Lunar Occultation of Mars December 7, 2022

Lunar Occultations of Mars December 2022To Occult means to hide. A lunar occultation occurs when the Moon passes in front of a star or planet and hides it from our view. On Wednesday night, December 7, 2022, the Moon will pass in front of Mars. This rare lunar occultation of Mars will be visible from parts of the Americas, Europe and Northern Africa.

By coincidence, Mars will be at its biggest and brightest for 26 months because the Sun is opposite Mars. This lunar occultation of Mars also occurs only 10 minutes before a Full Moon. As shown below, the Sun, Earth, Moon and Mars are perfectly aligned.

Mars Opposition Occultation

Mars Opposition Occultation December 2022 []

This is also a very powerful lunar occultation of Mars. With a magnitude of -1.9, it lasts for one hour. It is the longest until the -2.2 magnitude occultation in 2048.

Moon Conjunct Mars

The Moon represents your emotions, unconscious habits, memories, moods, reactions, mother, nurturing, home, need for security, and the past.

Mars is associated with confidence, self-assertion, aggression, sexuality, energy (particularly goal-directed energy), strength, ambition, and impulsiveness. It governs sports, competitions, and physical activities in general.

Moon conjunct Mars gives you the courage, enthusiasm and initiative to act on your most passionate desires. Intimate relations benefit from increased charisma and sex appeal. You can stand up for yourself and your family or fight for a cause you care about.

But impulsiveness and impatience can make your powerful emotions and subconscious reactions challenging to control. You or someone close to you may quickly become irritable, agitated, bossy, mean, rude to even violent. Fast reflexes combined with aggressive instincts bring danger from risk-taking. Accidents, cuts, abrasions and burns are possible if you act rashly.

If you cannot relax, strenuous physical activity like sports, exercise, and sex are healthy ways to use this hot, competitive energy. Expend your energy on someone or something you are emotionally attached to, like a lover, your home or your mother. This could range from cleaning your house to giving a loved one an invigorating massage.

Lunar Occultation of Mars Astrology

According to Louise Edington, when the Moon occults or hides Mars:

some hidden wisdom is literally Eclipsed and then revealed as the Moon moves on… this suggests that we get a jolt or a reset in some respect to how we view Mars… We are learning, or being invited to, to integrate our Martian warrior energy in healthier ways. To fight for things, to use our will for caring, not to control others. To use our personal power and leadership qualities wisely. The Occultation is dampening the fire of Mars. [1]

Lunar Occultations of Mars Astrology

Lunar Occultations of Mars December 2022

Mars is Retrograde

Mars Retrograde also dampens the fire of Mars. It is a time for thinking before acting. Fated events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your intense desires need more background work before being acted upon.

Whatever area of sexuality or decisive action you must develop is so important that extra time is needed to take stock and ensure everything is in order before you continue. Fated events may occur that could be painful but are needed, so you back off and don’t make a significant mistake.

You may have struggled with destructive behaviors like anger, rage, violence, or sexual abuse in the past. If so, Mars retrograde will bring fated events that force you to admit anger management issues. This, too, could be a harrowing experience for you.

This lunar occultation of Mars occurring during a full moon and Mars retrograde represents a brief one-hour period of contemplation. It is an opportunity to come to terms with the Mars-related issues affecting you so you can more confidently and safely assert yourself and act on your desires.

The December 7 Full Moon post covers other astrological influences affecting this rare event.

Lunar Occultation of Mars Visibility

The map below shows complete visibility from parts of the Americas, Europe and Northern Africa. Times are listed under the map.

Lunar Occultations of Mars 2022 Visibility

Lunar Occultations of Mars December 2022 Visibility []

  • Los Angeles: 6:30 -7:30 p.m. PST
  • Vancouver: 6:55 -7:52 p.m. PST
  • Phoenix: 7:32 -8:31 p.m. MST
  • Chicago: 9:11 -10:05 p.m. CST
  • New York: 10:29 -11:18 p.m. EST [2]


  1. Total Eclipse of the….Mars! Astrology of Mars Occultations.
  2. When And How To Watch The Full Moon Occult Mars In Prime Time This Week Using Just Your Naked Eyes.

51 thoughts on “Lunar Occultation of Mars December 7, 2022

  1. Ohh — I so hope it doesn’t rain and snow here December 7 (as it is doing right now). I have enjoyed viewing Mars at night this autumn, and at very high elevation in Gemini too!

    Also, thanks for the reminder, Jamie. I was aware of the upcoming occultation on a calendar I read a while ago. I love the synchronicity of such a rare alignment. It reminds us of the clockwork motion of the planets, but also the awe and mystery of the ‘music of the spheres’ underlying all of Creation.

    This is happening in my birth chart too with astonishing exact alignments with the outer planets Jupiter through Pluto. Also with many asteroids, like Hygeia and others strong in my birth chart too. I’m dumbfounded, and quite a bit humbled, by how connected I am with the whole shebang/universe. Please pray for clear skies over the Pacific Coast if you want. Thanks.

    • How remarkable to read of your experience with Mars this autumn, Greg, so akin to my own! I live on one of the Canary Islands, off the southern Morocco coast, and I’ve been moved to spend time with larger-than-customary Mars, so dominant in my night sky. I’ve watched two cycles of its month-long dance with the Moon, with a powerful sense of kinship. I have also observed that this cycle has coincided with an added feeling of confidence, courage, willingness to express in new ways, deep gratitude, a sense of cosmic connection, and a sense of abandon to an invisible, inexorable universal force.

      P.S. This transit/occultation is perfectly conjunct my natal (out-of-bounds) Mars, opposite natal Saturn conjunct ascendant and (on Wednesday) to the transiting Sun. It is sextile my natal Sun/Venus in 4th house Aries, and square to transiting Neptune and Jupiter.

  2. Hello, Antoinette. I live near Seattle, Washington and I can easily see it even under street lights with the naked eye at night. It’s bright and red, and culminates (near zenith) at local midnight because of its current alignment with the Sun and Earth (i.e., at opposition to the Sun).

    I do have a small telescope which I will set up if it is clear enough to bother. But you can see the occultation unaided if you have good weather.


  3. How interesting that it occurs on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. It’s path centers on and begins near Hawaii. The 80-year periodicity aligns with Strauss–Howe generational theory as well. Hmmm.

    • You’re right! I remembered the date, but didn’t associate it with the occultation. As I commented above, there is a tangible feeling of synchronicity in my own life and birth chart that aligns with the current planetary configuration.

      Maybe this is a confirmation of quantum entanglement in real time. Spooky action at great distance – Einstein would not be happy with this I’m sure. Ha ha!

    • Thank you for that information desminudo. I did not have a chart for the Pearl Harbor attack. Jupiter Retrograde was at 16°30′ Gemini.

  4. I meant to add that Maunaloa volcano is erupting currently in Hawai’i also too. I hope we don’t have a lot of eruptions to follow. This is a long retrograde.

  5. That is an enlightening read, Jamie, thanks.
    I just had to act decisively (Mars) on behalf of my elderly mother (Moon) regarding something that was brought into the light again today (Sun?) that I should have dealt with a few years ago (retro-Mars). So, Jamie’s interpretation is also very relevant personally.
    For you Sidereal folk out there, Mars is the ruler of Sun in Scorpio at this full moon and is in its opposite sign of Taurus, which adds weight to the opposition. (Also, there was mutual reception, until recently, with Venus in Scorpio). Are we seeing our personalities, past situations etc play out in the lives of others? Does this prompt us to take action on their behalf through empathy because we have been through it before?
    The whole retro nature of Mars still points to revisit, revise and renew. The Occultation suggests we should be caring and sensitive, to ourselves and others. There are hidden matters (motivations?) at play. I would be interested to know how another reader, Vic, experiences this full moon – don’t be hard on yourself at this time, Mr Vic.

  6. There is a live viewing of the moon on the 7th Dec at 20:00 GMT from the Royal London Observatory (it is also live on you tube). Not sure if the timing correlates, it would be interesting to watch. It is happening exactly opposite my venus, neptune conjuction squaring my moon. Most probably I shouldnt watch☺️

  7. Thanks, brazzart. I see you’re an Aries by your comment information. Very cool you are also feeling a positive vibe with Mars’ retrograde and transits. I finished cleaning and rearranging everything in my apartment today. I love the new look.

    I’m a decan 3 Libra, as I indicated before. My Sun, Moon, Neptune and Saturn are in a bunch, and Mars and Saturn are working together in trine to get my mojo back! Heh heh.

    Best regards.

  8. rub a dub dub
    three launches scrubb
    what numbers do you think they be?
    eleven and three, a good pedigree
    nine more to sum the degree.
    finish the rhyme in the sea.

    • Astrology of Rub a dub dub launch scrub whistleblow

      Mercury conjunct Galactic Centre, as the catcall rhyme calls out to Venus conjunct Hygiea (10) , stepping into the Hot Tub, taking the green steps down to Pluto, and not too fare away, Saturn, also in the tub, maybe even expecting the trine to Mars soldier show to appear anytime…

      This is a weak Whistleblow, no JupiterRx or Trine to GC. The trine being malefic, the parties will enjoy their fun, undisturbed by the latest noise.

  9. With retrograde fire (this time Mars) all over again opposing the Sun and hiding behind the Moon, could we be looking at a surprise attack on the psyche of Western Civilization (given the occultation path)? Hope not.

      • I think we just survived the first attack here already in the US.

        ‘Agent Orange’ and his MAGA army of neo-fascists nearly broke up our democracy in 2020, and they are at it again now. Thankfully, young voters – especially younger women voters – repelled the last attack in November, at least in one reputable political writer’s opinion I respect.

        I’m just cruising along in overdrive with all the Mars energy, giving my home an overhaul and rearrangement of my things so I can use them more often. A very good use of the Mars retrograde in Gemini energy, I think.

        I also hope for a peaceful occultation on the 7th. No more wars, please – whoever is out there inciting them for profit!

        Thanks for your comment.

        • Another coincidence with 1941!!!! Mars and Jupiter will be reversed (1941 – Retro Jupiter in Gemini and Mars in Aries; Retro Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries). Very interesting!

          • Awesome! And I just discovered asteroid Artemis is deeply connected to me and my ‘best friend that’s a girl’. Artemis is exactly conjunct my Nadir, or IC in my natal chart, and on my friend’s MC. And her namesake asteroid Carmen keeps conjuncting Artemis in her chart and other important planets and points in mine, like Lilith on significant dates.

            Synchronicity lives in the cosmos!

            I encourage others to see where Artemis lies in your birth chart. I am totally amazed at my discovery.

            • PS: its number is 105, when you input extra minor planets on your chart on Astrodienst, which I love.

              Along with Jamie! A shout-out to you, kind host and monitor. ❤️

  10. FYI The last time Mars was retrograde in Gemini was during stock market crash of The Great Recession. Makes sense. Gemini = Mercury = Mercantile = Markets

    • Just as interesting, Mars will return to the same point (16 Gemini about the same distance away from the Mercury Retrograde period. Rough holiday period in store it seems!

  11. i have a friend who has the Mars retrograde conjunct Moon in her natal chart. We had a few exchanges earlier today… Her Sun is also of interest, sharing the same degree as mine. There is a stylized Yod in this chart. Perhaps just a simple countdown to when this Mars retrograde is over, and the world can bury its hatchets.

    • Counting down now – less than 6 hours left before first contact. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Moon will be approaching Mars slowly, moving right to left, West to East in North America.

      I am optimistic that it will stay partially clear tonight long enough to see the beginning of the occultation, here locally at ~6:50 p.m PST. It is a balmy 45°F today with brightening skies.

      Happy Occultation everyone. This is an extremely rare, yet easy to see (at least in ‘dark-ish’ skies) celestial event!

      ♊ ♂️🌙 🌎 ☀️ ♐ ‼️

  12. “countdown to when this Mars retrograde is over, January 12, 2023 ‘ the 60th birthday of my buddy and friend’

    make MATH great again! i propose that Mars retrograde conjunct Moon on January 12, 1963, and the Lunar Occultation of Mars December 7/8, 2022 are linked with the January 12, 1962 Artwork, in that they Frame the time period in 1962, 60 year offset, of the peak in the great Demographic Power law, The Auric Time Scale, Quadratic Equation.

    • Good. Ask your math buddy if they can work on the resonance between Mars’ oppositions and the Earth and Moon system. It sure feels spooky – but in an interesting way, not bad.

      Well I’m off to find a place to watch the Moon rise, and Mars right after. An hour+ to go! Our skies are showing clear patches among clouds, but things are “looking up”. So corny, I know.

  13. Here is the document

    The year 1962 is mentioned 13 times. On page 11 is a graph for clarity.

    The artwork is many things, including a voluminous Asset, practically bottomless. It is also an extension of the Power Law model expressed in the document.

    • Last two signals for reference, sans noise and advertisements:

      “i have a friend who has the Mars retrograde conjunct Moon in her natal chart. We had a few exchanges earlier today… Her Sun is also of interest, sharing the same degree as mine. There is a stylized Yod in this chart. Perhaps just a simple countdown to when this Mars retrograde is over, and the world can bury its hatchets.

      “countdown to when this Mars retrograde is over, January 12, 2023 ‘ the 60th birthday of my buddy and friend’

      make MATH great again! i propose that Mars retrograde conjunct Moon on January 12, 1963, and the Lunar Occultation of Mars December 7/8, 2022 are linked with the January 12, 1962 Artwork, in that they Frame the time period in 1962, 60 year offset, of the peak in the great Demographic Power law, The Auric Time Scale, Quadratic Equation.

  14. here it is clowns and ghosts

    chart at Sun 16°Sag00

    Moon semi-sextile Uranus. We know Uranus in Taurus there, being poked by that nasty brew in Gemini. The Artwork doesnt want to sleep alone.

    in my chart it is like (potentially) blowing up your career with the government over… a document

  15. unusual validation of Lunar Occultation of Mars bona fides, ancestry

    There was a Lunar Occultation of Regulus on April 6, 1933

    Chart is my Fathers natal, April 18, 1933 with April 7 transits. Moon occult Regulus followed by Moon conjunct Mars Retrograde.

  16. from my journal: “My experience of Mars’ occultation by the full moon last night, is still very much with me. The full moon is always effulgent and soulful, but yesterday it felt turbo-charged by Mars in her rear. I sat on my comfy garden chair and watched them head craned upward, and as they got closer … so did an uncharacteristically gloomy mood, then a sense of tension. I had almost decided to head back inside; to stay felt masochistic. But I was too curious as to how the sensations might resolve. Before they blended into one disc, the moon’s energy felt as though it was tearing at me, at the external edges of my etheric body, and I felt apprehensive. I was breathing deeply, straining to “fight back”, but I was losing this battle. At this rate the moon rays would reach my physical body in minutes, and they were aggressive; a horde of charging shards.
    Then Mars was occluded … disappeared behind the moon. And everything became perfectly still. It was shocking; like an orchestra that after a dizzying crescendo, is suddenly silent. Samuel Barbour’s Adagio for Strings comes to mind. Then, in moments … I felt the warmth of my presence lighting me up, and all presumed damage was healed. Beyond healed … charged, maybe changed. I said good night and went to bed.

    • Very nice description.

      I woke up early, and looked out my window. It is still dark yet, and the Moon was peeking through the clouds as they scudded across the still-full disk. I went out to watch, and it was gorgeous. There is a Mountain Ash tree in my backyard, and the bare branches framed the Moon and rushing clouds just like a classic scene from an old movie! Or “Young Frankenstein?”

      Of course, it cleared off 2 days after the occultation, after raining all night on December 7.

      Interesting to note: I am really run down since the occultation ended, like the last two weeks was a huge buildup – then release. Mars really intensified the normal full moon letdown effect.

      Let’s see if January 23rd will be the same.

      • It appears we posted that tipbit at the same time, or did we? Does the Expensive Censor brigade have a new tool extracting buff Artwork equity, or is it just the view from under the bus?

        • You were first, but my reply to Brazzart got placed above your earlier post. Just the normal WordPress blowby.

          Thanks again. I live south of Vancouver Canada, so I can maybe catch Mars grazing the lower limb of the Moon.


  17. Venus Conjunct Jupiter just now, 1:55pm EST Dec 9

    Asteroid 11351 Leucus square Ascendant

    Transit,, just after Midnight EST Dec 10, Moon occults Leucus.

    Is the travels of Spaceship Lucy part or all of Dunhams ‘Importance’? It would fit the pattern of Artemis 1 Orions 3 launch scrub, followed by eventual Sling Shot during Lunar Occult Mars week.

  18. The Newsletter of the Astronomy Section of La Société Guernesiase. Sagittarius 2022

    you can look for this PDF. There is a consderable section on the Lucy program. L4 cloud, Trojan targets and L5 cloud too, several more years later.

    But for Lunar occultation of Mars there is a real gem when they report 3 Lunar occulations of Mars in 2022.

    Are they simply too polite to mention Phobus and Deimos?

  19. Moon occult Mars ‘Ancestral’ set theory, the fourth Moon-Mars Retrograde pairing

    January 8, 1993

    This chart has Saturn in conflict, whereas December 7/8 2022 Uranus, the Father of the Father, is the stresser.

    January 8, 1993 has two Calander artwork connections, the 30 year anniversary (1963), of the Venus persona, and January 8, 2021, Proclamation of the Henge.

  20. four Moon conj Mars charts in a multi-composite, midpoint, set theory

    (a) 1933 Moon conj Mars, post Moon occult Regulus, April 7.
    (b) 1963 Sun stresser, Moon conj Mars – 2 hrs, my friends birthday, ‘the angel’ January 12.
    (c) 1993 Saturn stresser, Moon conj Mars, January 8.
    (d) 2022 Uranus stresser, Moon occult Mars, Decemberer 7/8.

    i’ve opened up the orbs, to show more variance given the 1963 parameter.

    some features of this chart:

    Uranus conj Sedna,
    Moon/Mars at 29 Cancer,
    Jupiter Rx conj Galactic Centre,
    The Stresser Regulus conj MC.
    Some people will look at the dispositor Pluto, 12 house Libra. The necessity (conspiracy) to rebalance.

    • “This significant disclosure reflects my commitment to transparency and will provide the public with greater insight and understanding of the trifecta: principal, kin and progressed to Solar zero point.

      west wing quacker

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