Dominique Strauss Kahn Horoscope

Dominique Strauss Kahn Horoscope

Suspended head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on May 11 2011 for allegedly sodomizing a maid in his New York motel room. Dominique has been accused of rape before, and has also publicly apologized for having an affair. We have his exact time of birth [1] and the exact time of his arrest [2], so the astrology should tell us if Dominique does in fact have a tendency for playing up and if this latest accusation has merits.

Transiting Pluto is trine his Venus greatly intensifying his love nature, increasing his need for sexual stimulation, Pluto is deep and probing. His Venus is conjunct the fixed star Hamal in constellation Aries. Adolf Hitler and JFK also has Venus on this star. Marina found that Hamal causes competitiveness in love which often leads to promiscuity. Ebertin mentions suffering in the love life and even sadism [3]. The January 2011 solar eclipse was square his Midheaven so this describes the challenge to his career and social standing.

The solar eclipse was also square his Neptune so there was a danger of becoming entangled in an intrigue effecting the career. His Neptune is conjunct the malevolent fixed star Algorab. Transiting Uranus conjunct his Moon brings sudden upsets involving women and also erratic or impulsive actions. Robert Hand actually states “Sudden infatuations with the opposite sex, especially if you are a man” [4]. The December 2010 lunar eclipse was conjunct his Uranus, so this is like a double whammy effect. Dominique’s Uranus in on the fixed star Betelgeuse in the Orion Constellation.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn HoroscopeNow things get interesting because you can see in his horoscope below that he has a Yod aspect pattern. Saturn sextile Uranus both quincunx Jupiter on the Descendant. Uranus has been activated by the lunar eclipse. Saturn was also activated at the exact moment of his arrest. Setting at that time was the fixed star Regulus, the same star his Saturn is on. Regulus is a Mars-Jupiter natured star, sexy and bold. It is also in line with a little star called Phecda, which when linked to Neptune, as it is by aspect and transit, is associated with a “pathological sex nature”.

To top it all off, transiting Neptune is opposite his Saturn. With Jupiter at the action point of his Yod, this means that one to one relationships his strength and also his weakness, it is his mission in life to conquer any issues here. Jupiter conjunct Descendant means he can go to excess in this area. His Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star in Aquila the Eagle called Altair, which like Regulus is a sexy Mars-Jupiter natured star.

With Neptune rising at the moment of arrest, plus his Neptune aspected by the solar eclipse, and transiting Neptune opposite his Saturn, there is the possibility of a set up or some conspiracy, but there are also many indicators in his chart that he has a high sex drive which is heightened at the moment. The recent conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter was conjunct his Mars (sex).

1. “Paddy de Jabrun quotes birth certificate”, Roden Rating AA, Astro Databank. 2. “The New York Police Department arrested Mr. Strauss-Kahn at 2:15 a.m. Sunday” The New York Times 3. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.19. 4. Planets in Transit, Robert Hand, 2001. p.385.

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  1. Jamie: ” …intensifying his love nature, increasing his need for sexual stimulation, Pluto is deep and probing.”
    Good one!

  2. I’d be curious about any fixed stars pertaining to betrayal or being “framed”. This stinks to high heaven of a setup. He is a socialist money guy. He has few friends in banking and indeed was on his way to diffuse a banking crisis. There is NO DOUBT that this is a weak area of character for him, but any good spy will tell you that it’s the weak points to which pressure is applied at appropriate times! Looking forward to any forthcoming analysis!

    • Mj, nothing specific in his fixed stars about a setup. Neptune rising in the arrest chart, opposite his Saturn could definitely point to a conspiracy, especially as the solar eclipse was square his Neptune. But another manifestation of this is self-undoing.

      Either way it goes, with Neptune so strong there will be skepticism from start to end, confusion and conspiracy theories all the way. If convicted, people will blame big bankers for setting him up. If he gets off, people will call it a cover up..

    • @Jamie sorry, “framed” was not an accurate term. I have no doubt based on the chart that he has been at a minimum, a complete idiot. I just have a strong instinct that this has been “encouraged” in some way and that the fallout will be magnified accordingly. I didn’t mean to infer that he should be exonerated. Thanks for the second look! ~ Emmajay

  3. Mars in 10th house in junction with lunar node, boost energy with no control, unsteady personal professional position, Neptun opposited to Midheaven, fluid social status. Uranus square moon blocked in relations with women, sudden and strange action without any control. Analysis of character should be usual practis in selecting proper subjects matching natural skills and social responsabilities they are called to cover.

    • Yes, Mars North Node “boost energy with no control”. Especially with Jupiter on top of it at the moment.

  4. The reason I believe that some people make it to the top of such corporate entities, such as the World Bank, the IMF and other interconnected financial organizations is because they are willing to allow themselves to be manipulated by their own weakness-

    Some people have mentioned a “frame up” but let it be known, this is the man who has done it all before and will continue on this path. Now just maybe if he votes a certain way over a certain thing some of his problems go away, but on the whole, he had already made his bed, so to say.

    Its an interesting case to me, but to say he was “framed” just makes it too easy.. this is a long known situation, obviously. We will see what happens as this takes shape.. perhaps the woman will be bought off? We do not know… but its quite in the public eye now, but even still with everything going on, its kind of hard to sweep this rape under the carpet, and yet Interpol had arrested Julian Assange… so you got to wonder what is going on and why some people are walking around free while others are “dangerous” for having what seemed to be sex with permission.

    (in Assange’s case even the women involved said that he was not violent and they were “not afraid” of him, and yet even when the case was dropped in Stockholm where it “occurred” some legal person in Götaberg had brought the charges back up in that court and got it run through)

    • There is a basic lay out of this chart I see, in someone who I know is impulsive although in a different way, my own son’s horoscope looks similar but not with the star “Hamal” but with the placement of the MC (not exact by degree but by star sign) Sun in Taurus, ASC in Leo, with the Sun in the 10th house- Vertex and Chiron in the 5th house.

      Moon in Aries on the MC.(but my son has it in the 10th house). however the differences are stark, such as Mars in Sag, in the 5th house conjunct Vertex, Mars and Chrion all exactly on the 27th-28th degree of Sagittarius. (Mars in my son’s chart is “out of bounds” as with my own.. so it must be related to our physicality and/or personalities)

      I would wonder what his early family life was like and how this shaped how he sees the world of women and men and power AND I would also wonder how early he has developed into this pattern?.. We can estimate by astrology, but its such personal material its quite difficult to get some kind of affirmation within the personal life and his own complex development.

      I do appreciate that you posted this chart. It does make me wonder what direction my son will take in the future considering that this guy with a chart such as this, as an example is a banker and a political animal. (not just marked his darker urges and demands) It seems such an alien profession..(to me) how could I encourage this to a proper profession?

      I probably can’t.

    • unless your child has pluto/saturn/leo an impossibility you’re all set. aries/moon is prone to tempet tantrums, mental sensitivity, dislikes being dominated but also produces people like bill gates, mentally directed, firey tempered males. Uranius/gemini is also callous. A taurus boy can be very dear, clinging and able to use a sweetness and from an early age has indivdual likes and dislikes especially in food/clothing.

      • Uranus for my son is in his 7th house in Aquarius, and his 11th house Gemini placements include Saturn (like his father and I)in an early degree and Jupiter at a later degree, conjunct the asteroids Urania and Psyche (his Psyche conjunct my exact ASC degree which is opposite his MARS/VERTEX/CHRION in the 5th in Sag)

        Like me he also has North Node in the 11th house. (Like his father and I, he has Neptune in the 6th house) Like his father he has Pluto in the 5th, but like me, a Pluto conjunct Palas Athena..

        My son’s Venus is also placed at a very early degree of Aries, in the 9th house… but squared his Mars placement.

        He’s got some amazing strengths, but also I note that impulsiveness of temper can be a weakness.. sometimes a cuddle baby, sometimes a prickly porcupine- spiny and oblivious to the pain his defenses can cause. But underneath a freaking genius somewhere in there.

        • generally a truth loving idealist, will at times bend it,think he is right, be miss understood, (saturn/gemini), he’s a note taker, early love of politics, journalism, true facts. Really the early venus/aries ruler of sun(son), overwhelms, making him a seaker. The taurus sun will want his own way and learn what he wants, get poor grades in subjects that don’t interest. So cater to his physical needs, mental/emotional are joined so taking him to a railroad museum, (transport, (gemini), big powerful mechanical, (taurus), steam engines too. Let him enjoy growing seed, tending a small flower, vegetable garden thats all his own. and let him wear soft clothing seams turned out. attend to him when hes great, ignore the bad. respond when he asks sweetly ect.

  5. The poor man…must have failed to agree with someone important.
    Like what recently appears to have happened to Japan…as threatened by Western Bankers. ( their quake appears to have been induced…)it had something to do with Japan’s attitude to the euro they say..
    I feel sympathy for the man.

  6. If that’s a repeat it is because the first one suddenly and strangely disappeared…

    • Yes, still a few gremlins in the system. The site is getting an overhaul tomorrow by a WordPress expert.

  7. good exposure, jamie, very scorpio! bet he’s squirming. exact events? he was caught in the US, a maid’s word, rights are the same as his! Saturn/leo is a club man, title, position a must,2nd/hs,works w/ the leo/AC/pluto as a man who insists on respect, formalities, wants secretaries, maids to act like maids, (give out ect), and all people beneath him to cater to his needs, wear proper uniform, bet he was salivating over,(hopes dashed), being PM of France, all the pomp.

    taurus/venus/sun conq. basic human needs a man who is thinking of food/sex/money not the idealism of a great leader. Aries/moon at that degree(03) is very strong, borrowing a soul purpose from the ingress, he is not a drifter but everything he does has purpose, a high level of directed energy. 10/hs/Aries/moon, is not affectionate, emotionally attached, or deeply connected to anything along w/ 11/hs/uranius/gemini is a world traveler uneffected by climate, culture or being away from ‘loved ones’. like a adolesent he’s sensitive to self, otherwise there is immaturity, lack of refinement, sympathy to others after all everyone is brought to him, 7th/hs/aquarius/jupiter/trine/10/hs/aries/moon and he can capture the attention of a world stage and thinks in terms of dominance, power.
    aries/moon is a problem in a man chart, in a womans one see’s glamor, (marylin monroe) a man we have henry the 8th, women are objects for sex, child baring. The mars/aries/nn/cong/trine/snd/hs/saturn/leo is very outthere, angry, crushing seeks to destroy what it can’t control, (witness IMF activities. When they couldn’t control libya they used NATO to destroy.) The IMF screwed Ireland, Greece, spain, portugal, the netherland, iceland, norway, argintina first is the dept’crisis’ by over investment they cannot re-pay ‘dept crisis’ galore, flying off to meetings so he can futher screw them by forcing the turning over of assets. Perfect timing to lockhim up! hoist by own pitard and hope he suffers odious fate. (odious dept is dept incured by nation heads that the populis is suffered to repay.(ex-pres Taft’s ruling in favor of hondourios, an early victim of world bankers)

  8. AEG and Lucy, it looks like the consensus is that he’s a naught boy. Thanks for your take on the astrology with different methods.

  9. This is a pointless thread without the chart of the maid.

  10. Please can we se her chart and the transits etc for the time the incident took place?

  11. According to his recoded birth time the Ascendant is first degree of Leo, but was he really a Leo? Judging by his appearance he is a Cancer rising Par excellence! My rectification using 10 events is 10.55.28 CET Asc 27Can41′.
    Mars conjunct Node exactly square Asc, Venus square Pluto, ruler of 5th.
    I was successful in finding his Epoch: 21 July 1948 02.09.52 CET Asc 18Gem28′. In this chart heliocentric Venus in opposition to helio Pluto (orb 18′) exactly on MC/IC axis! And they are forming T-Square with helio Mars in Scorpio. Mars conjunct Neptune in 5th house.
    For the Radix:
    In the converse lunar return for New York, precession corrected, Venus, Pluto and Neptune exactly on MC.

    • Sounds convincing Isaac, glad to see you here too. Just like the birth certificate time, there is nothing to add for fixed stars on the angles with your rectified time, pity. I’m added the chart for the arrest so we can all see Neptune rising I was talking about in an earlier comment. Apparently Neptune rising always indicated some confusion about birth times?

    • Isaac Starkman:
      According to his recoded birth time the Ascendant is first degree of Leo, but was he really a Leo? Judging by his appearance he is a Cancer rising Par excellence!My rectification using 10 events is 10.55.28 CET Asc 27Can41?.
      Mars conjunct Node exactly square Asc, Venus square Pluto, ruler of 5th.
      I was successful in finding his Epoch: 21 July 1948 02.09.52 CET Asc 18Gem28?. In this chart heliocentric Venus in opposition to helio Pluto (orb 18?) exactly on MC/IC axis! And they are forming T-Square with helio Mars in Scorpio.Mars conjunct Neptune in 5th house.
      For the Radix:
      In the converse lunar return for New York, precession corrected, Venus, Pluto and Neptune exactly on MC.

      I’m impressed but at the same time, the tool is different for everyone who uses it, and for me, the idea of Leo ASC would fit due to the fact that the Sun is the ruler of the chart, and his appearance is, in my opinion very Taurian with a touch of Alfred Hitchcock thrown in (Leo) for good measure. He does not appear to have lunar features in my opinion.

      However, had he a Cancerian ASC, we would look to that Moon in Aries, and best to say, its quite, “idealistic”.. not “pragmatic” in its placing.

      But as we all say, just like perspective, we tend to project our own, and recognize what we see..

      Naturally there is a “Henry the 8th” feeling of his corporeal appearance which may lend it self to the Cancerian myth.. but we realize that Henry the 8th had planets in Leo if I am not mistaken.

      There are some experiments which have been on the internet with ASC, Moon placement and Solar placement I really enjoyed which seems to really hit that home – and I would look up images just to verify exactly how the difference between this man’s placements and his ASC would work out physically.

      I guess they need to expand their database a bit more.. still the same photos (with an exception or two) since 6 years ago!

      But its an interesting project.

  12. Jamie,

    🙂 gr8 I hope u will soon write on Imran Khan chart. thanx waiting anxiously

  13. Mary: Mary on May 16, 2011 at 10:44 am
    The poor man…must have failed to agree with someone important.

    I agree!
    However, I’m certain he is also a rat among the ratzoids.

  14. Very interesting chart for a Ceres/Pluto researcher like myself!

    He has it tight in the first.That Persephone signature is also opposite Proserpina in the 7th. (at 13 degs Aqua)I found Proserpina the darker and wiser Persephone after the rape. But with benevolent Jupiter in there I see him a randy fool, but I don’t see him being aggressive or forceful. I think his lesson might just be to not be so naive.
    His Venus is nearer to Schedir in the Queen, Female power, its exact! I think he worships women, thinks with his dick and easy prey for a honey trap.

    Algorab on his DC with Neptune shows he has been duped in the past and this karma keeps repeating.
    Funny he shares a prominent Eris like Julian Assange. And of course Assange had a similar accusation. Big Dom has Eris conjunct his MC/Moon, a trouble maker in the public eyes, but also a scape goat. Julian had Eris square his Sun, so his Eris was anti-establishment. Eris shares attributes with the Queen of the underworld also.
    The Pluto/Ceres conjunction is on Dubhe in the Bear. Quiet female strength. He very feminine actually.

  15. I cast his progressed chart (not much there) and recast it for New York (mucho interesanto)

    prog NY chart has
    Uranus (0º) sextile Saturn (1º) conj Ceres (3º) in yod to Jupiter (0º)
    Chiron (3º) sext Jupiter in yod to Uranus+Sun (4º)
    Neptune (12º) sextile Pluto (14º) in yod to DC (12º)
    Mars (11º) conj Venus (13º) conj MC (9º)
    Pluto on antivertex (59′)
    BM Lilith conj Eris
    Mars+Venus squ Asc/DC
    ast. Lilith conj PoF conj Asc
    …amongst others….he looks like an accident waiting to happen

    at event transits inc
    trans Juno conj Asc+ast Lilith+PoF….at reaction point of prog yod
    tr Pallas+Vesta conj vertex
    tr Moon conj South Node squ Venus
    tr Uranus squ Sun…..a tone setter (vulnerability, Sun in 10th, tr Uranus in 7th)
    tr Eris conj NNode squ Venus……tr Eris opp tr Saturn+Neptune….
    tr Saturn conj (-1º) Neptune…..a tone setter
    tr BM Lilith conj Eris+BM Lilith & squ Sun……doubles the smear/backlash
    tr Pluto opp Moon……a tone setter
    tr ast Lilith conj IC……watch out – squ Asc +
    ….amongst others (hope I got these as close as…)

    talk about fingerprints…..

  16. Geesh … they sent him the Rikers … very nasty place.
    He really must have stepped on some very big toes.

    * Hours after his bail request was rejected, Strauss-Kahn was dispatched to a bare jail cell at Rikers, a dramatic fall for a man who oversees the world economy, has for long enjoyed a luxury lifestyle and was tipped to be France’s next president.

    He is being held in protective custody in an 11-by-13-foot (3-by-4-metre) cell to prevent attack from other inmates, officials said late on Monday.

    “This is not about isolating the inmate from any human contact,” said a spokesman for New York’s Department of Correction. “This is about preventing the inmate from being victimized or harmed in some way as a result of his high profile.”

  17. I would sooner check the maid’s bank balance than her horoscope…

  18. Good one, Mary… I was thinking along the same lines.
    Her children & relatives in Belaroosk (my made-up place) will be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

    On the simple side, what I see natal is…
    Sun trine Saturn – a very responsible man and a hard worker.
    Sun conj Venus – a man who gets along beautifully with women, they love him because he understands them.
    Sun/Venus square Jupiter – self indulgent, loves the rich life.
    Mercury sq. Pluto – he says the right/correct thing at the wrong time with passionate intensity and doesn’t care.

    So perhaps it was this Merc/Pluto tendency that alienated him from those who have more power than him.
    I’m not saying he’s an angel – he could not be and have the job he has.
    But the suspicious circumstances, the dramatic way he was arrested on the plane in first class, and the way he is being treated tells me that some one high above … said make him an object of public ridicule.
    And just like so many other ‘distraction’ dog-and-pony shows pumped out by the monopoly media to prevent us from paying any attention to real issues, we will never know the truth.

    • Thank you Susan…
      I’m in full agreement.
      You inspire me to even take a serious look at his horoscope…multi-faceted, highly gifted….I am not sure that I am gifted enough to do it well.

  19. rape, if that is what this is, is commited thousands of times by men against women each day the world over – this whole affair is only news because of DSK’s high profile – how likely is it that the nature of the crime will become the focus of attention over and above the profile and standing of the perpetrator, and yet, that is what really needs to happen – (think of Bill Clinton, or perhaps not) – how likely is it that the focus will remain on the personality and disregard the fact that this is just the very tip, because of his lofty stature, of the ugly iceberg – it all smacks of Saturn and Neptune moving ever closer to the zone of sesqui-quadrate, a square plus a semi-square….and in DKS’s progressed NY set chart transiting Saturn is conjunct Neptune with ransiting Eris opposite….go figure

  20. I got the details of the maid!

    Ophelia Famotidina
    dob 17 January 1979

    too bad we don’t know the exact time / place of birth..

  21. Uh… no offense Dimos…
    But Famotidina is a drug that cures ulcers/acid reflux.

    Someone pulling your leg… or …?

    *Famotidine ( INN ) is a product H 2 antagonist , one of the recipients of histamine , thereby inhibiting the production of stomach acid , so it is indicated for the treatment of disease of peptic ulcer (PUD) and disease gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), as well as overproduction of acid diseases such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome . Famotidine is also given to surgical patients before surgery to prevent nausea and to reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonitis .

      • I’m confused now. Goolging “Ophelia Famotidina” seems to come up as an employee of the motel he was staying.

        • I tried the google thing for just images, where we can see when the images have been added, and there are none of that one image older than one day. Its suspect.

          I also take note that there is a bunch of “face book” love out there for the woman who may or may not be her real name. In any case, lets just say that she should NOT be a name we publicly know, if it is any good to her, as a victim of a crime or someone accusing someone who has a high public profile of a crime she needs to be protected.. having her face out there will not help with that. Plus if its a false or true case, this is for a jury to decide in the normal case.. but you know the media…

  22. Dominique Strauss Kahn arrest may not ensure Sarkozy victory.( The Guardian)…
    Was it disagreement with IMF policy or Sarkozy behind it…?

    • I suppose we would have to look at Sarkozy’s chart. Not tonight!

  23. In the NY Post:

    IMF chief claims consent in hotel ‘attack’
    “The evidence, we believe, will not be consistent with a forcible encounter,” said Ben Brafman, the high-powered lawyer of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, at the suspect’s sensational arraignment in a packed criminal courtroom.
    A source close to the defense later told The Post, “There may well have been consent.”

    Mary, this would go along with our thinking.
    She seduced him and then with the evidence … she cried rape.
    His Venus square Jupiter can’t say no … so ‘they’ nailed him in his own habitual weakness.
    My feeling is that he made someone very powerful in the USA, maybe at Goldman Sachs or the Federal Reserve, very angry.
    Perhaps his rant about China surpassing the USA – or even some Mercury square Pluto personal insult.
    But it is highly unusual for anyone of his rank to be treated the way he was.
    His future is over.

    Why did I get into this… ?
    I believe this shows how anyone can be removed from power anytime.
    Conspiracy is the new reality. What a world.

    • taurus/venus/sun/conq is sympathic, wants and needs human, normal; feed me, take care of me ect. elsewhere, (aires/leo) is hyper violent, distructive, callous force, forcing nations into bankruptcy, taking property, rape murders spirit

      • I’m sorry I haven’t read all the posts here, so someone may have mentioned this.

        The U.S. became officially bankrupt as of the 16th May. Did they ask the IMF for a loan? Were they refused? Is this why Strauss-Kahn was arrested so efficiently, just a few minutes from flight take off? Perhaps the maid has a case (I am in no position to judge the evidence) but the timing of his arrest is very interesting.

      • Hi rob! OK, what does Jupiter do? He rapes women – starting with his mother Rhea/Demeter:
        “A bisexual god, Jupiter raped numerous nymphs and young women, fathering kings, heroes, and some gods. Semele raped gave birth to Bacchus, Alceme to Hercules. Disguised as a swan, Zeus raped Leda to father Helen of Troy and the hero, Pollux. As a bull he raped Europa. As a shower of gold he raped Danae to father the hero, Perseus. As a rain cloud he raped Io to father the musician, Amphion. As a satyr he raped the nymph Antiope. Disguised as Diana, he raped her favorite nymph, Callisto, later expelled as unchaste by the virgin goddess. He also raped his grandson, the beautiful Trojan prince, Ganymede, and made him immortal as his cupbearer. (Ganymede was his grandson through Zeus’s previous rape of a Trojan princess.)

        In the Sanskrit tales you get a similar story with Brahma and Indra being rather sexually excessive. I understand the idea they embody is that they procreate and people the earth plane – perhaps as ETs?

        Nevertheless Jupiter is excess and self-indulgence in all sensual matters – food, drink, sex, etc.. Jupiter is the TOO MUCH dude. He wants it all and often gets what he wants. Put him in an unharmonius aspect with Venus and you get the person who can’t and just DOESN’T SEE WHY he should say no.

        Venus is the seductress, not mother or hausfrau – that is her job, she’s the professional at seducing everyone. The joy of seduction is her reason for being, an art form, (actually art seduces us), and she becomes a warrior in order to win at this game. This is why she hangs out with Mars.

        But she and Jupiter are a real piece of work together. They stay up all night and drink their brains out talking about their sexual conquests, while the servants bring fabulous gourmet offerings and lots of sweets for the lady. In Sumerian myths, Enki (another seducer) and Inanna (his grand-daughter) loved to party and are famous for their liaisons, plots for family rivalries, and out-and-out wars. It was Enki who saved Inanna’s life from the Underworld.

        Anyone with Jupiter/Venus contacts requires self-discipline. The hard aspects make this harder.
        Whoever wanted to nail this egotist knew of his weakness and used it perfectly.
        Character is Destiny.
        After all, as my husband pointed out, DKS could have paid for any kind of sex he wanted, and NYC has some of the best most beautiful talented hookers on the planet. IMO, he was seduced and tricked.

        • exquisit exposition – the greco-roman orgy culture – purging Algol will have the last word – ‘war in heaven’s byspass’ – they Med-usa do it….. 😉

          • Thank you, rob.
            Small correction … bugging me ..
            Enki is the brother of Inanna’s grandfather Enlil.
            So Enki was Inanna’s Great Uncle.
            Both Enki and Enlil are the sons of Anu – thus the Anunnaki.

    • I wanted to stay out of this thread.. but.. i am reminded of the evidence of Desiree Washington who found herself in bed with Mike Tyson and didn’t decide to press rape charges until a friend convinced her she had been anally raped. (I think I’d know???)
      Its another penny dreadful affair (for the international friends, a Penny Dreadful was a cheap horror story you could buy for a penny back in 19th century England). Cue the gas lamps and the honest hard working woman who maybe worked a bit too hard to help her family. And he, the generous socialist financier thought he could help out a bit, the bargain wasn’t properly struck and ….
      Lets bring out Dr Freud. Did hid mother love him? A little too much? Ceres…PLuto, Lilith Moon Aries… Or not enough? Who’s mummy’s little toddler king??

  24. Hello,

    What about his wife?
    Anne Sinclair: 15 July 1948, 16h30 in New York.
    It difficult to live something that
    Her second wedding is with DSK, Paris, 24 novembre 1991
    And please, have you the chart of IMF?
    I have 22/07/1944 Bretton woods – New Hampshire, but no hours.
    Is it correct?

    Sorry fo my English et thanks for all the subjects

    • Her transits at time of arrest:

      Neptune and AC conjunct her Lilith – scandal or deception through the “other” woman.
      Uranus square her Mercury – sudden upsetting news.
      Saturn conjunct her Neptune – depressing uncertainty about what the truth is.
      Sun opposite her Moon – tension! Her Moon is on the fixed star Agena which is connected to gossip and scandal. Plus she has natal Moon square Saturn.
      Part of Fortune opposite Part of Fortune – ?

  25. Very good article. I just did an astrocartography chart for DSK in New York. Not a lucky place for him as there was a mars/pluto and a mercury/saturn aspect. His progressed part of fortune is in Virgo. As Paris is a Virgo city,that is the luckiest place for him now. If he can get there.

    • Thanks for that Grace, I’m not up to speed on astrocartography. All these different methods seem to be saying the same thing, wrong place, wrong time. And he has so close to getting home, the flight was about to take off.

  26. No one has yet mentioned Transiting Saturn opposing the MC, (Fall from Grace. and transiting saturn crossing the IC (end of the matter) My feelings are that this was a spur of the moment happening on his part (DSK) the Aries influence of dive in and think about the consequences later, only this backfired. The 11.10 am chart rings right to me, however I do not discount the importance of that Saturn/MC connection it is all powerful.

    • How did I miss that Saturn on IC? Extremely important as you pointed out, good interp Mez.

    • not to mention the guy is 5’5″ in shoes, that put’s him in perspective

  27. Peu à peu, grâce aux témoignages, l’identité de cette mère de famille résidant dans le Bronx et qui s’appellerait Nafissatou Diallo, se dessine.

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn: maid named by French media
    The maid who claims that Dominique Strauss–Kahn sexually assaulted her at an upmarket New York hotel has been named by the French media.
    The woman is a 32-year-old Guinean immigrant who is married and has a 15-year-old daughter.
    Her 43-year-old brother described her as a “wonderful, hard-working woman” who loved her job and had been left devastated by what happened.
    The woman’s brother, in interviews with the American media, refused to say where his sister was but confirmed she was “safe”.
    “No family should have to go through this,” he added.
    The 43-year-old, who runs a cafe in Harlem, said his sister contacted him soon after the incident.

    Qui est vraiment Nafissatou Diallo?
    La famille de celle qui accuse Dominique Strauss-Khan de tentative de viol s’est confiée à SlateAfrique. Elle décrit une jolie jeune femme de nationalité guinéenne sans histoire, sérieuse et qui n’a pu être manipulée.

    • cet en grand nuevo appointment ambassadeur de libia! Congratulations Dominique! VeVa la French!

  28. Thank the spin-gods, the Arnold Schwarzenegger story broke.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to LA The Times on Monday that he fathered a child with a household staffer some 10 years ago. The woman was an employee of the Schwarzeneggers’ for 20 years who retired earlier this year.
    This French guy thing was running out of legs and the monopoly media didn’t know where to turn next to feed the Distraction-Beast! We can always count on prurient politicians and other lust-filled power-crazed greedy bastards to commit adultery and a variety of heinoius acts. Now if only there was another Royal wedding. That sucked up a lot of air time.

    • Zara Philips is the next one but I don’t think it will be on TV.

  29. Susan: “A bisexual god, Jupiter raped numerous nymphs and young women, fathering kings, heroes, and some gods. Semele raped gave birth to Bacchus, Alceme to Hercules. Disguised as a swan, Zeus raped Leda to father Helen of Troy and the hero, Pollux. As a bull he raped Europa. As a shower of gold he raped Danae to father the hero, Perseus. As a rain cloud he raped Io to father the musician, Amphion. As a satyr he raped the nymph Antiope. Disguised as Diana, he raped her favorite nymph, Callisto, later expelled as unchaste by the virgin goddess. He also raped his grandson, the beautiful Trojan prince, Ganymede, and made him immortal as his cupbearer. (Ganymede was his grandson through Zeus’s previous rape of a Trojan princess.)

    You could add to the reference, PRICELESS OLYMPIANS…

    • Thanks for the link to your article Dr. Using precession of transits I get Jupiter on his Sun in early July, might be a good sign for him because he was released on bail with Jupiter on his Mars/North Node.

  30. Poor Dominique Strauss Kahn…!
    I noticed that his North node by one degree to a year progression ( which is REALLY powerful progressions )had just connected with his natal Uranus, and that his Uranus had just connected with his Saturn.
    This progression form really is important….
    Apart from which he is in Rahu Venus phase…and tho I know for sure the charges are false his Rahu/sun, then moon then mars….is really liiking like a huge amount of stress for him.
    I saw Sarkozy smirking like a cat who has just eaten ALL the goldfish that were in the bowl….I do not like that man at all….!!!!!

    • I was saying much the same thing to Marina last night, about the little emperor that is. He’s had good transit this year. Lookiing forward to doing his chart for the next French election. He has Pluto square his Moon next year, that’s a tough transit, enough to wipe the smirk off his face 🙂

  31. Your website is playing up really…having clicked on the post title as recommended the latest entries were still not showing.
    Oddly…I don’t use precession in the tropical positions…having found that this was not working at all in lunar returns and because the Sabian symbols seem to be still really correct by sign and degree regardless of how many years have passed …
    Further…I am the only person I know of ( tho there are bound to be some) who is making a serious attempt to work with both Tropical and Sidereal forms simultaneously….and it is hard work doing it… Both are working…so the result is that one works out which form is dominating and reads the other as secondary. I am not so hardworking and for westerners will generally just predict from the tropical form….for India it is different…the majority of Indians seem still to be more closely related to the sidereal..( not politicians so much…! ( i am not an astrologer.. just like studying it)…. The two zodiacs work together very much though…if the tropical position of one of your planets is the same by degree and sign as a planet in the sidereal horoscope of someone else then that is huge energy…strongest influence. I have found the tropical horoscopes of other people written into my sidereal horoscope for example. 24 degrees is an ominous connection ! The interrelationships of the two is an absorbing subject for me these days.

    • Hi Mary – ‘absorbtion’ at work here too, as I began studying Vedic/sidereal alongside tropical last Fall after returning to astrology with questions about contemporary values of different systems/symbolisms and the issue of precession/perception – also, have a large Indian community here looking for and asking after astrologers – am being very tentative about using both within anything other than my own research so far tho, but, I too can see the value here…good to hear your thoughts and will be looking to your posts with new interest – no matter what we call ourselves, if we are practicing is what matters

  32. Thank you Rob…!
    Indian astro is, of course, the old Babylonian which India has kept living for so long. As the Gods of India are the Sumerian Gods….lovely field of study.
    The wealth of knowledge that has been kept should not be neglected…tho they have struggled a bit with reasons for what happens since the zodiacs began to draw apart….
    B.V.Raman has written some books discussng the aphorisms of the ancients and decides that they are to be accepted with some caution…
    But the soul level sidereal shines through…Dominique Strauss Kahn in that form has Cancer rising and moon in the 9th house Pisces…with sun exalted in Aries at the MC etc. A gifted man..( they say that women like him…!
    But the snarl of the outraged Leo is also appearing….I have seen it before..
    The tropical is almost like the pose we put on…and predictively is stronger….

    • do you find tropical predictively stronger….I have wondered whether its cultural make it more appropriate to a ‘symbolic’ or dare I say ‘psychological’ reading, but, how we extrapolate this into events perhaps is the question, regardless of the sources

  33. Jamie…got an email with questions but your comments are not here….
    Paul Craig Roberts has given his version of what probably caused it…Strauss Kahn had told the U.S. something it did not like to hear about its economy. Can find it easily if you look.
    Bernard Levy…who seems to know enough…gives S.K. a nice character reference.
    Another person says that the maid is known and is strong and athletic enough to have easily defended herself. S.K. is an academic, a PHD, is a professor…which is highly cerebral not macho…and furthermore is 62 and not so strong.

  34. Rob…really yes…I mainly only check tropical predictions…they happen strongly, right on time and are easily seen. But for character I check more with the sidereal. Tropical is a bit superficial…tho they do work together.
    Sidereal predictions seem to phase in and out more slowly and for westerners are usually acting more as substratum to the trop. but eg if there is a powerful action in the sidereal and a corresponding but weak action in the tropical then it is a powerful action…
    When alert to it…sometimes…I notice now and then that there is a strong feeling of new moon..or full moon. It turns out that it is tropical navamsa sun/moon cj or opp….
    If you are not sure of the degree of someone’s rising sign then if the person looks like eg a sagittarius but isn’t then you can be pretty sure the AC is probably in Sagittarius navamsa …and that too is in the tropical.
    The whol;e hindu system works truly in tropical…like a reflection.
    Exaltations and debilities on the other hand seem to be a lot stronger in the sidereal.
    Still working on it…!

    • It seems that some people…like the old fashioned Hindus and.. also it seems..Jews may be much more responsive to the sidereal.
      But If one horoscope is awful and the other better then the person will necessarily live through the stronger one.
      It is a case of keeping up appearances if the trop. is good but the sid. isn’t….people like that may keep awful skeletons in the cupboard and think it normal.

  35. I ran into an traditional aphorism today…when Rahu and Mars are cj at the MC and aspected by Saturn then the person is liable to imprisonment.
    I hope he has a good defence team…!

  36. the situation is about two things; first career: saturn opposition midheaven, when mars conjuncts his midheaven gives trouble with career/status, loss of position happens a lot with mars conjunct midheaven,
    second problem is his lust live,I agree with the the transit planets mars, jupiter, venus activating his love/lust/pleasure, transit pluto square venus gives an indication to dangerous love/lust relations (read also betty lundsted about this transit),
    there is probably also a lot to explain in this horoscope with transits to the midpoints (ebertin)
    his sun mars conjuntion in his birth horoscope makes him a slave to his libido, it is odd that this lust thing happened before the transit mars conjunct venus because this would have been the strongest sexdrive-activator
    (english is not my native language, being dutch)

    • Thanks arjan, you have shown the main influences, I agree. Your English is a whole lot better than my Dutch!

  37. Uranus Lilith transit over natal moon lilith… sudden primal female energy tinged with madness. Liz Green sites Uranus projected onto public figures as societal scapegoats. Venus is transiting the degree of Algol, Mars approaches it so much aggressive Medusa energy for him… while today the Moon conjuncts his natal Ceres. He’s in court soon , and so is the maid…

    He has progressed Moon and Sun into his 12th hse both opposed by transiting PLuto.
    So over all, its not looking good to stay out of prison. Even if he doesn’t get a custodial sentence, he’s going through a break down of ego and public face in the worst possible way.
    I wonder if there is ancestral truck with the ancestors of the maid? Dominique and She would share a language, French and some colonial history.
    We need her chart.

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