Uranus Retrograde August 2021 – Adventure Time

Uranus Retrograde 2021

Uranus retrograde begins on August 19, 2021, at 14° Taurus and ends on January 18, 2022, at 10° Taurus.

Uranus retrograde is generally associated with inner changes in response to external changes in your life. Uranus retrograde 2021 brings excitement, initiative, curiosity, and a sense of adventure.

More detail about Uranus retrograde 2021 follows some general information on retrograde Uranus in transit. Information about Uranus retrograde in the natal chart can be found at the end of this article.

Transiting Uranus Retrograde Meaning

Uranus retrograde is a regular cycle lasting 155 days every year in which the planet moves four degrees backward through the zodiac. This is a time of inner change in response to external changes in your life. Any transits that Uranus makes to your chart will give more detail about the type of change and the areas of life affected.

You may have anticipated a major change in your life or tried to initiate change but nothing has happened. In this case, transiting Uranus retrograde will induce the internal changes in attitude or behaviors which are necessary to make the desired change possible.

Often the changes you seek are to allow more personal freedom. Whatever the case, Uranus retrograde lets you process things internally before you manifest the external change once Uranus turns direct.

Another possibility is that you have been disruptive and rebellious, trying to force radical change. Whether your revolution was based on ignorance or the innocence of youth, Uranus retrograde will bring higher self-awareness and insights about the error of your ways. A period of less chaotic internal changes should follow.

Uranus Retrograde 2021

Uranus stations retrograde on August 19, 2021, at 14°47′ Taurus. As the chart below shows, the conjunction of Mercury and Mars makes a harmonious blue trine aspect Uranus.

Uranus stations direct on January 18, 2022, at 10°49′ Taurus. [see chart].

Uranus Retrograde August 2021

Uranus Retrograde 2021 [Solar Fire]

Planetary Aspects

Mercury trine Uranus opens your mind to new possibilities. It brings curiosity, inventiveness, flexibility, intuition, and psychic awareness. This allows you to take advantage of exciting changes, new information, and unexpected opportunities. Changes will be easy to make, easy to adapt to, and should not cause upset or chaos.

This is a good time to make new friends. Chance encounters are possible with eccentric people or those who can make your life more interesting and stimulating. An increase in communication through the internet is likely. This would be a good time to start your own website or to learn skills associated with computers, technology, science, or occult subjects like astrology. This is also a good time to change outdated beliefs, negative behaviors, and bad habits.

Mars trine Uranus gives an urge to experience new activities, feelings, and relationships. You should be more willing to express your passionate desires and break free of any previous restrictions or boring routines. You can trust your instincts and be confident about taking risks.

This is a good time to get new projects off the ground with daring initiative. Your sex drive and physical attractiveness should also enjoy a boost. This will match your increased desire for excitement and sex. So finding a willing partner should come relatively easy. If you already have a partner, increased open-mindedness will lead to much enjoyment and stimulation through experimentation.

Mercury conjunct Mars increases mental activity. It brings quick thinking, a sharp tongue, and rapid reflexes. This conjunction on its own can lead to aggression, hurtful words, and arguments. But the trine to Uranus channels your mental energy into excitement, initiative, curiosity, and a sense of adventure.

Fixed Stars

Uranus retrograde 2021 is in the Sign of Taurus. But as the star map below shows, it is in the Constellation of Aries. This discrepancy is due to the precession of the equinoxes. It has moved the Sun Signs almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named over 2000 years ago.

Uranus Retrograde 2021

Uranus Retrograde August 2021 [Stellarium]

More precisely, Uranus aligns with major stars in the Constellations of Cetus the Whale (or Sea Monster), and Andromeda the Chained Woman (or Princess):

  • 14♉31 – Gamma Andromedae, Almach
  • 14♉37 – Alpha Ceti, Menkar
  • 14♉47 – Uranus Retrograde 2021

The ecliptic (longitudinal) positions of Menkar and Almach coincide closely. Therefore, a blending of the influence of both fixed stars is the case. [1]

The Sea Monster

Constellation Cetus is like Saturn. It is said to cause laziness and idleness, but to confer an emotional and charitable nature, with the ability to command, especially in war. Makes one amiable, prudent, happy by sea and land, and helps to recover lost goods. [2]

Fixed star Menkar is of the nature of Saturn. It causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune. [2] Menkar causes impediments of many kinds, worries, and tests of endurance; in some, this hardens and toughens the individual. [1] If well-aspected, Menkar gives good practical sense and the ability to consider intelligently the consequences of one’s actions. [3] Menkar rules the thyroid gland. [4]

Menkar with Uranus: Active mind, artistic, scientific and mystical interest and ability, troubles through opposite sex, loss through fire and false friends, good fortune and misfortune alternately, severe injuries from animals.

The Princess

Constellation Andromeda is said to bestow purity of thought, virtue, honor, and dignity upon its natives, but to cause battle with chimerical fears and a tendency to become easily discouraged. It gives love between husband and wife and reconciles adulterers. [2]

Fixed star Almach is of the nature of Venus. It gives honor, eminence, and artistic ability. [2] Almach is supposed to give a cheerful nature, a liking for change and diversion and amusement, and popularity that bring benefits from others. [1] When well-aspected, Almach gives great patience. [3]Almach rules the left side of the neck. [4]

Uranus Retrograde Dates

  • August 11, 2019, to January 10, 2020 – 06°35′ to 02°39′ Taurus.
  • August 15, 2020, to January 14, 2021 – 10°41′ to 06°43′ Taurus.
  • August 19, 2021, to January 18, 2022 – 14°47′ to 10°49′ Taurus.

Natal Uranus Retrograde

Uranus retrograde natal is common to 40% of people, the same as the other outer planets Neptune and Pluto. Therefore, it is not considered as significant or critical as having an inner planet retrograde. For example, Venus retrograde affects only 7% of the population.

But retrograde motion does affect Uranus. It seems to make it harder to restrain the erratic and impulsive urges of Uranus. This could show as abruptness, aloofness, or an agitating nature. Retrograde motion can also internalize the disruptive, electric energy of Uranus, This could lead to nervous anxiety, spasms, neurotic behavior, or rapid personality changes.

Uranus at its best is intuitive, ingenious, and original. A healthy Uranus is eccentric yet comfortable in self-expression. But Uranus retrograde makes it harder to be yourself without causing distress to yourself or others. Uranus retrograde may also have some association with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

The karmic nature of retrograde motion suggests you feel different or cut off from others because of events in your past lives. The rebellious activity could have led to calls of “traitor”. You may have been banished from your community for being too different or weird for any number of reasons.

Erratic behavior or unreliability could have caused problems for you over many incarnations. In this life, events and relationship issues will keep reinforcing your specific Uranus retrograde challenges. The aim is to be yourself while not upsetting things as they are.

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    • Good, thank you, Sallie. Starting chemo on August 18 and see my oncologist on September 6. I Will update after that.

  2. Hi Jamie
    Hope all is well how u feeling m praying for you almost everyday may God give u speedy recovery Ameen

  3. Jamie, blessings on your journey….of mind and body
    Uranus rx is in my 8th house….my moon is at 21 Taurus/8th…..so would the rx be conjunct my moon? the article talks about inner changes facilitated by outer changes…..Im wondering if for me its different…ref my moon in the 8th…outer changes due to inner transformation?

  4. With, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron all rx in my natal chart, kind of thankful Uranus isnt as well, or being neurotic would most definitely be on my to do list lol!

  5. Jamie…..i have been reading your postings this year and really appreciate them….very through ….hope your treatment goes as easily as possible…i”m a professional astrologer and physic….and always researching especially cancer ..as consider that to be the real pandemic…..medical astrology is right on….i don’t know what to do with fixed stars and would like to be able to learn…..there is a book called the HEALERS HANDBOOK…from a long gray beard man from Canada…may not be alive currently….the book is mind blowing…and profiles every possible thing that could be bothering a body no matter how small…it is also brutal as it profiles and nails more then just the psychical….i don’t have the book and the women know who has it hanging onto and playing this game about giving it to me and then not…..try and get a copy know you will find it very relevant…….Vance

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  7. Jamie….. please, try to meditate whenever you have time… That can really help you to get better fast.. I pray for you …

  8. I +must+ re-invigorate my “lost” six-year yoga practice. That’s the only “solution” (if any) to this Uranus in Taurus transit, through my 7th house. Now the Rx happening…in addition to all the other Rx… ugh. Positive thoughts I suppose! Coincidentally this Rx phase started on my ex’s birthday on 8/19/2021. Transiting my 7th house.

    Clearly; It seems the most prominent (& anxiety-inducing) issues i’ve endured, since Uranus entered Taurus, have been focused around dating/sex/relations. Been single since 2014, after an 8-year live-in relationship (ending peacefully). I was always saying, “I love being single now,” and “everything is great being single!” Not that I’m crazy promiscuous… but yoga 6 days/week had clearly done my body good & many suitors took notice! who am I to say no. JK 😉
    …Then at the end of 2019 – BOOM. As if the universe decided to teach me, “don’t get too comfortable now, idiot!” as soon as Uranus ingressed to Taurus. Then COVID-19 happened, and I knew nobody would be speaking to me. Its all a lesson, I know. sigh. cant wait for Uranus to enter my EIGHTH house! wow! lol

    • My DOB is Jan.26, 1986 @ 12:10 AM, San Diego, California. full moon bday. moon on MC (orb 1°), sun on IC.
      If it means anything to the reader(s), my chart is 4°22″ Scorpio ascendant, conjunct south node 4°24″ Scorpio; Uranus currently transiting my seventh house. Lovely! lol.

      Lucky me – also in my birth chart – Pluto 7° Scorpio, virtually on the ascendant. Oh yes, not to forget! Mars 25° of scorpio too! Opposite Lilith 25° Taurus! North node 4° taurus. WOWOWOWOW haha, just thought I’d give a reference to all I said up above 🙂

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