence of events.

  14. The current transit affects all my hard, fixed angles, hitting natal Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Chiron. Back in 2018, when we got the first taste of Uranus touching Taurus, I printed out a large picture of the planet’s glyph and posted it where I could see it every morning and find ways to take advantage of the energy. I told my spouse I was in for a rough ride, but that was before I found out that Pluto entered Capricorn, which isn’t so bad for the earth signs, but the poor man is an Aries Sun-Mars!

  15. Very terrifying experience yesterday.

    Nodded off and felt myself falling down into a dark abyss.

    Very scared and terrified,it was like ‘i’ died,there was nothing but blackness.


    This was it,’i’ was dying.

    Nothing to hang onto.


    Recalled a thought of my brother and yanked back up into my body and instantly awoke.

    Now have a different view and another set of eyes.

    Like my inner child is now at the forefront.

    Not happy and there is anger.

    Torn,have been going back and forth and fine tuning.

    Forwards,then find myself going backwards.

    Only to realize it’s time to move on.

    Flogging a dead horse trying to make things work.

    Application in progress.

    What will be,will be.

    If it’s meant to be,it will be.

    • Ps.That blackness i got down to,was a black box.

      Done some searching,Philosopher’s Stone!

      When i resurfaced and awoke,i had this chemical sensation going on in the middle of my chest.

      Like heart and throat together,sensations in the mouth too.

      And the underside of my tongue resembles a snake.

      Venom like elixer,turning lead into gold.

      Whole body felt on fire.


      What i find coming to the fore,is my fighting spirit.

      This started surfacing yesterday and like a loose cannon,

      ready to unleash.

      Though it has settled.

      Apocalypse Now also popped into the mind,

      and heard the trumpets sounding today.

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