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Israel Flag

The revolution in Egypt and spreading unrest in the Arab world poses a threat to Middle East stability, and particularly to the hopes of peace for Isr...

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Israel Horoscope

Egypt Flag

The protests in Egypt this January 2011 have come following the uprising and revolution in Tunisia in December 2010. This popular revolutionary moveme...

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Egypt Horoscope

Australia Astrology Chart, Australia Horoscope

The Australian state of Queensland (QLD) has been hit by record flooding since Christmas, when tropical cyclone Tasha hit the coast on December 24 201...

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Australia Horoscope

Mexican Flag

The violence in the Mexico drug war has been escalating this year and particularly in recent months. Mexican drug cartels are fighting it out among th...

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Mexico Horoscope

France Flag

The October 2010 strikes and protests in France are the response of the unions to the governments plan to raise the pension age. These protests have b...

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France Horoscope

China Astrology, China Horoscope

China is tipped to overtake the USA as the dominant world superpower in the next few decades, they have just this year surpassed Japan to become the s...

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China Horoscope