Facebook Scam

Someone on Facebook using my profile picture and page background.

My Facebook page is Astrology King
The scam Facebook profile is Astrlogy-king

They are messaging my followers, pretending to be me, with a link to a psychic readings website.

I reported the profile to Facebook and received this message:

In this case, we reviewed the profile you reported and found that it doesn’t go against our Community Standards.

At least 20 other people have also reported the fake profile with the same response. I don’t think a human answers those reports. I also found that this is happening a lot to astrologers at the moment.

21 thoughts on “Facebook Scam

  1. Sad that Facebook’s that useless. Really impressive how they could care less. Good grief.

  2. Its been happening to a lot of people lately, it happened to me back in early December & then FB blocked me wanting me to give them all my personal details again to prove I am who I say I am, so I have abstained from FB ever since. I lived my life fine before it and am doing so again afterwards.

  3. 🙁 Sorry this happened to you! I think all of us have been a victim of this nasty Reality.

  4. I think if you look up Donna Wright Backstreet Boys you’ll find out my reality and what happened to me. But I’m good I survived it and I’m OK!

  5. James – I’m sorry to hear this. As fate would have it, Facebook stock has been losing value in the market place and thousands of members have been leaving. Stealing a person’s identity and reputation is unconscionable, as is Facebook’s lack of community standards. I wish you well.

  6. Call head office.


    All social media should be abolished.

    Who says you can’t travel back in time and change the future.

    Get back to the wired telephone and snail mail already.

    Social media has only bred more narcissists,

    and why the world is up ship creek.

    Anyone using facebook and the alike over the age of 1,

    have been brainwashed.

    Classic example from where facebook started till now,
    on how people easily become followers(sheep).

    Easily mislead up the wrong garden path.

    Tacky and childish back then,same now.

    Cast your mind back before all this rubbish started.

    My only fond memories were when the internet was in the experimental stage,
    and my only angst was dial up drop outs.

  7. Facebook are deliberately doing this themselves on purpose, they are attacking as many light-communities as possible, it is part of their panicking dark agenda, sad but true. – However, they will not be able to continue this much longer now.

    • It’s turned into a real burning dumpster, riddled with useless ads. Too bad.

  8. I know you are in Australia. but send a complaint to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the USA. Do a search on “what federal agencies regulate facebook.” I would send you a link, but links can contain malware, so it is always safer to do you own search. Tell them what you said on this post, esp that you don’t think a human ever saw your complaint,

  9. There have been so many Facebook hackers lately !!! One of my best friends just had their profile stolen and the person was contacting all his friends asking for money… and the fake profile is still up !
    NEVER give out your phone number , call your friend if able to or send them a message from their page that you know is real. If you cant do either block it and reported to FB

  10. People get “jailed” for comments on FB, posts are deleted on Youtube, most main media censor half of the comments, but scammers are everywhere, despite many users reporting them !
    I suppose that the people who own and manage GAFAs are of the same kind, if they prefer scammers to free speech !

  11. Yes, they messaged me too. I suspected it was fake but then I saw they post everything you post here. So I thought it was I somebody that works with you and does some extra job by themselves. That´s why Facebook also didn´t think it was fake. I just reported it and blocked it.

  12. There’s people going around saying that this bank or that bank will give you anywhere between $750 – $1000 or more, they get you all excited about it and then drop the bomb on you… “We need your login information to verify this or that”… Ummm, thanks but no thanks. I still have all the conversations with a few of them, just in case I need to use it.

  13. Good luck with your struggles, must be hard to find people abusing your hard work for their own benefit. (Almost sounds like government). FB seems to be one of those other rags to richness stories that enchant people, for a short while, until they dig deeper and find the money / power behind the success. The fall of an empire is always messy. Remember how the Roman Empire behaved just before its decline? Same, same, but now globally. “Science” divorced from spirituality, the age of Aquarius is starting, it takes time to figure out how to navigate the muddy waters in between two eras.

  14. I had identity theft but more to the current point Pam Gregory said she’s been scammed on YouTube and she always has to announce it. I am in the USA and I’m excited about the Pluto return which is also conjunct my ascendant. I guess we didn’t sign up for this computer abuse when we first Got computers. 50

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