Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope July 24 to 30, 2017

Tuesday to Friday brings an abundance of energy and initiative which must be burnt up in a constructive way. In your personal relationships, it is important to stay conscious of how others perceive you. They may feel threatened or dominated, and react with aggression or spite. If you feel an argument brewing or are provoked, it would be wiser to back down to maintain harmony.

Saturday and Sunday you should enjoy more fun and excitement in your social and love life. If all alone this weekend, entertainment or creativity will satisfy your increased desire for something new and shiny in your life. This is an excellent time to make new friends and lovers. Instant attraction is likely. Lack of inhibition will be especially helpful if you are naturally shy and reserved.

Sunday’s Quarter Moon makes you patient, charitable, courageous and defiant for the next week. However, a tendency to over react aggressively to provocation or insult could place you in danger. Channeling your aggression toward hard work will bring many achievements, material success and help from friends. Trust your intuition because you will see things others cannot, or will not see.
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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

The Devil is not as frightening a card to interpret as the depiction on most cards indicates. It is a card about bondage but often this bondage is metaphoric and internal. With this card you are called to look beyond superficial appearances and to go deeper into the truth and meaning of a situation. You also are asked to remember that when you’re feeling restrained you nearly always hold the keys to your own freedom. Don’t give up hope!Aquarius Weekly HoroscopeIt’s important for you to remember that no matter what your situation, that you always have options to choose from. First things first, don’t let other people tell you that your options are limited. If you come to that conclusion, be sure that you are coming to it on your own. Regardless, it will be crucial to remember that you can free yourself from whatever restrictions are holding you back, at any time you choose to do so. You may have the feeling now that you are not in control of your life; sometimes this happens as a result of your own actions, but more often as a byproduct of inaction. So, take action, take whatever steps you can to give yourself the feeling, however slight, of being in control. Even if that is merely making a choice on what you are going to have for dinner. Small steps are important, too. The Devil is associated with Constellation Orion (The Hunter) and the Hebrew letter Samech.

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope July 17 to 23, 2017

Monday and Tuesday you might feel a strong urge to break free from restriction and rebel against authority. A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences could lead to great disruption in your life. You cannot restrain this erratic energy so must express your crazy, creative or inventive side in a safe environment.  Your goal is to get your kinky or dangerous desires out of your system in a safe way without upsetting others.

Wednesday and Thursday are good for making important decisions and for serious discussions, negotiations and business dealings. With common sense and an eye toward practical results, this is the ideal time to sign contracts, especially those involving real estate and shares. Whatever you put your mind to should lead to permanent lasting results and achievements. Friendships made today will be lasting and dependable.

Sunday’s New Moon in Leo marks the beginning of a new 28 day cycle. You can set new goals and turn over a new leaf. It affects Aquarius in a challenging way that makes it more difficult to achieve your goals. Relationships with men in particular may be more stressful and drain your energy.. The new moon itself is all about energy, action, sex, sports, anger and war. It may test your patience and your nerves but you can avoid trouble by putting in the effort and making the right choices.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

The Five of Swords suggests you are likely to find yourself with some mixed feelings about life in general and about a few people in particular. Don’t ignore these, but don’t feel like you have to speak every word you’re thinking and feeling either, as you could ruin the very things that you want the most – such as close, intimate relationships with your friends and lover. Think several times before you really let someone have it even if they deserve it. Pick your battles.Aquarius Weekly HoroscopeThe Five of Swords can show that someone you care about is away for a while. Don’t get too possessive if that’s the case. Assume that they will be coming back to you. The Five of Swords can show conflicts, both external and internal. Don’t escalate conflicts unnecessarily. Think before you act.