Dominique Strauss Kahn Horoscope

Dominique Strauss Kahn Horoscope

Suspended head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on May 11 2011 for allegedly sodomizing a maid in his New York motel room. Dominique has been accused of rape before, and has also publicly apologized for having an affair. We have his exact time of birth [1] and the exact time of his arrest [2], so the astrology should tell us if Dominique does in fact have a tendency for playing up and if this latest accusation has merits.

Transiting Pluto is trine his Venus greatly intensifying his love nature, increasing his need for sexual stimulation, Pluto is deep and probing. His Venus is conjunct the fixed star Hamal in constellation Aries. Adolf Hitler and JFK also has Venus on this star. Marina found that Hamal causes competitiveness in love which often leads to promiscuity. Ebertin mentions suffering in the love life and even sadism [3]. The January 2011 solar eclipse was square his Midheaven so this describes the challenge to his career and social standing.

The solar eclipse was also square his Neptune so there was a danger of becoming entangled in an intrigue effecting the career. His Neptune is conjunct the malevolent fixed star Algorab. Transiting Uranus conjunct his Moon brings sudden upsets involving women and also erratic or impulsive actions. Robert Hand actually states “Sudden infatuations with the opposite sex, especially if you are a man” [4]. The December 2010 lunar eclipse was conjunct his Uranus, so this is like a double whammy effect. Dominique’s Uranus in on the fixed star Betelgeuse in the Orion Constellation.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn HoroscopeNow things get interesting because you can see in his horoscope below that he has a Yod aspect pattern. Saturn sextile Uranus both quincunx Jupiter on the Descendant. Uranus has been activated by the lunar eclipse. Saturn was also activated at the exact moment of his arrest. Setting at that time was the fixed star Regulus, the same star his Saturn is on. Regulus is a Mars-Jupiter natured star, sexy and bold. It is also in line with a little star called Phecda, which when linked to Neptune, as it is by aspect and transit, is associated with a “pathological sex nature”.

To top it all off, transiting Neptune is opposite his Saturn. With Jupiter at the action point of his Yod, this means that one to one relationships his strength and also his weakness, it is his mission in life to conquer any issues here. Jupiter conjunct Descendant means he can go to excess in this area. His Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star in Aquila the Eagle called Altair, which like Regulus is a sexy Mars-Jupiter natured star.

With Neptune rising at the moment of arrest, plus his Neptune aspected by the solar eclipse, and transiting Neptune opposite his Saturn, there is the possibility of a set up or some conspiracy, but there are also many indicators in his chart that he has a high sex drive which is heightened at the moment. The recent conjunction of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter was conjunct his Mars (sex).

1. “Paddy de Jabrun quotes birth certificate”, Roden Rating AA, Astro Databank. 2. “The New York Police Department arrested Mr. Strauss-Kahn at 2:15 a.m. Sunday” The New York Times 3. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.19. 4. Planets in Transit, Robert Hand, 2001. p.385.

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  1. Rob…really yes…I mainly only check tropical predictions…they happen strongly, right on time and are easily seen. But for character I check more with the sidereal. Tropical is a bit superficial…tho they do work together.
    Sidereal predictions seem to phase in and out more slowly and for westerners are usually acting more as substratum to the trop. but eg if there is a powerful action in the sidereal and a corresponding but weak action in the tropical then it is a powerful action…
    When alert to it…sometimes…I notice now and then that there is a strong feeling of new moon..or full moon. It turns out that it is tropical navamsa sun/moon cj or opp….
    If you are not sure of the degree of someone’s rising sign then if the person looks like eg a sagittarius but isn’t then you can be pretty sure the AC is probably in Sagittarius navamsa …and that too is in the tropical.
    The whol;e hindu system works truly in tropical…like a reflection.
    Exaltations and debilities on the other hand seem to be a lot stronger in the sidereal.
    Still working on it…!

    • It seems that some people…like the old fashioned Hindus and.. also it seems..Jews may be much more responsive to the sidereal.
      But If one horoscope is awful and the other better then the person will necessarily live through the stronger one.
      It is a case of keeping up appearances if the trop. is good but the sid. isn’t….people like that may keep awful skeletons in the cupboard and think it normal.

  2. I ran into an traditional aphorism today…when Rahu and Mars are cj at the MC and aspected by Saturn then the person is liable to imprisonment.
    I hope he has a good defence team…!

  3. the situation is about two things; first career: saturn opposition midheaven, when mars conjuncts his midheaven gives trouble with career/status, loss of position happens a lot with mars conjunct midheaven,
    second problem is his lust live,I agree with the the transit planets mars, jupiter, venus activating his love/lust/pleasure, transit pluto square venus gives an indication to dangerous love/lust relations (read also betty lundsted about this transit),
    there is probably also a lot to explain in this horoscope with transits to the midpoints (ebertin)
    his sun mars conjuntion in his birth horoscope makes him a slave to his libido, it is odd that this lust thing happened before the transit mars conjunct venus because this would have been the strongest sexdrive-activator
    (english is not my native language, being dutch)

    • Thanks arjan, you have shown the main influences, I agree. Your English is a whole lot better than my Dutch!

  4. Uranus Lilith transit over natal moon lilith… sudden primal female energy tinged with madness. Liz Green sites Uranus projected onto public figures as societal scapegoats. Venus is transiting the degree of Algol, Mars approaches it so much aggressive Medusa energy for him… while today the Moon conjuncts his natal Ceres. He’s in court soon , and so is the maid…

    He has progressed Moon and Sun into his 12th hse both opposed by transiting PLuto.
    So over all, its not looking good to stay out of prison. Even if he doesn’t get a custodial sentence, he’s going through a break down of ego and public face in the worst possible way.
    I wonder if there is ancestral truck with the ancestors of the maid? Dominique and She would share a language, French and some colonial history.
    We need her chart.

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