Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Weekly Horoscope for May 22 to 28, 2017

The Moon in Taurus from late Tuesday until mid Thursday represents a monthly resetting of your relationship goals. Intimate relationships come into sharp focus. You can intuitively sense of how your personal ambitions, wants and needs affect the feelings of your partner. Your balanced approach to problem solving makes this an excellent time to clear the decks and make a fresh start. Extra confidence makes it easy to break the ice and make new friends.

Thursdays new moon in Gemini may bring tears and sorrows for some people but you should fair better. This new moon gives a positive boost of energy to your emotions. You can enjoy a more outgoing attitude and harmonious relationships with friends and family. Feelings are good because the conscious and subconscious are balanced, less cares and worries ahead.

Sunday is good for relaxation, creativity, communication and spiritual pursuits. You words become soothing and can actually be healing to others. All of your senses become acute, enabling you to pick up a lot of extra information through your intuition. You may even receive spiritual information through dreams, meditation, your spirit guide or through chance encounters.

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Taurus Horoscope 2017

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

The Nine of Cups is one of the most uplifting and pleasant cards to receive in a reading. Known often as the “wish card” it can mean that what you are hoping for or dreaming about most is very likely to be yours – in a brief period, generally, too.Taurus Weekly HoroscopeThe appearance of this card is usually a portent of happiness, and good things about to come. It also usually means that what you want is likely to come into being in your life. If asking a yes/no type of question, this card is the most powerful indicator of “yes”, but like everything else in the tarot, that is not carved in stone.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope for May 15 to 21, 2017

The Sun leaves Taurus at the end of this week so happy birthday. This year, the major solar return theme for all Taurus has been transition. Even this Thursdays quarter Moon aligning with the South Node points to a major turning point. Your birthday symbolized shutting the door on your past and clearing away and clutter.

Mercury enters Taurus on Monday and will stay in your Sign for the next three weeks. This will keep you busy with extra communication and local travel. Sometimes all the mental activity will get too much but in general you should handle it well. You can rely on quick thinking and reflexes to stay one step ahead. More significance is now placed on news, meetings, contracts and new friends.

An event, meeting or news on Wednesday might test your faith or belief in someone or something. In order to grow and expand you have to dream and take risks. Now you will find the limits of what is possible in the current conditions. This is a time of give and take. To increase your wealth, prosperity or happiness, you may have put your trust in your own abilities or counted on someone else to come through for you. Now is crunch time as people decide which team to back or which proposal to put their money behind.

A long-term aspect reaches a peak on Friday which represents a transition phase in life. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. You can find new days of doing old things without rocking the boat. You could take the lead in your career to start needed changes and gain respect and recognition from your boss. You can bring people together from very different backgrounds and keep them interested in a common long-term goals.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card

The Page of Wands often show a literal person in your life. In this case, it can show a female who is younger than you. Wands people are warm, ambitious, and usually high achievers. If not a literal person, the Page of Wands indicates the energy of easy distraction. Try to stay focused.Taurus Weekly HoroscopeIn general, this card indicates that things that you started some time ago are starting to come to fruition. It can also show a need for new things – new adventures, new approaches, and new ideas. The Page brings us positive energy. We must supply the follow-through, however.