Jupiter Trine Uranus 15 December 2019

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Jupiter Trine Uranus TransitJupiter trine Uranus is a major planetary aspect occurring in December 2019. There is only one exact aspect on December 15, 2019, which I will show at the end of this article. First, however, you will find interpretations for the natal aspect and Jupiter trine Uranus transit. This fortunate aspect happens about every 5 and then 9 years during the 13.5 year Jupiter Uranus Cycle.

Natal Jupiter Trine Uranus

Jupiter trine Uranus natal makes you a creative genius. You are always looking ahead, experimenting, questioning, seeking new and exciting adventures. Traveling and exploring different cultures would give you the kind of experience you crave. However, you also find satisfaction in pushing the boundaries of your mind through philosophical inquiry.

This aspect gives a fundamental dislike of tradition and an ingenious, progressive spirit. You believe everyone deserves the chance to succeed without the restrictive interference of rules and regulations. You would feel constrained or claustrophobic if someone or something inhibited your freedom to grow and succeed in life.

Pushing the limits comes naturally for you and you are often rewarded when taking risks. This is a lucky aspect and you usually fall on your feet. Always entertaining and sometimes controversial, you don’t intend to shock people but your unconventional style does attract attention. There is something flamboyant or distinctive about the way you live, dress or act that makes people talk.

Behind your goals and actions are well intended, liberal, tolerant and progressive beliefs and values. You are a very generous and cheerful person with an optimistic view of the future. Freely sharing your values and beliefs is important to you, without consideration for political correctness or the prevailing standards of your society. You have an open-minded approach to religion but will discard any belief or system that no longer works.

Jupiter Trine Uranus Transit

Jupiter trine Uranus transit brings lucky breaks and exciting encounters. This is a good time to try something new and different. This could range from a new hairstyle to an overseas adventure. You can take risks now and feel optimistic about success. You will have the extra freedom and willingness to push the boundaries and explore new territory.

This is an especially good transit if you feel your life has stagnated. You may already have anticipated something exciting on the horizon and been growing restless. Unexpected opportunities will offer you a new path forward and satisfy your need for positive change.

If you are a shy or conservative person you can now loosen up and listen more to your instincts. This is one time in your life when you should take risks and try being less restrained. You do not have to consciously set out to rebel against tradition and break the rules. Exciting opportunities will open up in front of you and you will be feeling more adventurous than usual. This is a good time to learn things quickly through experience, such a new language or style or art, music or dance.

Jupiter Trine Uranus Celebrities

Jay Leno 0°15′, Neil Young 0°15′, Richard Branson 0°18′, Emile Zola 0°24′, Donald Trump 0°26′, Aaron Spelling 0°26′, Peter Sutcliffe 0°26′, Mary Tyler Moore 0°30′, Queen Mary 0°31′, Crystal Gayle 0°42′, James Joyce 0°46′, Bon Scott 0°58′, Franklin D. Roosevelt 0°59′, Zac Efron 1°00′, Sylvester Stallone 1°00′, George W. Bush 1°01′, Noel Tyl 1°02′, Edward M. Kennedy 1°06′, Sir Isaac Newton 1°32′, Johnny Cash 1°48′, Elizabeth Taylor 1°53′, Cher 1°58′, Bill Clinton 2°05′, Selena Gomez 2°06′, Sean Penn 2°08′, Nostradamus 2°19′, Pope Francis I 2°23′.

Jupiter Trine Uranus 2019

Fixed star Polis at 03°28′ Capricorn is a fortunate star with a Jupiter/Mars nature. So it is especially fortunate when conjunct Jupiter. It gives success, high ambition, truthfulness, militancy, and horsemanship. Polis also gives keen perception and profound spiritual understanding.

Jupiter Trine Uranus 2019

Jupiter Trine Uranus Dates
Sep 25, 2014
Mar 06, 2015
Jun 22, 2015

Dec 15, 2019

Oct 27, 2028

Apr 04, 2033
May 08, 2033
Dec 27, 2033

Dec 23, 2042

Apr 23, 2047

10 thoughts on “Jupiter Trine Uranus 15 December 2019

  1. How interesting this is Jamie. Uranus sets you free eh. Immediately the dates you wrote at the bottom for 2014/2015 resonated in my life. September 26 is my violent ex husbands birthday, my son rang to tell me his Dad had cancer, on March 3rd 2015 he died, he was a Libran, the eclipses were in Libra/Aries. Even after almost 30 years and a 2nd (non violent) husband of almost 20 years I woke up the next day with a huge sense of relief.!!!!!! Only one problem Jamie, I am Jupiter 1 degree Virgo, top of my chart and waiting for Uranus to trine my shitty Jupiter, my lovely 2nd husband is ill so as I will have Pluto conjunct Saturn opposite my Sun, Neptune on my useless Mars in Pisces, its no wonder that a world celebrity astrologer has said he will be dead, personally I feel so worn out as a carer all my life that its probably me going with him. !!!!!!!! ps. Jamie. Please write something of your thoughts on the eclipse of July 13th 2018 opposite Pluto, as this is resonating around everyones home or lack of one and the Uranus trine Jupiter in Capricorn just before the great 2020 Saturn/Pluto of January 2020 is about the people rising up against the Pluto governments at the uncaring top

    • I am trying to get ahead with my posts do do just what you suggest. I have Ascendant 19 Capricorn so it is in my own best interest to get on top of this early.

  2. There is a song that can help you when Pluto is “killing” your life, The Only Way is UP. Yazz.

  3. Makes sense to me to look closely at the Moon/Mercury trine on the same time, Dec 15, 2019, for those feeling the pressure of Pluto today. It offers respite.. but a long way off

    8°Leo46′ Moon conjoins my natal Ascendant at 8°Leo08′, and also the Rising degree of Bitcoin, 8°Leo50′. I know Jamie has a good article on the stars at this point.

    For anyone trying to get a ‘bead’ on BTC, have a look at the plentitude of Cap planets Dec 15/19, esp Jup/Venus, and BTC’s natal.

  4. This trine natal by itself would bring popularity to the native in general with the public.If the Sun is involved it’s even better.♍

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