Uranus Square Pluto 2014

Uranus Square Pluto 2014

Anonymous Mask – Uranus Square Pluto 2014

Uranus square Pluto is the most significant and most challenging planetary influence in a generation. These planets came together in the mid-sixties and will oppose each other from 2045. There are seven exact Uranus Pluto squares between June 2012 and 2015. So, we are living through a major generational upheaval. The focus is on evolutionary change. The most telling of the seven squares is the one in the middle on November 1 2013, closest in time to the Heliocentric square. Massive social, political and economic upheaval.

Uranus represents change, invention, revolution, and higher awareness. It’s effect is shocking, unpredictable, and erratic. Pluto represents globalization, destruction, transformation, and renewal. It’s effect is grinding, ruthless, and extreme. Both of these planets are distinctly non-personal and emotionless, yet their effect is dramatic and deeply felt. The square is the most challenging of the planetary aspects, representing tests and challenges. It’s effect is stressful and frustrating.

First I will interpret the Uranus square Pluto in the natal chart, then Uranus square Pluto transit. A look at the previous Uranus Pluto square in the early 19230′s will give us more of an idea of what to expect this time around, then a look at the single heliocentric Uranus square Pluto will give a general feeling for the entire series of squares from 2012 to 2015. Finally, I will interpret each of the 7 exact squares as they arrive, with the current one being Uranus square Pluto 2014.

Uranus Square Pluto Natal

Uranus square Pluto in the natal chart causes a life of dramatic change and upheaval. The constant adjusting to change and uncertainty make you very adaptable, but with a longing for security and solid structures in your life. Owning property and working hard toward a secure and long term career will be important. The inherent insecurity and tension of the disruptive aspect can be eased to a great extent by remaining flexible and open-minded. Increasing your sense of security can come through saving for the future and working towards owning substation material possessions such as real estate

Uranus Square Pluto Transit

Transiting Uranus Square Pluto is a generation transit, so when you feel it, so will everyone else you grew up with at school. Radical change is in store, which may be wide-ranging, and a result of larger-scale political, religious or social changes occurring. For example, financial crises may force changes in your budget, or a change in government of global conflict may affect your way of life in general.

At the more persona level, the routine and strictures in your life is changing abruptly, required flexibility and a broad view to help you adapt. Old structures and routines may become outdated, as children arrive, or grown up children leave homes. Parents may need more care, or may pass away. Whatever the circumstances, you will be called ion to evolve, and evolve rapidly in order to meet the challenges presented by the disruptive Uranus square Pluto transit.

The powerful forces driving the changes in your life are most likely out of your control, but how you react is not. A considered and methodical approach is best, with knee-jerk reaction not advised. As many of your friends of the same age group will be experiences similar upheaval in their lives, sharing stories and support can be of great assistance during this year or two.

Uranus Square Pluto Celebrities

Moses Annenberg 03′, Eileen Brennan 04′, Roy Castle 05′, Patsy Cline 19′, Michael Caine 20′, Loretta Lynn 21′, Harry M Miller 22′, Florencio Carvalho 22′, Quincy Jones 23′, Larry King 25′, Reginald Kray 26′, Ronald Kray 26′, Claude of France 27′, Natalie Barney 28′, Omar Sharif 34′, Emperor Akihito 37′, William Blake 47′, Shirley Conran 54′, Nina Simone 54′.

Uranus Square Pluto History

The last series of squares was between 1932 and 1934, with five exact hits. Many of the fears astrologers have about this Uranus square Pluto series are based on what happened to the world in the early 1930′s: the Great Depression, the political and social upheaval, and the rise of dictators and extremism. For a different perspective, a more esoteric view, we can look at Heliocentric astrology. This is useful for the major outer planetary aspects, as when viewed from the Sun (Helios), we get a more solar system based view, there are no retrograde motions, so we end up with one moment in time for the exact square.

In the 1930′s, this heliocentric event occurred in January 1933. This was the height of the Great Depression, the stock markets were bottoming out, and unemployment was peaking. In January 1933, Adolf Hitler cemented his power, becoming Chancellor of Germany. Pluto, discovered only three years prior, was in line with the Earth. This put a very Pluto-like influence on this square.

Uranus rules invention and technology, and square Pluto we saw in the early 30′s great advancements in this area. If we look to Hitler as a manifestation of ruthless Pluto control and power, we can see how he harnessed the cutting edge technology of the day. He was the first political leader in the world to take advantage of air travel, spreading his message in person all over Germany. He also led the way in the use of new media as a tool for propaganda.

Heliocentric Uranus Square Pluto 2013

Today, our new technology is the Internet, and this does give hope for a “global awakening”. We will most likely face similar challenges to those of the 1930′s to maintain growth and prosperity, forcing us to change direction. In the news we already see extremism rising, unemployment rising, nationalism rising. One big advantage we have today is the global networking that the internet provides. It will be most important that this Uranus freedom is upheld, and it will be challenged by Pluto organizations and governments.

Now to the spiritual, universal, and global side of the Uranus Pluto squares. The Heliocentric event of 1933 turned out to be very useful when we looked at the timing. The exact Heliocentric square in late November 2013 shows a very challenging T-square aspect pattern. Jupiter opposite Pluto, our faith is going to be tested, as will growth and prosperity. At least for this current heliocentric square, Pluto is not in conjunction with the Earth. Mercury sextile Saturn should provide more common sense approach than world domination. Venus sextile Neptune will hopefully result in some more empathy than was shown in the 1930′s.

Uranus Square Pluto 2014

This is the fifth of seven exact squares Uranus square Pluto, and is the most challenging and sinister of the whole series. There is much more going on around this square as compared to previous ones. As you can see in the chart for the 21st of April 2014, Mars and Jupiter both tightly aspect the Uranus Pluto square. To explain how this incredibly intense and complicated energy comes together, I have written a post called Grand Cross 2014.

Uranus Square Pluto 2014

Uranus Square Pluto 2014

Uranus Square Pluto Dates

Uranus square Pluto June 24 2012
Uranus square Pluto September 19 2012
Uranus square Pluto May 20 2013
Uranus square Pluto November 1 2013
Uranus square Pluto April 21 2014
Uranus square Pluto December 15 2014
Uranus square Pluto March 17 2015

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Uranus Square Pluto 2014

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  1. Ukraine is being hammered by Uranus square Pluto this month, April 2014. “Annexation” is not the only similarity to the previous Uranus Pluto square prior to WWII. Now the Jews are being targeted:

    “The fliers were handed out by masked men in front the main synagogue in Donetsk, where pro-Russian protesters have declared a “People’s Republic,” Jewish leaders there said. The document warned the city’s Jews to register and document their property or face deportation” CNN.

    In the Ukraine Horoscope, transiting Pluto is on their Uranus, North Node; transiting Uranus is on their MC.

    Violence should escalate leading up to the Grand Cross on 23 April 2014, with transiting Jupiter on Ukraine South Node; transiting Mars on Ukraine IC. Every arm of the grand cross is in conjunction with some part of the Ukraine horoscope. Very ominous indeed.

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